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Kings DVD Commentary

Listened to the commentary for the pilot of Kings last night.  The commentary was done by series star, Ian McShane (Silas), showrunner/creator Michael Green, and director of the episode Francis Lawrence.

Some interesting tidbits:

- Sebastian Stan was the first actor cast, and was part of the first group of actors who read for the show.  "He was so clearly the right choice“  He also punched a wall in his audition and hurt his hand.

- The script was written with Ian McShane in mind to play the role of Silas, but they had been told that he was not interested in doing television.  McShane read the script, and wanted to do it.  They went to meet him in NY, and the rest is history.

- They saw hundreds of actors for the role of David before they settled on Christopher Egan.  They wanted an actor who could sell the characters goodness, but also appear believable as a character who might make some big mistakes down the line (much like biblical David).

- Chris Egan really does play the piano, and is actually playing the pieces that you hear on the show.

- Everything was filmed in NY, with the NY Public Library interior used extensively.  The exterior couldn’t be used because work was being done to the building.  The royal residence was mostly filmed at an abandoned mansion on Long Island.  The battle scenes were filmed in a muddy field in Far Rockaway, right near an airport.  The scenes of the King and his cabinet and the spectators was filmed at the Time Warner Center for the pilot, but the set was built and recreated for scenes during the series.  The Brooklyn Museum was also used for exterior shots.

- The kitchen ended up being a problematic set, and there weren’t happy with it in the end.

- When David rescues Jack, and the other solider, and they are running from the bullets, and jump into the foxhole, Sebastian got nailed in the head by the backpack Chris Egan was carrying which had an RPG in it (fake, I hope).  The scream he lets out was not scripted, and they used the take he got hurt in, and didn’t do another. 

- Allison Miller (Michelle Benjamin) was one of the last roles cast

- The first scene filmed was Rev Samuels confronting Silas on the outside staircase about the ambush of Jack and his troops.  The second scene filmed was this confrontation between Jack and Silas

-  They loved Silas’ dialogue for this scene (and McShane insisted that Jack was bisexual, which I thought went against show cannon), and comments went something like this:

"Sebastian is so great” (Green or Lawrence)

“He’s such a good kid" (McShane)

"He’s terrific…when he’s not punching his fist into walls, but thats part of his intensity" (Green or Lawrence)

- The last scene they filmed for the episode was the scene of Jack in the nightclub with the girls draped over him.  They seemed to think Sebastian, and the girl that kissed him, were enjoying that scene.

- One of the decisions that was made was to play it as though Rose was a bit in love with her son, and scenes of her being pleased or upset with him were played more as a lover then a mother.  To quote Green ”Its sick…but it worked"

- Originally, Michelle was to have told David about her illness, and her promise to God in the pilot, but it was decided to let that be her mystery that was revealed over time.

- They got a lot of flack for making Jack antagonistic towards David, deviating from their relationship in the source material, but the thinking was that they wanted to create a relationship that could evolve and change over time.  (My comment: One of my disappointments with Kings is that this relationship doesn’t really evolve that much over the course of the series, and unfortunately they don’t say on the commentary what they had intended to do with it)

Thats the highlights, as per me.  I wish they had talked a bit more about where they would’ve taken the show in a 2nd season.  This commentary was clearly done after the show had already gone off the air, so its not like they would spoil anything.  The only time they really address how the show ended is to mention Silas being at war with God.

Also, I’m sure they had some commentary on the Helen/Serenity stuff, but since its my least favorite element of the show overall, I ignored it.


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