Models for Christopher Schafer Clothier awaiting to walk the runway during The Delta Sigma Theta Centennial Celebration Fashion Show at The Washington Convention Center. The theme was for the period of 1953-1963 and we were the only menswear designers to walk. I was proud to be a part of the event, and learned much about the rich history of this sorority of strong proud women. Their participation in the struggle for civil rights, justice & equality and how because of the sacrifice and hard work of organizations such as theirs and the other frats and sororities of the “Divine Nine” I and my son are able to enjoy freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.  DC King ALS-CSC

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You can now find the beautiful 7-Fold Italian Ties of Sette Neckwear at Christopher Schafer Clothier. To see the craftsmanship that goes into the making of these ties check out the video.