I’ve gotten a few asks and messages asking where the Heronchild scenes are in Nothing But Shadows (a novella in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy).

There’s a lot of them

  • As for Matthew Fairchild, James looked over at him only once or twice. After James had left him standing in the middle of the dining hall, Matthew had tossed his stupid blond head and chosen a very large table to sit at.

  • James looked over at Matthew, who was sitting on his bed telling a story to eight people who were sitting on the floor and gazing up at him worshipfully. He met Matthew’s eyes, trained in his and Thomas’s direction, and looked away.

  • “Maybe your fathers don’t tell you stories like mine does,” James said.
    “Maybe not everyone listens to stories like you do,” Matthew said from across the room. “Not everyone learns.”
     James glanced at him. It was an unexpectedly nice thing for Matthew, of all people, to say.

  • Matthew scythed him off at the knees again and James wound up flat on his back in the grass. Again. Matthew’s face came into view. He was laughing, as usual. “Why stop at three?” he asked. “I can stand around and beat you all day.”
    James hooked his staff behind Matthew’s ankles and tripped him up. He knew it was wrong, but in the moment he did not care. Matthew landed on the grass with a surprised “Oof!” which James found briefly satisfying. Once there, he seemed happy enough to lie in the grass. James found himself being regarded by one brown eye amid the greenery. “You know,” Matthew said slowly, “most people like me.”

  • Matthew glanced at him and smiled: it was The Smile, gradual and illuminating as sunrise, and James had the sinking feeling that he might not be immune after all.

  • “You could, um, be an actor,” James suggested. “When you talk everyone listens. Especially when you tell stories.” Also there was Matthew’s face, which would probably—go over well onstage or something.

  • […]I was jealous of you first. I was jealous of everything about you, and I still am.”
     “Wait,” said Matthew. “Wait, wait, wait. You don’t like me because I am so very charming?”
     He threw his head back and laughed. He kept laughing. He laughed so much that he had to come and sit beside James on the step, and then he laughed some more.
     “Stop it, Matthew,” James grumbled. “Stop laughing. I am sharing my innermost feelings with you. This is very hurtful.”
    “I’ve been in a bad mood this whole time,” said Matthew. “You think I’m charming now? You have no idea.”
    James punched him in the arm. He could not help smiling. He saw Matthew noticing, and looking very pleased with himself.

  • “Oh, have you decided not to detest Matthew any longer?” Christopher asked. “I’m so glad. You were really hurting his feelings. Though we are not supposed to talk about that to you.” He gazed dreamily at the bread basket, as if it were a wonderful painting. “I forgot that.”

  • “Well,” said Matthew, and paused, “it’s possible,” he said, and paused again, “I may have been … slightly showing off? ‘Look, if you don’t want to be friends with me, everybody else does, and you are making a big mistake.’ I may have been doing that. Possibly.”
    “Is that over?” Thomas asked. “Thank the Angel.

  • Of all his new friends, though, he liked Matthew the best. Matthew always wanted to talk about the books James had read, or tell James a story as good as a book. He made obvious efforts to find James when James was not there, and obvious efforts to protect James when he was there. James did not have many nice things to write letters home about: he ended up writing letters that were full of Matthew.

  • (THIS ONE) “James looks like his father,” said Matthew unexpectedly, then narrowed his laughing dark eyes in James’s direction in a musing fashion. “Or he will, when he grows into his face and it stops being angles pointing in all different directions.”
    James slowly raised his open book to hide his face, but he was secretly pleased.
  • “Excellent, I will be partners with James,” said Matthew. “He reminds me of the nobility of the Shadowhunter way of life. He keeps me right. If I am parted from him I will become distracted by truth and beauty. I know I will.” 

  • Matthew had come to say good-bye, after all. It did feel worthwhile to have stayed, after all, to have made a friend like this.

  • Matthew turned to James’s father and dramatically clasped his hand. “Oh, Mr. Herondale!” he said. “Please take me with you!”

    “It’s Matthew, isn’t it?”
    Father asked. He tried to disengage his hand. Matthew clung to it with extreme determination. James smiled. He could have told Father about Matthew’s determination.

  • “Father, please,” James said in a quiet voice.
    “Mr. Herondale, please!” said Matthew. “We cannot be parted.”
    James braced himself for the explanation about truth and beauty, but instead Matthew said, with devastating simplicity: “We are going to be parabatai.”

  • “We don’t … have to be parabatai,” Matthew said, his voice quiet under the sound of the blast. “I said it to make your father take me with you, so I could execute my new plan, but we don’t … have to. I mean, unless you … maybe want to be.”
    James had thought he wanted a friend like himself, a parabatai who was shy and quiet and would enter in on James’s feelings about the terror of parties. Instead here was Matthew, who was the life and soul of every party, who made dreadful hairbrush decisions, who was unexpectedly and terribly kind. Who had tried to be his friend and kept trying, even though James did not know what trying to be a friend looked like. Who could see James, even when he was a shadow.
     “Yes,” James said simply.
     “What?” said Matthew, who always knew what to say.
    “I’d like that,” said James.
     He curled his hands, one around his father’s coat sleeve, and one around Matthew’s. He held on to them, all the way home.

bonus: Matthew, being my favourite little shit.

“Would you like me to magically strip you and put you in gear?” Mr. Fell asked. “In front of everybody?”
 “That would be a thrill for everybody, I’m sure,” said Matthew. Ragnor Fell wiggled his fingers, and green sparks spat from his fingertips. James was pleased to see Matthew actually take a step back. “Might be too thrilling for a Wednesday,” Matthew said. “I’ll go put on my gear then, shall I?”

First Impressions

Summary: pastel!Dan has to sit next to the new student on the coach on their journey to a school field trip. cue jealous boyfriend punk!Phil. There’s also a food fight and protective!Phil.

Word count: 1600

Warnings: miniscule violence.

“Daniel, come here” Mr Lewis said as the year eleven students began to make their way on to the coach.

Dan walked over to the teacher. He was stood with a rather nervous looking person who he’d never met before. They were looking down at the hands that they kept lacing and un-lacing.

Mr Lewis began to explain, “this is Christopher. He is a new student here and I thought that you would be the perfect person to introduce him to the school, especially as we are taking a field trip today. I would like you two to sit together on the coach”.

Dan smiled at Christopher in an attempt to make him feel less nervous, however the boy didn’t smile back but just stared blankly at him. Almost a scowl. That didn’t effect Dan’s attitude towards welcoming him though, he just needed someone to warm up to, Dan thought.

They entered the coach where most of the students were sitting in the seats towards the middle and back. Christopher decided to sit right at the front, so Dan just followed and placed himself in the seat right next to him. It was a pity that the coach didn’t have a side with three seats, Dan thought as he watched other students file in. What was Phil going to think?

It was just as he thought of Phil when the said person stopped abruptly beside them, causing a few people to bump into each other behind him. He placed his hands on the top of the seats either side of him and exclaimed “is this some kind of joke?”.

Dan looked up, now slightly anxious about the seating arrangement. He put his hand on top of Phil’s (which was on his seat). Phil’s harsh expression faltered for a second as he brushed his fingers against Dan’s hand, holding it delicately. His voice a contrast to his previous actions, Phil aimed his question at the boy sitting next to his Dan “who the fuck are you?”.

“Phil, this is Christopher. Mr Lewis asked me to sit with him as he’s a new student” Dan explained, more confident now that he knew that Phil wasn’t too angry with him. He just gets very jealous.

The people that were stuck behind Phil were all watching the scene unfold. Some were whispering things; ‘looks like Phil is gonna punch the poor guy’, ‘unlucky, being on Phil’s bad side on his first day’. A teacher at the front realised that there was a hold up and shouted “come on, sit down now everybody. We’re going to be late”.

Phil whispered something to himself about talking to Mr Lewis later. He knew that Dan was just trying his best so he lent down and kissed his nose, then the top of his head. He whispered “I’ll see you later, sweetheart” to Dan then walked to the back of the coach to join his ‘gang’ mates.

As soon as everyone was seated, the coach started to move out of the school car park and they were on their way. Christopher turned to Dan.

“Hey” Dan said a little apprehensive as he was embarrassed about the whole Phil situation.

“Who was that guy? Your cousin?” Christopher questioned bluntly.

Dan blushed. Did this person think that Dan was not good enough to be Phil’s boyfriend? And anyway whos cousin calls them sweetheart? “Urm, no. Phil is my boyfriend”.

Christopher just looked him in the face. He looked somewhat shocked.

“That’s okay isn’t it?” Dan asked. Oh God, what if this boy was homophobic?

Christopher shook his head and quickly answered “oh, yeah of course. It’s just. Well. You’re-”



Dan looked down to what he was wearing. A grey long sleeved t-shirt and white skinny jeans with lavender coloured ‘vans’ shoes. He also had a small pink hairclip in to keep his fringe from annoying him in the journey and matching pink circle earrings.

This was very different to the first impression that Christopher had had of Phil. The leather jacket wearing guy who had a dyed blue fringe and black eyeliner. The guy who had almost punched him in his first encounter with him.

“You know, he isn’t as scary as he seems”, Dan attempted to defend his boyfriend.

Christopher laughed, “sure, tell me that again when I’ve seen him and he doesn’t look like he wants to knock me out”.


It was about twenty minutes through the hour journey when Phil went up to Dan again. He wasn’t stopped by the driver who was too focused on the road, and the teachers were all chatting amoungst themselves.

He was taking Dan some food as they weren’t allowed any on the coach, so he figured Dan hadn’t brought anything. “Here you go, love” Phil whispered as he dropped two packets of Dan’s favourite flavour crisps (chips, for you Americans) and a twix on to Dan’s lap.

“Don’t worry. You can eat them now, no one will notice. And if they do then you can come to me”. Phil spoke the last few words loud enough for Christopher to look away from them and gaze out of the window.

“Thank you” Dan said, wrapping his arms around Phil’s neck so that he would kiss him.

“Alright, make sure to tell me if you want something else. We have loads more. And if you want to come and sit down here I’m sure someone will move” Phil made sure to tell Dan, even though they were only a few meters away from each other.

“Love you” Dan said happily, opening the twix.

“I love you too” Phil replied, starting to walk away. Although he couldn’t help but glare at the back of Christopher’s head when Dan offered him half of his twix.


It was another twenty minutes later and the back few rows of the coach had delved into a food fight. Empty wrappers of sweets were thrown. Half full packets of crisps were having their remaining contents emptied onto people’s heads. Even drinks bottles and cans were being thrown. Somehow the teachers had managed to remain oblivious to the whole scene.

Some of the more obnoxious people were throwing things to hit students that were sitting in the middle and front of the bus. One bottle knocked a girls glasses off, to which she looked back angrily at them.

In a rather unfortunate circumstance. The moment that Dan decided to stand up to straighten out his shirt, was also the moment that a guy decided to throw a full can of coke in his direction. And of course, it was  just his luck that it hit him right in the back of the head.

It wasn’t quite enough to knock him out, but it was a hard hit and it hurt like hell. It caused a few people around Dan to turn and mumble to their friends; 'isn’t that Phil Lesters boyfriend?’, 'who threw that? Well they’re in for it now’.

Dan closed his eyes, putting his hands over his ears that had started ringing. The back of his head was pounding, but it also felt numb and weird. Christopher was sat next to him attempting to gather his thoughts on what he should do.

A few tears slipped from beneath where Dan had his eyes closed. Christopher placed his hand on Dan’s shoulder, Dan moved a little closer and mumbled “Phil”.

Christopher moved a hand from Dan's ear to whisper “do you want to go to Phil?”

Dan nodded his head, to which he immediately regretted when it made him feel even more dizzy. He tried to open his eyes but the light seemed blinding, so he shut them again. Christopher held his wrist as he led him to the back of the coach which was still in chaos.

When Phil saw the state that Dan was in, his eyes widened but then narrowed a few seconds later. “What the hell did you do?” He directed at Christopher.

“It wasn’t me, one of your mates threw a can of coke at his head” Christopher answered defensively. He handed the can over to Phil.

Phil looked turned around and shouted “who the fuck was this?!”, effectively ending the food fight. He held the can of coke and pointed at Dan who was now whined 'oww’ at the loud noise Phil had made.

A boy called Tom seemed to recognize the can that he had thrown. He mumbled “oh, Shit” when he saw who it had hit.

Phil noticed and walked over to grab the front of his jacket. He said “move, now. And don’t think this is over”. Tom quickly got up and tried to find a seat that wasn’t occupied.

Phil also made the two people that had sat either side of Tom move so that he, Dan and Christopher could take their seats. Phil between them. “You okay now, baby?” Phil asked Dan.

“Better” Dan happily mumbled.

For the rest of the journey, Dan leant on Phil, wrapped up in his arms. Phil slipped his hand under Dan’s t-shirt so that he could rub circles into his tummy. Phil’s hands were warm and relaxing, paired with the quiet hum that could be heard from the coach, making Dan feel more and more tired until he eventually fell asleep with ten more minutes of their journey left.

Phil decided to make conversation with Christopher, who he found out was actually pretty cool. He made great jokes. He’d also been the person to bring Dan to him when he was hurt.
Maybe first impressions weren’t that reliable.


A/N: I’ve been wanting to write one that is set on a coach for a while now. And I got a really great reaction to the last pastel/punk fic that I wrote so here’s another! Thank you so much for nice comments and all of the reblogs! It really motivates me :)
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Shadowhunters 2x14

            Spoilers ahead- Read on your own free will! 

       Friendly reminder to all Shadowhunters, Warlocks, Vampires, and                  Downworlders alike ~ These opinions are mine and mine alone.                              Be respectful and kind even when you don’t agree.                                                    We are one fandom, one Shadow World.                                                                                            ~

This episode was outstanding. By far the best episode of seasons 2 (obviously the best episode of S1 was the Malec episode). The writers did an amazing job with one of the most important scenes within The Mortal Instruments series.

      Alright here we go! This one is going to be long AF i have a lot to say. 

Okay the fact that we finally got to see Jace play the piano, just made my heart ache. I’ve been waiting so long to see that incorporated into the show and i couldn’t be happier. AND we got to see a really good scene between Jace and Sebastian my two favourite Shadowhunters. I can’t wait for more. I love Alberto as Simon, he’s exactly what i pictured when i was reading the books and he really does kill it. Especially with the slightly annoying parts of him, you know he’s persistent, wont leave Clary’s side and that’s something i truly love about him; but sometimes i wish that Shadowhunters used dark language just so i could hear Jace tell Simon to FUCK OFF because i feel like thats something that Jace would actually say to him; especially the way Dom plays Jace. The cabinet of Downworlders is basically just an early/downplayed version of the Downworlder Council we’ll hopefully get to see later.

THE SEELIE COURT. MY PRIDE AND JOY! MY FAVOURITE FUCKING SCENE FROM THE BOOKS, NOW ON SCREEN. First off, i don’t know if i liked that fact that the Seelie Queen was so young (i know she can manipulate her features) but i just pictured this gorgeous and elegant woman sitting on a throne. The fact that she looks so young also bothers me because i know what happens in the future between her and a certain evil doer, so it’s weird; but maybe in the future we’ll see someone older also play the Seelie Queen for that storyline. The Clace kiss. NOW. THAT. SCENE. WAS. OUTSTANDING. JUST. BEAUTIFUL. i think i had like 6 heart attacks. Finally, we get to see that big turning point for Clary. The kiss was just as amazing in the books and the show really killed it. CLACE IS ENDGAME. (My sister thinks i’m weird because in the books they are still “Siblings” when this kiss happens and its my favourite scene. She knows nothing lol don’t tell her i said that. She’ll probably kill me in my sleep) ANYWAY! I really liked that fact that it was kind of Simons fault that Clary and Jace had to kiss, i mean he did kill the Queens friends. It was different and i liked it. For Clary to tell Jace “This means nothing” then proceed to make out with him in front of her boyfriend was a little funny, and as much as i didn’t like book Climon, i really do love the Climon on the show. I think it’s a beautiful relationship before we get to see them go their separate ways and find themselves in two great relationships with Izzy and Jace. 

Something i am disappointed about was the fact that in the end when Raphael walked away from Izzy, and she went to talk to Clary she had to push her feelings aside and aid Clary; but then again it shows how much of an amazing friend Izzy is. She is strong and is willing to do that for her friend which i love. I’m sure we’ll get to see Izzy express her emotions to Clary in the next episode. 

NOW, lets talk about my favourite little monster. Sebastian. Will Tudor and the writers are really making it hard for me to hate Sebastian but then again, even in the books i never hated him. In fact i loved him. He’s dark and dangerous and bat shit crazy but i love me some TEAM EVIL. Will is just this gorgeous, cute little fucking shit, that i cant get enough of. He just really is doing an extraordinary job. AND WE GOT TO SEE HIS EVIL SIDE. I LOVE IT. 

Everyone did an excellent job with this episode and you can really see the cast getting into their characters, season one was choppy but thats generally normal. They have to know the characters and really make that connection and with season two, i’m really starting to see it. 

Until next week~ Happy Hunting ➰ 

All-American Prophet
Nic Rouleau, Lewis Cleale, Christopher John O’Neill, Grey Henson, Delius Doherty, Ensemble

All American Prophet // Nic Rouleau, Lewis Cleale, Christopher John O’Neill, Grey Henson, Delius Doherty (u/s), Ensemble  // 2.23.16e

Nic’s (second) Return to Broadway!

Full untracked audio available— just shoot me a message for the link.

(Note: you can hear Nic hit the ground after “Donny Osmond flair” when he does his jazz split, which is incredibly entertaining)  

Master Post!

• Alexander Hamilton-Laurens: Lin-Manuel Miranda.
• John Hamilton-Laurens: Anthony Ramos.
• Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton-Laurens: Philipa Soo.
• Thomas Jefferson-Madison/Marquis de Lafayette: Daveed Diggs.
• James Jefferson-Madison: Okieriete Onadowan.
• Angelica Schuyler Jefferson-Madison: Renée Elise Goldsberry.
• Aaron Burr: Leslie Odom Jr.
• Peggy Schuyler: Jasmine Cephas Jones.
• Hercules Mulligan: John Boyega.
• George King III: Jonathan Groff.
• George Washington/Benny Jackson: Christopher Jackson.
• Maria Lewis-Hemmings: Arianna Asfar.
• Usnavi De La Vega: Lin-Manuel Miranda.
• Sonny De La Vega: Calum Hood.
• Pete “Graffiti Pete” Martinez: Avan Jogia.
• Vanessa Garcia: Karen Olivo.
• Nina Rosario: Mandy Gonzalez.
• Daniela Martinez: Andrea Burns.
• Carla De Jesus: Janet Decal.

Added Characters
• Martha Washington: Samantha Marie Ware.
• Sally Lewis-Hemmings: Alysha Deslorieux.
• Theodosia Bartow Burr: Nicolette Robinson.
• Martha Laurens: Gina Rodriguez.
• Mary-Eleanor Laurens: Diane Guerrero.
• James Laurens: José Ramos.
• Charolette King: Lea Michele.
• Amelia King: Natalia Dyer.
• Augusta King: Millie Bobby Brown.
• Adrienne de Lafayette: Yaya DaCosta.
• John Hancock: Andrew Chappell.
• Catherine “Kitty” Jefferson-Madison: Yara Shahidi.
• Lucy Jefferson-Madison: Ashanti Bromfield.
• James Hamilton: Miguel Cervantes.
• Charlit “Charlie” Lee (Fem!Charles Lee): Camila Mendes.
• Samantha “Sammy” Seabury (Fem!Samuel Seabury): Madelaine Petsch.
• Kitty Livingston: Solea Pfeiffer.
• Anna Strong: Emmy Raver Lampman.
• John Adams: Jeremy Pope.
• Abigail Adams: Elizabeth Judd.
• Theodosia Burr Jr: Ashleigh Murray.
• Susanna Adams: Hayley Law.
• Johana Jay (Fem!John Jay): Lili Reinhart.
• Georges de Lafayette: Ephraim Sykes.
• Shae Lewis-Hemmings: Auli'i Cravalho.
• Philip Hamilton-Laurens: Jordan Fisher.
• Frances Hamilton-Laurens: Alessia Clara.
• Angelica “Angie” Hamilton-Laurens: Rowan Blanchard.
• Elizabeth “Lizzy” Hamilton-Laurens Jr. : Malina Weissman.
• Alexander “Xander” Hamilton-Laurens: No current FC.
• James Monroe: Rafael Casal.
• Henrietta “Etta” Laurens (Fem!Henry Laurens Jr): Kayla Maisonet.

• Alexander/John Laurens/Eliza.
• Thomas/James Madison/Angelica.
• Peggy/Martha Laurens.
• Aaron/Theodosia.
• Maria/Sally.
• Lafayette/Adrienne.
• Hercules/Mary-Eleanor.
• Shae/Frances.
• Philip/Georges.
• Charlit/Samantha.
• King/Charlotte.
• Washington/ Martha Washington.
• Theodosia Jr/Susanna.
• John Adams/Abigail.
• Anna/Livingston.
• Usnavi/Vanessa.
• Benny/Nina.
• Sonny/Pete.

• Washington: Current President of the United States.
• Martha Washington: First Lady of the United States.
• Nina Rosario: Secretary of State.
• Adrienne: Current US ambassador to France.
• John Adams: Current US Vice President.
• Abagail Adams: Fashion designer for Schuy Industries, Breakfast Queen™.
• Alexander: Philanthropist, Co-Founder of Wait For It International, Avid starter of Twitter fights.
• Laurens: Army Veteran, Tattoo Artist, Owner of Non-Stop Tattoo Parlor with establishments in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Myrtle Beach, Activist, Co-Founder Wait For It.
• Eliza: Piano instructor, Fashion Designer for Schuy Industries, Mom Of The Year™.
• Angelica: CEO of Schuy Industries, Pretty much runs the fashion scene in New York.
• Peggy: Official MUA for Schuy Industries, Activist, Lesbian Queen™.
• Burr: Lawyer, Spokesman for Wait For It, #1 Snapchatter.
• Theodosia Sr.: Social Worker.
• Jefferson: Stay At Home Dad™, Collector of European wines, Lover of France and all things French.
• Madison: New York Times Best Selling Author of murder-mystery novels, Always sleepy.
• Sally: Ambassador for Wait For It, Fosters animals.
• James Hamilton: Philanthropist, Co-founder of Wait For It International.
• Maria: Tattoo artist at the Brooklyn-leg of Non-Stop, Laurens second-in-command, Activist.
• Hancock: Accountant for Non-Stop.
• Hercules: Piercer at Non-Stop in Manhattan.
• King: Broadway & Broadway West-End Actor.
• Charlotte: Beauty & Fashion blogger.
• Seabury: International Model.
• Lee: Photo Journalist, Travel Blogger, Part-time Model.
• Martha Laurens: Writes for fashion magazine known as Never Satisfied.
• Mary-Eleanor: Lawyer, Girlfriend of The Year.
• Johana Jay: International Model, Spokeswoman for Wait For It, Collector of mugs.
• Sonny: Photographer, Social Media Activist, Musical enthusiast.
• Graffiti Pete: Elementary School Art Teacher, Sells his art pieces online, Has a whole Instagram for his favorite graffiti pieces around NYC.
• James Monroe: Activist, Token White Friend™, MC/DJ.
• Daniella: Co-owner of D&C Salon.
• Carla: Co-owner of D&C Salon, Token Religious Friend™, Active quoter of the Bible.
• Lafayette: International Model.
• Usnavi: Owner of De La Vega’s grocery.
• Benny: Recently took over Rosario’s Cab and Limo Services.
• Vanessa; Activist, Philanthropist, Spokeswoman and ambassador for Wait For It.
• Livingston: Co-founder of Never Satisfied (a fashion magazine that’s pretty much the Vogue of this verse), Actual Ray of Sunshine.
• Anna Strong: Co-founder of Never Satisfied, Fashion Journalist. • Hancock: Piercer at Non-Stop in Brooklyn.

Social Media
• Washington: @POCPOTUS (IG)/@POTUS (Twitter)
• Martha Washington: @WOCFLOTUS (IG)/@FLOTUS (Twitter)
• Alexander: @alexhamiltonnyc (IG)/@adotham (Twitter)
• Laurens: @jlaurensnyc (IG)/@jlaurens (Twitter)
• Eliza: @lizaschuy
• Angelica: @angschuy
• Peggy: @muapeggyschuy (IG)/ @muapegschuy (Twitter)
• Jefferson: @tmadsjeffs (IG)/@tjeffs (Twitter)
• Madison: @jmadsjeffs
• King: @iiigeorgeking
• Charlotte: @misscharking
• Augusta: @lilaugustaking
• Amelia: @missliaking
• Seabury: @sseauk
• Lee: @charlieleeuk (IG)/@charleeuk (Twitter)
• Johana: @yohanajay
• Sally: @salhemmings
• Maria: @marialewishemmings
• Burr: @aburrnyc
• Theodosia Sr.: @theobtowburr
• Theodosia Jr.: @dosiajr
• Philip: @liphamlaur
• Frances: @franhamlaur
• Angie: @angiehamlaur
• Lizzy: @lizzyhamlaur
• Shae: @shaehemmings
• Georges: @georgesdelafayette
• Kitty: @kittymadsjeffs
• Lucy: @lucmadsjeffs
• Usnavi: @mynameisusnavi
• Vanessa: @nessogarcia
• Nina: @secretaryrosario
• Benny: @bariobenny
• Sonny: @sonshinedr (IG)/@sonnyd (Twitter)
• Graffiti Pete: @monetofelbarrio
• Daniella & Carla: @d.c.bronx
• Monroe: @dj.jmonroe
• Lafayette:
• Adrienne: @adridelaff
• Susanna: @babysadams
• Mary-Eleanor: @mryelaur
• Martha Laurens: @martielaurens
• James Laurens: @jameshlaurens
• James Hamilton: @wfi.jamesham
• Hancock: @jhanbrklyn
• Abigail: @mama.a.adams
• Adams: @papajadams
• Livingston: @kitlivingston
• Anna Strong; @neversatisfiedstrong
• Hercules: @iamhercmull
• Henrietta: @ettalaurens

• George Washington is the newly elected president, succeeding Barack Obama. John Adams is Vice President and Nina Rosario is Secretary of State.

• This verse includes several polyamorous relationships so we’re gonna pretend marrying multiple people is legal. Okay? Okay!

• Alexander Hamilton grew up in Washington Heights with his (distant) cousins on his maternal side, Usnavi and Sonny De La Vega. He’s very close with everyone in the Barrio.

• Philip Schuyler owns a large and highly famous fashion company, Schuy Industries which employs all the Schuyler sisters. Angelica is the Co-CEO along with her father, Eliza is the head of designing and creating the products, and Peggy is a makeup artist for fashion shows and photo shoots.

• The Hamilton brothers, Alexander and James owns a charity foundation called Wait For It International. The foundation raises money for orphans all over the world and owns several orphanages along the East Coast and Caribbean Islands. The organization also does work with LGBT and POC issues.

• John Laurens owns/is the head artist at Non Stop Tattoo & Piercing in Manhattan with piercer and artist Hercules Mulligan. He also owns three other shops in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Myrtle Beach. Maria Lewis is his second-in-command and runs the shop in Brooklyn.

• Never Satisfied is a widely known fashion magazine owned by Kitty Livingston and Anna Strong. It’s pretty much Vogue in this verse - everybody knows of it, it sets trends, and only the best of the us featured in the magazine. The magazine works in close partnership with Schuy Industries.

I totally agree! I mean look at me ,I didn’t became this crazy by myself (I blame -mostly- Rick for my craziness )