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Request:   Hi! Can you do a christmas request for Cisco Ramon of Flash? Like maybe the reader was too busy working at Jitters to have time to decorate her house with Christmas decorations? She has not done it, and it is already Christmas morning. She gives up the idea, and in evening when she goes home. She got a surprise. Cisco had access to her house, and decorated the whole house with Christmas stuff for her. They celebrate Christmas together and its all fluff. Thank You!

Upon reflection, you should have realised just how insanely busy today would be, yet somehow, some slither of hope had made its way into your mind, convincing you that maybe, just maybe, the day would be easy. After having covered more Christmas shifts this season than any other, it was safe to say you were rather used to the consistent stream of tired, agitated shoppers in desperate need of caffeine. But that didn’t mean you expected it to be the same today, of all days. No, surely customers would be few and far between, spending time with their family or friends. Of course, said hopes were dashed almost instantly when, the second you had opened the doors to Jitters, the customers came flooding in.

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Super Junior K.R.Y - Last Christmas Cover
You Are My Cover - Chapter 30 - Caladran - Fallout 4 [Archive of Our Own]
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Blaze started to go down the tree, and looked at Danse with a smirk. “Catch me, Paladin!” The fall wasn’t long, but he thought to have fun. Landing on the Paladin’s strong arms, laughing, and he saw how bewildered his love looked. Safely in his love’s arms, Blaze smiled even when Danse stared at him, scowling.

Includes Smut! You’ve been warned! XD

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Is Brian Sella really not straight? 😳😳😳 [please be bi af]

• doesn’t change the pronouns in his cover of christmas wrapping “there’s the guy i’ve been chasing all year”

• the gay version of taking my uzi to the gym “i get on my knees for any fucking asshole who says he’s all i need”

• changes the lyrics in lipstick covered magnet to “i’m gonna get on my knees will you fuck me in the face please”

• 2YL doesn’t use pronouns so i have deemed it a Gay Song™

• makes out with dudes a lot

• and tweets about it

• wrote a song about his 2 male friends falling in love and includes the lyrics “i will say i love you back to the love that i am given”
>implying gender doesn’t matter

• hopped earrings is about a girl coming out to her mom and her wanting brian there for support and? idk it just seems really personal and i know i would feel more comfortable having someone Not Straight there with me when i came out

• went to a brothel and they asked him if he wanted a boy or girl and he said he just wanted to go home

• has not said “i’m straight” and it’s heteronormative to assume people are straight, yk? like i don’t think he’s gonna be the next billie joe armstrong and be like “i’m bisexual!!!” bc 1) he doesn’t have to 2) new jersey is not like. the most accepting place and 3) within new jersey he’s from a red county (same brian….) so like. yk. but in my personal opinion……..the boy ain’t straight

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Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.