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Grumpy birb Cas with the sniffles cause Dean thought it was a great idea to roll around in the snow that piled up overnight. He literally had to drag Cas from bed, dress him up himself, force coffee down his throat, and shove him outside. Cas had bristled at the sting of winter, all puffed up chest and scowl on his face, though it was terribly obscured by the tons of warm clothing folded around and zipped up his body. Dean could barely hear the indignant, "Dean," that Cas uttered from where he

(#2) had fallen not two feet from the bunker entrance. The floofed up winter coat caked in snow the moment Cas had faceplanted. A cackle broke Dean’s lips and both Winchester brothers forsook Cas to laugh for the remainder of his struggle to stand. They ushered him inside after the three (let’s face it, two) had their fun outside. With all that bundled up clothing, Cas should have been perfectly fine, but the moment Dean peeled away all those layers to reveal the red bitten nose and angry face

(#3) Cas had scrunched up his nose in one big sniffle. Dean tried to hide the grin tugging at his lips, so as not to further irritate his grumpy ex-Angel. “That’s not good,” Dean tried, though his snicker at Castiel’s further squinty eyed look didn’t garner much of a positive response. What more, Castiel’s new found sickness came with its own personal nasally voice to accompany the sniffles. Coupled with Castiel’s gravelly baritone it came out endearingly hilarious. Dean found his way out the
(#4) the moment Castiel’s squinty glare turned malicious. However, and much to the grumpy birb’s amusement, this meant Dean wouldn’t dare bother his sweet slumber. The sniffles were annoying and the fact that only one nostril was functional dependent on what side he lay on was infuriating at best, but permission to sleep most of the mornings away? That was by far the best part of being sick. And Dean joining him, his heat snuggled up tight in 10 layers of blankets, was a wonderful by product.

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Mathewson putting up a christmas tree.

(I guess Christmas in March is the new trend haha)

Danny had begun to regret getting a real tree this year. This thing left pine needles everywhere and weighed a ton, at least. Just getting it from the car to the apartment lobby had left him short of breath and he was thankful Heather was getting the boxes of decorations so she didn’t see him have to stop and catch his breath and use his inhaler. The clerk glared at him as he pushed it toward the elevator and Danny had to promise he’d come right back down and clean up the mess.

"Does it fit?" Heather asked, carrying a few boxes of ornaments and lights and things. She looked between the tree and the elevator, worried. 

We might have to take the stairs, but yeah, it should fit,” Danny replied. Heather set down her things and helped him push the tree into the open elevator doors. Finally, it squeezed in there.

"Here, you ride with the tree, I’ll try and beat you there with the ornaments," she challenged. He chuckled, secretly grateful and nodded. "Ok, go!" He pushed the number of their floor and waited with the strong-scented evergreen. Just after the doors opened, Heather appeared at the top of the steps. "Damn it." she muttered, jokingly. The two carried the tree towards the apartment door that had just been opened.

"Woah, what the hell?" asked Charlie, who was currently living on their couch after her recent break-up with Jason.

"Heather wanted a real tree, so we got a real tree," Danny replied, "Now help us with it." Charlie raised her eyebrows but stood up and pulled the tree inside. It seemed like half the branches came off as it squeezed through the open doorway.

"Ok, let’s put it up," Heather said, happily.

"Um… where?" Charlie asked, looking around the small living room.

"By the window, there," Danny said, nodding. Heather agreed and dragged it towards the spot. Charlie quickly pulled a rug there before they set it down. Out of breath, Danny and Heather leaned back to admire it.

"It looks nice," he commented, putting an arm around her. She hugged him from the side and nodded.

"Now we just have to decorate it." she chuckled.

"No. No way, that can wait until tomorrow. Now, we are going to order in and watch dumb Christmas movies on ABC Family."

"Better idea," Heather announced, and turned to face him. She whispered something in his ear and then, repulsing Charlie, the two began kissing.


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