My favorite Christmas movies online!

Santa Baby

Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe

Holiday in Handcuffs

Home Alone


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The Ultimate Christmas Present

The Santa Clause

A Christmas Story

Four Christmases

Christmas with the Kranks

Jingle All the Way

“I can’t play a note on the accordion. That is purely and sincerely a recognition of my love of John Candy, because he was the Schmenge Brother. I loved how he used the accordion for comedy. When I was doing the part, originally I was playing piano. I said it would be much more interesting to do the accordion because it’s kind of unwieldy. It’s a better kind of comic prop. What the accordion brought, as well as a visual benefit, it put a little Louisiana/Cajun spin on the music. In our sing-along, the accordion kind of brings that Louisiana / Zydeco flavor in there. One of my favorite forms of music so it was kind of neat to put that spin on it.” - Dan Aykroyd