(Below is the transcript of an exchange between true crime writer Christoper Berry Dee and English spree killer John Martin Scripps as included within Dee’s book ‘Emissaries of Satan’, which discusses in detail the murder of South African Gerard George Lowe in 1995. Known to travel quite frequently using a number of fake identities, Scripps brutally murdered three people in Thailand and Singapore. He approached Lowe at Singapore Changi Airport and convinced him to share a hotel room during his visit, where he would later be mercilessly killed.)

“CBD: So, let’s get this right, John. You slam this innocent man against the wall of the room, then beat him half-senseless. Then you drag him into the bathroom, lift him into the bath, forcing his head down to his knees. You turn on the taps, and cut through the back of his neck to paralyse him. Then, you stab him in the neck, or whatever, and let him bleed to death. Did he know what was going on by then?

JS: Yes! He pissed and shit himself. It made a stink. He was shitting himself… It wasn’t good and I spewed up. He really shit himself, but he couldn’t do much about it, could he?

CBD: What did you do after you’d killed him?

JS: I cut him into parts so I could dump the body.

CBD: Is it true you used the little saw that went with your Swiss Army knife?

JS: That’s bollocks. I have a knife like that for camping, but anyone will tell you that you can’t use a little saw like that for cutting carcasses.

CBD: Okay. What did you use?

JS: A six-inch boning knife. Well, after the blood had been washed away, I took his head off. Just like a pig. It’s almost the same. You cut through the throat and twist the knife through the back of the neck. There ain’t much mess if you do it properly. I cut off his arms at the elbows. You just cut through the ball and socket joints. You don’t saw anything.

CBD: And?

JS: Well, the legs… I just stuck the knife in and twisted and cut until the legs came away at the hip joint, I suppose. When I got to the knees, I just cut through and they snapped back so I could fold them. Fuckin’ heavy stuff, right?”

(Just 4 days before his scheduled execution at Changi Prison in Singapore, John Scripps confidently told Christopher Berry Dee: “They won’t hang me, I’m British.” The death penalty was carried out anyway on 19th April 1996, although Scripps did not walk to the gallows without putting up a fight.)

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anonymous asked:

hey, im in need of a good book about true crime or about a serial killer or something. you have any good ones?

Okay here are a few:

  • The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer by Brian Masters 
  • The Stranger Beside Me by Anne Rule (about Ted Bundy)
  • Talking With Serial Killers by Christopher Berry-Dee 
  • Born Killers by Christopher Berry-Dee & Steven Morris 
  • Face To Face With Evil (about Ian Brady) by Dr Chris Cowley
  • The Jigsaw Man by Paul Britton 
  • Peter Manuel: Serial Killer by Hector MacLeod & Malcolm McLeod 
  • The Life and Times of The BTK Killer by Stephen Singular 
  • Love of Blood by Christopher Berry-Dee (about serial killer Joanna Dennehy) 
  • The Riverman by Robert D. Keppel with William J. Birnes (about serial killer Gary Ridgway)
  • 100 Most Infamous Criminals by Jo Durden Smith
  • The Night Stalker by Philip Carlo (about serial killer Richard Ramirez)
  • No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown (about Columbine, had to sneak this in it’s really good)
  • Pariah: Colin Stagg by Colin Stagg (about the man falsely accused of the murder of Rachel Nickell, it’s an interesting read)
  • The Man With The Candy by Jack Olsen (about serial killer Dean Corll) 
  • Where the Bodies are Buried by Fannie Winestien & Melinda Wilson (about serial killer Herb Baumeister)
  • Crimes That Shocked The World by Danny Collins

I have so many more I could recommend tbh but I dug through my books (hard copy & digital) and these are the best ones I’ve read out of all I own, there’s a lot of other books out there about crime/killers I haven’t read, lucky for me I have too much time on my hands and a major interest lol anyway hope you like my recs👍. If you haven’t read the first book on the list you should start with that, it’s a personal fave of mine:)

EDIT: I forgot one omg

  • The Last Victim by Jason Moss

“But it is his eyes that one finds fascinating, if not disturbing, They are small and jet-black. They are the eyes of a Great White shark; unblinking, devoid of any emotion whatsoever, they glitter with distilled evil. When one looks into Bianchi’s eyes, I kid you not, you are looking into the abyss and that abyss is looking straight back at you.” 

- True crime author Christopher Berry Dee describing the memorable glare of serial killer and rapist Kenneth Alessio Bianchi after interviewing him in prison.

Serial killer and rapist Michael Ross discussing the murder of 17 year old victim Wendy Baribeault:

“Ya know, at the trial the doctor for the state got into a real mess. He got all confused about the marks around Baribeault’s throat. He couldn’t explain the multiple bruising. I thought this was real funny ‘cos I knew that she had struggled and I had to reapply my grip several times ‘cos my hands cramped up. Yes, I thought that was real funny.”

anonymous asked:

true crime book recommendations?

I’ve read too many to remember all of them, but one in particular I read recently and would 100% recommend is called ‘Girl A’. It’s based on the recollections of a young girl who became victimised by the infamous Rochdale sex ring. It’s hard-hitting but a very interesting read. I tend to be drawn towards true crime books which are written by survivors of serious crime as they’re far more personal and offer more of an insight into the experiences of victimisation. So I definitely recommend you look out for those! Also pretty much any book by Christopher Berry-Dee, he’s met with many criminals and often includes extracts from interview transcripts in his books. They are also very interesting reads. 

“There was nothing they could have said or done. They were dead as soon as I saw them. I used them, I abused them, then I killed them. I treated them like so much garbage. What more do you want me to fucking say?”

- Serial killer Michael Bruce Ross discussing the murder of his 8 female victims in an interview with author Christopher Berry Dee. In 2005, he became the first person sentenced to death by the state of Connecticut since 1960. He received the lethal injection in 2005.