I’m guessing the Rod Squad are still robots and the reader is the mythical creature and at least friends with the crew.Correct me if I’m wrong.I tried to make them sound different.I forgot people I know it.I’ll probably remember them later.

Everyone is surprised of course.Randomly burst into flames, nah that’s normal.
“Hey I thought I was the only one who can combust,” Rodimus those aren’t the feelings you should be having now.

He is saddened at the though of you dying it just takes a few moments to set in.

Rodimus’ frame goes numb slightly. He sits in his chair and sulk at the loss. He’s only brought out of it by peeping at his pedes.
A couple of days later he found out the chick was you. He’s kinda pumped. He gets to excited to ask you about it.
Ultra Magnus:
Magnus calls out your name when it happen a little shaken with what occurred.He wants to pretend that he didn’t see that happen and tries to remove it from his processor. He can’t forget the thought.

He drowns himself in work while you recovered.

Seeing you again make his helm spin. Thinking that he was hallucinating.He orders an explanation. He just doesn’t know how to take this. He’s always careful as to when you’ll rebirth again.
This is more confusing then trying to remember his past fully.
When it hits him that his friend just became a campfire, he stares at it.

After the shock fades he searched the ashes to see with anything was lift unharmed. When something  his servo his pulls away.Only to be pulled back when sounds come the mound of ash.Gently as he can he removes the peeper. Confused he walks around to think about the concept of life.

He now has more unanswered questions.He sometimes asks if your ‘gonna do it again’.He wants to be prepared.
He’s getting to old for stuff like this to keep happening.He spark feels a ping at the site the deep feeling of lost dwelled within it.

He thought he lost his close friend.

He heads back to the ship prepared to tell the bad news.Your little chick self follow his back.

When you fully return and confront Megatron he jumps a little.

He lets you explain it if you like but doesn’t push it.He’s at peace to know his friend isn’t gone.
He’s concerned to say the least his friend just turned into ash and is most likely died. A little upset at the thought. 

Rung will go think about the good times he had with you and remember the fairy-tales you told him. He thought they where cute but felt Deja vu about one.

For some reason he feels everything is going to be okay. 

Confronting lead to nothing but a hug. Rung feels that you don’t need to explain yourself. He’s glad to have you back.

He’s bewildered at the site.Did his friend just die in front of him.

Whirl tilts his head and leans towards the ashes.When he sees movement he’s officially done. He’s out gone, long gone. Whirly-bird will come back though.

“You’re a bird now?Cool.” he’ll keep you in his cockpit until you retain your human form. Mama bird Whirl.

He doesn’t ask you about it though once you’ve revived completely.
Okay..That just happened. 

He was stirred and shaken. Swerve couldn’t process it and shut down for a moment. 

You can into his bar a few days later which frightened him.He muttered something about a ghost before you told him about your identity.

He wishes you would’ve told him sooner…
An emotional hit and a scientific intrigue.

Yes his friend caught fire but why?Brainstorm didn’t see this coming at all.It was almost supernatural to him. It saddened him ass well.
Peeps and chirps from the ashes draws him out of his thoughts.
Without think he scoops up the chick and takes it to his lab.Where he cares for you.
He kindly demands answers as to what happened when you’re able to speak. When you tell him, he’ll be impressed he didn’t believe in Terran fairytales.You learn something every.
Rewind and Chromedome:
Flabbergasted they look at each other hoping the other had answers to the scene.Rewind checks to see if his camera was on maybe they could view the footage and see what truly became of their friend.

They return to the ship wondering if they should tell the others about what happened. 

Returning to the ship yourself. You confessed yourself to them, in reply they tried their best to understand.

Rewind is enthusiastic to have the first footage of a phoenix though he’ll keep to himself for now.
Cyclonus and Tailgate:
Cyclonus’ optics widen but he doesn’t emote surprise, meanwhile Tailgate on the other hand, “Did you see that!What are we gonna do!What do we tell the others?!" 

Tailgate would investigate the ashes and find a little chick among it.Taken by surprise he cradles it and shows Cyclonus.

 The mech vaguely remembers you talking about phoenixes with Tailgate a few days ago, but he knows what to do.

When your back Tailgate tackles you glad to see his friend again. Cyclonus is happy that Tailgate is happy.He’ll won’t tell Tailgate but he also missed you.