Composers usually come in at the end of a film’s creation, but Interstellar sprang from the letter that Nolan typed up and sent to [Zimmer] two years ago, before he wrote the film.

“I have a son, he’s 16 years old and he was 14 at the time. Chris knows him very well. I know he’s going to become a scientist. And the fable was very much based on a conversation that [we] had in London a few years earlier at Christmastime where we were just talking about our kids. What it meant to be a father. So this story, this fable, these bits of dialogue he wrote for me were full of personal information that he has about myself and my children.”

- Hans Zimmer (x)
J K Rowling has 'terminated her association' with Christopher Little, who has been her literary agent for 16 years

Her ditching of Little brings to an end the most commercially successful relationship in literary history. Legend has it that Rowling, then an impecunious single mother, walked into a library in Edinburgh, looked up a list of literary agents and settled on the name Christopher Little because it sounded like a character from a children’s book.

Little, an amiable Yorkshireman, who ran his agency in “near-Dickensian” offices in Fulham, is now worth millions. He reportedly struck a deal under his usual terms when he first signed up Rowling: 15 per cent of gross earnings for the British market and 20 per cent for merchandising rights, for film, for the American market and for translation deals.

Having read and loved those first three chapters, I asked if Christopher would be happy if I sent off for the rest of the manuscript, and he didn’t mind at all. At the time I requested the rest of the book, I didn’t know if I’d be allowed to send it out, but I just wanted to know what happened in the rest of the book for myself! I wrote to Joanne to request the remainder of the manuscript. Once it arrived, I simply couldn’t put it down – it was very similar to the book you’ve all now read, so you will have an idea from your own first reading of it how I felt about it. I asked Christopher to look at it as I thought we were onto something special, and he read it overnight and we chatted about our feedback to Jo.

“We would definitely like to stay in Sweden if it had gone with my job, but now I have a new job that requires me to be in London. Until now, I have had three to four flights a week in Europe, mostly in London. It does not work in the long run.


Madeleine and I have made the decision that we are going to stay in London for me to be able to do my job. I do not want to go home in the evening to a hotel room myself. I want to get home to family and eat dinner together. Everything else is not important. It is I who puts food on the table. I have to first of all think about our little family.

—  Christopher O'Neill in an interview with the Swedish magazine Expressen. He confirms that he and his family will be moving to London full time in the fall.
Probably My Favourite Conversation Between Jayne And Chris In Their 1983 Biography

JAYNE: After we’d all been to Mrs Jones’ for dinner the night before, including our parents, we had to be up early the next morning. Can you imagine the state he’s in, with his obsession for punctuality? We had to be there by eleven, so we had to leave at eight! And we sat along tge Mall for hours.
CHRIS: We did not. We were there for about half an hour with the rest of the cars that were there before us. Jayne would have gone there in rush hour and arrived two hours late.
JAYNE: And listen to this. I dropped the hat! We were just getting in the car and away it went.
CHRIS: If Jayne’s wearing clean clothes and she’s got to do anything like that she’s sure to get it dirty. She’s such a baby.
JAYNE: It had got little splashes on it. His mum had some talcum powder and we were putting talc on the hat to make it dry. My heart dropped. I’d spent a bomb on the outfit and now this. I wouldn’t dare tell Chris how much it cost, otherwise he’d murder me.
CHRIS: I wouldn’t mind so much if only you looked after things.
JAYNE: But here’s the best part. Just before we left he said he hadn’t got his ticket, he left it in Nottingham.
CHRIS: I knew she’d tell you that.
JAYNE: He said we needn’t worry, because they’d know what we looked like. We wouldn’t need it. Well, when we got to the gate the first thing the policeman said was: ‘Have you got your invitations?’ Chris said: 'Eh, well, we’ve got two here and there’s two there’ and was trying to wiggle round it. I said straight out: 'He’s forgotten his’. I mean, if you try telling fibs they never. Pointless him saying all those stupid things.
CHRIS: I’d thought it was just a card telling you the time and everything.
JAYNE: We had to park in a certain place. A dog came and went in the boot and when he re-emerged without a smoking bomb in his mouth, we were allowed in. There was a man in funny, an usher i suppose, and there were some gawkers.
CHRIS: Ghurkas, i think you mean.
JAYNE: Then there were these men on the stairs, who looked like statues wearing a sort of armour, on gaurd.
CHRIS. Was that what they were for?
JAYNE: Well, i shouldn’t imagine they’ll stand there all day if nothing’s happening, nobody coming. Would you? We did all this thing and i thought we’d get a cup of coffee or something. But we didn’t get anything.
CHRIS: Not a damned thing.
JAYNE: And we’d spent all that money! At least i had.
CHRIS: And you didn’t need half of it anyway. You leave your hat and gloves in the cloakroom. We were led into a huge hall, roped off for CBEs, OBEs, MBEs, etc. There was another room for knights.
JAYNE: They didn’t get coffee, either.
CHRIS: I think she expected a woman to come round with a trolley, like they do in work canteens. We were the youngest there and a few people recognised us, army chaps i think. We were given a little demo on how to walk. All the others were going up individually, but we were to go up together, so we had to rehearse. The worst of it was..
JAYNE: …they never told us where the bathroom was! I bet everyone would have gone if only they’d known where it was.
CHRIS: Maybe that’s why everybody sat cross-legged. We were then led from this room into another section and you just have to follow the red carpet. The Queen is in the middle bit. All the audience is there and they’ve got one of the bands playing quietly in the background. They’re all sitting there waiting for us to arrive. They get the whole show. And you see only the bit that you are in, unless you’re at the beginning, in which case you can go back and watch the rest. You walk up and bow, or curtsey, and call the Queen Ma'am.
JAYNE: We’d been announced as Miss Jayne Torvill and Mr Christopher Dean, but nobody clapped or anything. The Queen said she was glad the title had come back to Britain after twelve years. She seemed to know all about it. She asked how long we planned to carry on and seemed pleased to know that we’d go on to the next Olympics. You’ve already got a pin on you and she just hooks the medal on to it.
CHRIS: You walk out and they give you a book with all the other bits. It was marvellous for the first ten minutes, but then it got boring. And you’ve been there for two hours without even a cup of coffee. We plucked up courage and asked where the loo was.
JAYNE: We’ve made a bit of a joke about it here, but it was quite a thrill. I’d go again tomorrow if they asked me. Afterwards we had a meal in the hotel, drove back to Nottingham and were on the rink by eleven o'clock that same night. The British was drawing near and we’d already given up one night. Missing another would have been unthinkable.

~Jayne and Chris’ conversation on receiving their MBEs in thier biography by John Hennessey

and I knew her soul wasn’t something to take lightly. in a world where very little truth existed, her soul was a pariah, standing alone burning like a wildfire in my bones– a flaming crescent across pale midnight skies.
—  Christopher Poindexter

It’s Walken Wednesday! This week, Paul Walken reads “Hush Little Baby.” It is guaranteed to make you lull you to sleep.

Imagine Christopher Lambert doing a voice in MLP.

His distinctive ascent (which is the result of growing up in Switzerland and spending a lot of time in France later) would make him perfect for something like wise old warrior king or shaman.

What would make even better is if they had an actor allusion by having one of his close friends and brothers in arms voiced by Adrian Paul.

'Little Busters! Refrain' Dubbed Anime Episodes Begin Streaming

‘Little Busters! Refrain’ Dubbed Anime Episodes Begin Streaming

Little Busters Refrain The Anime Network continues to bring out new dubs for their subscribers to enjoy and the latest one to arrive is the complete run for Little Busters! Refrain. The thirteen episode series from 2014 is now available to subscribers there in its English language form, …

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