Christmas fic

My Biggest Regret

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Pairing: Harry Styles x reader

Summary: Christmas fic where Harry left you when you told him you were pregnant and you run into him at a party 

A/N: this took forever and I’m sorry! But I would really love to make this into a series! If anyone has any requests to do with this AU please send me an ask!

italics = flashback

He wasn’t meant to be here.

Niall had assured you a thousand times he would not be in attendance at his annual Christmas party. You rarely ever attended parties that were hosted by your mutual friends out of fear that you would run into him. Not that you really had time for parties anymore. Being a single mum really was a full-time job.

But Niall had also reassured you this year’s Christmas party would be more of a family-friendly affair rather than the alcohol-heavy house parties he used to host in the holiday season. So that morning you had dressed your little one-year-old son in the elf costume you had been dying to make him wear all December. Niall had insisted that everyone had to be Christmas themed in the way you dressed, so you decided to go the extra mile and get a Mrs Claus dress especially.

At least Niall hadn’t been lying about the family-friendly part.

You had been absolutely enjoying yourself. You had been able to catch up with some people who you hadn’t seen in a long time and introduce them to Alex. You had barely even held him for the past hour you had been there because everyone was so eager to have their turn holding him. You were really beginning to regret hiding Alex away from this group of people, just because they were friends with his dad. After all, they were your friends too.

That is until he walked in.

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Underneath the Mistletoe

I wrote a little Christmas drabble on my study break. Hope you enjoy it! x

Hogwarts was a sight to behold. Snow was covering all the high points of the castle. The cold December wind had turned the trees into dancing shadows in the night. Many students could be found in their common rooms, near the fireplace, with a cup of warm cocoa in their hands and an anecdote on their lips. Others preferred to wander around the castle, taking in the beauty of all the Christmas decorations that had been put up in honour of everyone’s favourite time of the year. Almost everyone.

“I can’t even understand what is so endearing about all this. It’s starting to get annoying, really.” Draco scowled, as he walked through one of the infinite corridors of the castle, with Pansy alongside him.

“Will you stop being such a spoilsport? It’s the nicest time of the year.”

“But is all of this really necessary?” He asked, as he waved both his hands to indicate the ornaments that covered the walls.

“I think it looks nice.”

“Sure you do.” Draco rolled his eyes, deciding the discussion wasn’t worth continuing. He just picked up his pace, hoping to reach his destination sooner so he wouldn’t have to continue dealing with all the sappy Christmas decorations. He got lost in his thoughts while doing so, which is why he was completely taken by surprise when he felt two hands on his back, pushing him forward with such force that he would have fallen to the ground had it not been the person he had bumped into.

“Malfoy?” Harry was taken back by the sudden collision.

“Potter! Sorry, I just…” He looked behind his back, just in time to catch the devilish smirk that had formed on his friends’ face.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Pansy?!”

“Look up, Draco.” Pansy said, her smirk growing wider.

Draco looked up to find something he certainly hadn’t been expecting to see. Mistletoe. Glistening as it hung from the ceiling.

“Haha, very funny, Pans.” Draco said, as he tried to leave the spot he was currently in.

“Don’t…” Pansy didn’t have time to finish her warning, as Draco felt a strong pull, leading him back to where he had been standing.


Hermione, who had been standing there with Ron, said: “It’s magical mistletoe. You can’t get away from it unless you actually kiss the person you’re with.”

“What?!” Harry and Draco both yelled.

Hermione just shrugged, as a small smile crept onto her face. She glanced at Pansy with a knowingly look on her eyes. Pansy recognized said look and gave a small nod of acknowledgement. Ron, who had been watching the whole thing, was utterly confused.

“Do we really have to?” Draco asked, pretending to be annoyed about the situation he had been dreaming with for the past weeks. He had befriended Potter at the beginning of the year, which made him realise that all the effort he’d put into teasing him for all those years had had nothing to do with hatred. Nothing at all.

“Yes, ‘Mione, do we have to?” Harry asked, sounding equally annoyed despite knowing he had fallen for the Slytherin and wanting nothing more than to kiss him. He had come to learn that Malfoy was intelligent, caring, funny, and also stupidly attractive. Platinum blonde hair, grey eyes and slender limbs were now a constant presence in his mind.

“The only way is for the person that charmed the mistletoe to remove said incantation. But we have no idea who has done it, and you’d be here all night if we were to look for said person, so I think you should just kiss and get it over with.” Hermione explained, purposely concealing the fact that she knew exactly who had charmed the mistletoes.

Both Harry and Draco huffed, trying to show one another their disappointment, even though they were both screaming with excitement on the inside.

Draco took a deep breath as he looked into Potter’s enthralling green eyes. He was disturbingly nervous; he had wanted this for such a long time but he was terrified of being the only one. Potter had shown such an exasperated expression at the prospect of kissing him. But then again, so had he.

Harry was lightly trembling. Malfoy seemed pretty displeased with the idea of kissing him, and Harry wanted nothing more but to grab the Slytherin by his robes and crash his mouth into his.  His Gryffindor courage was faltering, which is why he was glad Malfoy took the initiative to close the distance between them.

It started as a peck, the lightest peck he’d ever experienced, but enough to conclude Malfoy’s lips were the softest lips on Earth. He felt his brain going numb, as his hands reached for Malfoy’s neck, wanting to get even closer to the boy standing before him.

Draco was completely dazed. Potter was grabbing him by his neck, pulling them closer. This simple action triggered something inside him that made him place both his hands on Potter’s messy strands of hair and gently tug at them as a plea for Potter to deepen the kiss. What he got in return was both surprising and arousing. A moan. Potter had moaned into his mouth, before gently tugging his bottom lip between his teeth. Draco was pretty sure his mind had gone blank. Potter then licked it, clearly asking for allowance, which Draco happily granted by opening his mouth. Their tongues immediately met, swirling in a gentle but rushed motion, a clear display of their eagerness to taste each other. Their lips moved against each other in perfect synchronisation.

“Blimey! What is happening?!” Ron exclaimed, completely shocked by the way both boys were kissing each other, as if they were both meant to do so.

“Oh c’mon Ron, it was so obvious! They’ve both fallen for one another but were too oblivious to acknowledge it!”

“Yes, Draco wouldn’t shut up about Potter.” Pansy grinned, as she joined the two of them.

“You two set this up?!” Ron was incredulous. Hermione had acted like a total Slytherin by going behind her best friend’s back.

“We did, yes. We didn’t charm the mistletoe though, that was Professor McGonagall! She decided it would be a good idea to create a mistletoe that only appears when two people who are in love with each other are standing together!” Hermione smiled brightly. It had been a genius idea, of course.

“Professor McGonagall did this?!” Ron just kept getting more and more confused about the whole situation.

“Yes, Weasley, she did! Now stop asking questions, for Merlin’s sake!”

Ron didn’t argue with her.

Harry and Draco, however, were completely unaware of their friends’ conversation, too busy with each other.

After a few more minutes, they parted, reaching for air. They both smiled at each other.

“Sooo… I’m guessing you sort of like me?” Harry asked, while biting his lip.

“Took you long enough!” Draco said, while his pupils dilated at the sight of Potter’s lip-biting. “You need to stop that!”

“Stop what?” Harry asked innocently while tugging harder at his bottom lip.

“Oh, you’re so asking for it!” Draco grabbed Potter by his robes and kissed him. He was once again greeted by his delicious tongue, and felt a rush of heat course through him.

The snow was falling heavily outside the castle. And Draco had never been more appreciative of Christmas decorations.

Find You Home

by FullOnLarrie

When Louis lies to his family and says he’ll bring his new boyfriend home for Christmas, his best friend and roommate Harry agrees to play the part. It’s that, or be left alone over the holidays.

What will happen? No one knows! Perhaps Santa will swoop in with a Christmas miracle.

Featuring lovesick idiots, kissing and cuddling, pies and Christmas clichés.

Louis & Harry | Explicit | 35K words | On ao3

“Dreamers” - amazing art by the wonderful @panda-capuccino - [Read on AO3]

During young Ben Solo’s darkest nightmares, there’s a girl that helps him cope. At first he just feels her presence, but her image becomes clearer as dreams go by. When he learns that she needs his help too, he is willing to disobey his uncle’s wishes and do whatever it takes to reach her. Only together, they can figure out what this powerful bond between them is about.

The Sweater

@virgilient asked if I could fill in for their Secret Santa. I hope you enjoy.

 No warnings. A mixture of angst and fluff. I’m using fanfiction to distract myself and it’s working. I hope it keeps working.

You can read this on AO3 if you want. 

“Comfy there, Verge?”

Virgil shrugged, wrapped in the heaviness of his favorite quilt at the corner of the couch, curled toes at the edge of the cushion pulling in closer to his body as he adjusted himself. “It’s nice.”

“You really should look into a weighted blanket, Virgil. For nighttimes anxiety.” Logan said, not glancing up from his book.

“It’s not an anxiety thing. I just like the weight.” Virgil muttered. “Its nice. Like a nice hoodie.”

“Hmm.” Roman looked pensive a moment, then grinned, shooting up suddenly, startling Logan across the table they shared. “An idea! I do declare, my fellow sides, I have an idea!”

“What’s that?” Patton asked playfully, smiling at him, looking back behind the couch.

“Sweaters! What a grand Christmas idea that would be.” Roman held out a hand dramatically, gesturing to an invisible crowd far above him. “Think, we’ll be warm, and Virgil will get something for his anxiety.”

“I have a hoodie.” Virgil pointed out, curling his body further inward. “It’s kind of overkill.”

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My Favorite Things

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-Shot

Requested by?: Anon: “i don’t celebrate anything during the holiday season, but i think it would be cute to have a fluffy not necessarily christmas winter fic!”

Warnings: Language, sexual references. Mostly just fluff. :)

Word Count: 1.5K

Summary: Just a cold, wintery night with our favorite Tom Hiddleston, complete with blanket fort and dinner next to the fire. Fluff, fluff, fluff.

A/N: Welcome to Day 2 of my 1K challenge! This was partially inspired by anon, but then brought all the way home by my lovely @dolangram who is just a wonderful, mushy, adorable marshmallow whom I love and adore. Dedicated to you, anon, and my zaroo! Enjoy! (Not my gif)

Originally posted by antisepticstark

The smell of chocolate chip muffins and the smooth sound of Adam Levine’s voice carried through the house, as you swayed your hips along to their most recent hit, What Lovers Do.

“Darling, you’ve got to stop listening to this record.” Tom’s voice interrupted you from the living room, eyes peering over at you from atop his book. You scowled at him.

“It’s a good album.” You fire back, scraping the spatula along the side of the bowl.

“You’ve listened to it at least six times in the past two days.”

“Your point, Mr. Hiddleston?”

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On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

A wolfstar proposal under the tree.

Prompt this is based off of: “i did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face”

“Your turn, love.”

Remus looked up from his place next to the Christmas tree, his eyes widening at the large box that Sirius held, barely able to fit between his arms.

“What the—I already opened my gift!”

Sirius set the box down in front of Remus with a huff, grinning, “And now you’re going to open your second one.”


“Last one.” Sirius held his hands up, “I promise.”

“I—I only got you—“

“Re.” Sirius leaned over the box to press a soft kiss to Remus’ mouth, “It’s okay. I just love you and I…” Sirius quieted, looking at Remus’ surprised, softly smiling face. He smiled too, “I just love you.” Another kiss, “Open.”

Remus tilted his chin forward into kiss, biting his lower lip, “Okay. Alright, alright.” Remus shook his head, laughing a little, “You’re ridiculous.”

Sirius just stayed silent, eyes flicking from Remus’ face to the box as he opened the lid.

Remus laughed a little, raising an eyebrow at Sirius, “Another box.”

Sirius just smiled and shrugged.

Remus narrowed his eyes playfully and pulled off the lid. A laugh bubbled up again, “Another box.”

Sirius pulled his knees into his chest, silently keeping count, “Guess so.”

Remus nodded slowly, “Alright…” He lifted the lid and shot Sirius a look, “Pads.”

“Open your present, Moony.”

“I have been. For twenty minutes.”

Sirius picked up his hot chocolate, shrugging again, “I’ll ignore that exaggeration and tell you to keep opening.”

Remus laughed, “Pass me a marshmallow, then. I’m gonna need stamina, it seems.”

Sirius rolled his eyes but complied, hoping Remus couldn’t see his hand shaking.

Remus had pulled off four more lids before he stopped again.


“Seven. And getting smaller, if you noticed, so if you’d just…” Sirius bit his lip, nodding towards the box.

Remus laughed, pulling off another lid, “I guess I have to give you credit for being creative.”

Sirius let out a shaky breathe, eyeing the smallest box that Remus was picking up, “I hope so…”

Remus looked up, “Hmm?”

Sirius shook his head, hearing his heart pound in his ears, “Nothing, nothing.”

Remus snorted, “Watch me open this one and there’s just nothing in here and this was all just one of your—“

But his voice died. He had opened the box. Remus stared, silent, blinking down at the small, silver ring nestled inside.

“pranks…” He finished weakly. His hand came up and pressed against his chest, as if trying to calm his heart. Sirius knew the feeling. Remus shook his head, and when he blinked again, a tear fell down his cheek, “Please tell me this isn’t a prank.”

Sirius laughed, his own watery as well and reached forward, gently taking the box from Remus’ shaking fingers and into his own, “No, love. This isn’t a prank.” Sirius sniffed, wiping at his own cheek with his sleeve, “Okay. Shit, am I even going to be able to talk?”

Remus’ hand went to his throat as he laughed, obviously feeling the same lump of emotion that Sirius was.

Sirius cleared his throat, “I’ll have to try, I guess.” Taking the ring out of the box, Sirius shifted until he was kneeling on one knee, eyes only slightly higher than Remus’.

“I mean, honestly, you probably know everything I’m about to tell you, anything I ever could tell you, about how much I love you. At least, I hope you do…”

Remus nodded, hands now gripping the edge of one of the larger boxes.

Sirius took one of those hands, “But I do, Re. I love you so much and it fucking…amazes me because every day I just seem to love you more than the last, even when I think that’s impossible because I love you…so fucking much.”

Remus made a soft sound in his throat and pushed the boxes out of the way to reach Sirius, seeming to be unable to help himself, and fell nearly into his lap, palms pressed to his cheeks, “Sirius—“

“You gotta let me finish.” Sirius laughed as Remus did, head falling into Sirius’ neck briefly, cheeks wet.

“Sorry. Sorry, sorry…” Remus met Sirius’ eyes, lip between his teeth, waiting.

Sirius laughed softer this time, wrapping his arms around Remus’ waist and pulling him to his chest, “Baby…” He bumped their noses together.

Remus burst, “God, you are so slow, let me say yes already—“

Sirius laughed, heart melting at the answer, although he knew it already, “So impatient. Marry me, will you?”

Yes.” Remus grinned, pressing their lips together, “Yes, yes…” the rest of his words got lost into Sirius’ mouth.

“Merry Christmas, love.” Sirius murmured, fingers tangling in Remus’ hair.

Remus’ fingers splayed against Sirius’ cheek, cradling his jaw, “Merry Christmas.” Remus grinned, “Fiancée.”

Sirius laughed, “God. Never gonna get tired of that.”

Remus kissed him again, and they fell among the wrapping and Christmas lights, snow falling outside.


Dean hummed a little, swaying back and forth to the sound of carols as he danced his way over to the oven. The first batch of peanut butter kiss cookies had just finished the first baking cycle and Dean grinned as he pulled the tray out, using a clean towel to protect his hand. Each cookie was perfectly round, perfectly equal in size… all thanks to his ‘little helper’ in the kitchen.

Dean’s smile softened as he turned to look at Cas. The former angel was currently unwrapping his way through a big bag of Hershey kisses, his brow furrowed in concentration. It should have been ridiculous, an ex-angel in an ugly Christmas sweater and flour in his hair, wrist deep in a bag of cheap chocolate, but all Dean felt was contentment.

For the first time in what felt like his entire life, something was going right.

Dean set the cookie tray down on the stovetop and hummed along with the radio as he sidled up to Cas. He slid his arms around Cas’s waist from behind and pressed himself all along Cas’s back, resting his chin on Cas’s shoulder to watch him work. Cas leaned back into Dean, a small smile on his lips.

“Ready for kisses?” Cas asked, unwrapping another and putting it carefully into the bowl with the other candies.

“Yes,” Dean said. He turned his face in and kissed Cas’s cheek, a wave of giddiness sweeping over him at the thought that he could actually have this now. Cas and kisses and homemade Christmas cookies and presents that didn’t come from the gas station…

He kissed Cas again, inching closer to Cas’s mouth. Cas chuckled softly, a sound Dean felt more than heard, and turned his head.

His mouth tasted like peanut butter and chocolate and Cas, like all of Dean’s favorite things, and Dean kissed him again just because he could. Cas turned in Dean’s hold and brought one hand to the back of Dean’s neck, keeping him in place as Cas deepened the kiss and then slowly pulled back.

“The cookies?” Cas reminded Dean. Dean shrugged.

“They can wait a minute,” he said. He leaned into Cas and rested his forehead against the former angel’s, and took a moment just to breathe.

He’d been so close to not having this. This time last year, he and Sam had been in a motel instead of the bunker, with cheap take-out instead of a homemade feast, with no family but each other. Now, Dean had Cas and Sam had Eileen and Charlie was coming by the bunker later and even Kevin had agreed to drop by with his mom in time for New Year’s.

Now, Dean could feel Cas’s heart beating against his, steady and solid. He could still taste Cas on his lips.

He breathed in.

“Merry Christmas, Cas,” Dean said. Cas kissed him chastely.

“Merry Christmas, Dean.”

A Sweet Christmas Gift (Sweet Pea x Reader)

Word Count: 2257

A/N: Enjoy some Christmas Sweet Pea fluff! Also this is my first Sweet Pea fic, let me know what you think.


Originally posted by my-sweet-pea

The past couple of months you had been acting odd around your boyfriend Sweet Pea. You were somewhat clingy but not as much lately. At first it was a breath of fresh air since you were not glued to his side 24/7 but if he was being honest with himself, he kind of missed it.

He would call you up or text you frequently wanting to spend more time with you but you always had an excuse. Either it was work, school work, or busy with family and friends.

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Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist

Originally posted by forchrisevans

Summary: Your awful temporary holiday job takes a turn for the better when a handsome stranger enters your life, along with his adorable, matchmaking daughter. Steve Rogers AU. (fluff)

Part 1: Before Christmas

Part 2: Christmas Day

Part 3: New Year’s Eve

Part 4: Valentine’s Day (End)

Bonus Scene: Happy Birthday 

Bonus Scene: Christmas to Remember

Updated 12.11.17

Aesthetic Moodboard by the lovely @redgillan

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( @yourtropegirl)

You Make It Feel Like Christmas

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-Shot

Prompt? From @spider–bae: “you know i think getting engaged on chrismas it’s the most cliche thing ever but you fucking proposed anyway + but you proposed in the most amazing unexpected way and i’m actually getting really emotional about it aND I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING SHUT UP) with Tom :)”

Warnings: Implications of sex, but no other warnings unless you’re worried about dying from fluff.

Word Count: 1.5K

Summary: A beautiful Christmas Eve spent with the one and only Tom Hiddleston. And it wouldn’t truly be Christmas unless he popped you a serious question, would it?

A/N: Happy Christmas Eve, all! This is something that was inspired not only by the prompt, but also by some very fitting music and loooong IM chats with the one and only @dolangram, who practically planted this into my brain one night last week. I had an amazing time writing this, and it gives me a LOT of feels, so I really hope you guys like it. :3 Enjoy the second to last fic of the challenge and have a wonderful Christmas Eve! xoxo

Originally posted by damnyouhiddles

“That was a wonderful dinner. Thanks again, baby.” You say as you enter your home, sliding off your heels in the foyer and leaning over to give Tom a quick kiss on the lips.

“You don’t have to thank me, darling, you know it was my pleasure.” Tom says, holding your hand as you balance on one foot to maneuver the heel off the other. You sigh pleasantly when your aching feet hit the cool marble floor, a slight shiver running through you.

“Well, the pleasure was all mine.” You say with a giggle, letting go of his hand and walking towards the bedroom. “I’m exhausted; I still can’t believe how many people were out on Christmas Eve! You’d think they’d have better places to be.” You call from your bedroom, beginning to unfasten one of your pearl earrings and setting it on the dresser. You hear Tom laugh from the other room.

“It’s hardly even eleven, darling, I think you’re getting old.”

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Naughty List

Sweet Pea x Reader

requested by: @gorgasmicc

summary: it’s Christmas time in Riverdale, and a little mischief won’t stop Sweet Pea and y/n from enjoying the holidays.

warnings: cussing


(gif creds to @jvgheadjones for creation and @sweetsfuckingpea for helping me find)

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A Quick Kiss

Fic Request: 
“Fic ab a gender neutral reader standing under mistletoe for hours at the Iplier work place bc they have a huge crush on Dark and were hoping to get a smooch from him??”

Originally posted by glittchiplier

Host definitely noticed your actions. Standing near the doorways, glancing nervously around. Stopping for a second longer on the person you were desperately trying not to get too close too, but still wanting attention from. 
It as the most amusing thing in the room. The meeting wasn’t exactly a meeting. Warfstache had called a “surprise” meeting for everyone (including you) and then locked the doors once everyone was in. There were Christmas trees, tinsel, flashing lights, and then the final touch, mistletoe. 
Once the doors were locked and everyone calmed down, Wilford explained that it was a Christmas party. One that no one was leaving from for at least four hours.
And so, here everyone was. Making small talk and watching the clock tick away at a tortuous pace.
There had been nothing for Host to do, until his “sight” caught onto you.
It rattled Host’s brain to narrate your movements and inner thoughts. It was confusing to him. What were you doing? You haven’t moved for around fifteen minutes now. Fidgeting and still glancing around. Your inner thoughts were a whirlwind, and it hurt his head to try and make sense of them. Instead, Host wandered over to you and bluntly asked. 
“Why are you standing for so long under the mistletoe?” 
Your eyes widened a little in panic, having not seen Host come up beside you. Your attention elsewhere, you turned and plastered a smile on your face. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to talk to Host, it was just you had a mission tonight. And it would be difficult to fulfill that mission with the man beside you. 
“Umm…M-Mistletoe? Where?” 
Host pointed up and you “innocently” gazed up at the hanging branch. It was one of two in the room. And you could tell Host had noticed you swapped from one side of the room to the other every so often. 
“I didn’t even notice.” You shrugged, nonchalantly. But Host tilted his head in that way that told you he just knew you were lying. You couldn’t hide the truth from Host. It was like trying to hide candy from Wilford. The man could just smell the bullshit. 
You sagged, defeated, and sighed. “Ok fine. I’m… it’s too embarrassing.” You couldn’t say this to Host! You cheeks already felt like they were blazing red. Admitting it out loud would surely set them on fire.
“You’re waiting for Dark.” Host said it for you and your whole face went bright red. 
“Say it louder.” You mumbled dryly. “I don’t think the rest of the room heard you.” Host smiled and took his turn to shrug. His gaze narrating Dark, his grin turning to a wider one as he noticed the change in Dark’s posture. 
“I don’t understand why you’d try to get his attention. I would suggest an easier kiss from Dr. Iplier. He’s been a little fidgety too.” 
You looked at Host in confusion. Since when did he make “suggestions” like this? Usually Host was quiet and spoke slowly in his monotone descriptions. Then your eyes widened and you chuckled. 
“Really Author? What did you do with poor Host? Please tell me you didn’t look him in a cupboard.” You joked and Author shrugged. Lifting his hand to hook a finger under the bandages. Which you could now see had red paint over his eyes. 
Author lifted the bandage so he could look at you, a small frown on his lips. 
“How did you know it was me? Was it the voice? Or maybe the allure you have to me.” He winked and you scoffed, playfully pushing Author away. 
“You were speaking too forwardly. And yes, the voice as well. It wasn’t emo enough.” 
Author laughed and tore off the bandages. Obviously done with the dress up game he started. Instead, he leaned against the wall next to you. Almost trapping you between him and the wall with his arm over your head and his body angled to obscure you from the room. 
“So? How about a kiss from someone other than Dark? Hmm? I doubt he’s the guy to do the mistletoe thing. But for you I’d make an exception for the silly traditions.” Author smirked and you felt something in you crawl with unease. Author had never been forceful or even paid much attention to you. It unnerved you to have him so close and speak so sultrily after months of the two of you knowing each other. 
You were about to try and move away from Author, when a hand clapped down on his shoulder and yanked him away from you.  
“That’s enough Author. I let you dance around here undisturbed. The courtesy you could do for me is leave (y/n) alone.” Dark growled, stepping between you and the other man. 
Author smiled and straightened his trench-coat. Which was obviously Host’s due to the specks of blood on the collar. He raised his hands, as if in surrender and turned away from Dark. Sauntering over to the food table as if he was smug about something. 
Once Author was out of ear-shot, Dark turned to you and did a quick look over. 
“Are you ok?” He asked, with a tone that bordered concern. 
You nodded and stood a little straighter. “Yeah. He just surprised me. You knew that wasn’t Host?” 
“Host didn’t want to come to the meeting. He knew what Wilford was up too and he was a little on edge today. So Author took his coat and dressed up as him. I forced him to do so.” Dark replied with an amused grin. “He didn’t like it. I don’t think he can see very well out of the bandages.” 
You laughed softly and felt a little bit of you relax. Author hadn’t done anything to Host, that was good. 

Dark hummed quietly, his eyes looking up above your head and your heart thudded against your chest as his gaze lowered down to you. A new warmth coloring those onyx eyes. 
“It seems you’re under mistletoe.” He said, with only a hint of a mocking tone. 
He knew you had been wanting his attention. But the little shuffle you did around the room amused him too much to stop it. Dark had wanted to see how long you could last before approaching him, or admitting defeat. But dim-witted Author came in and caused a small scene. It stirred a small pang of Dark’s possessive nature to see Author lean so close to you. 
You smiled nervously and shrugged, “Didn’t really notice.” 
Dark chuckled and dipped his head down. His lips brushing over the corner of your mouth. Causing a flash of heat to run through you. 
“I certainly did. Throughout the night to be precise.” He whispered against your cheek. His cool breath causing goosebumps to rise on the back of your neck. Dark pulled back and his thumb grazed over the side of your neck. Brushing his knuckles against your skin as he smiled wickedly. 
“Meet me at my office later tonight? I’ll make up for all the kisses I missed.” 

Holiday Heist (Bucky x reader)

Characters: reader, Bucky (James), Coulson, Steve, others mentioned. 

Summary: When the art gallery you manage is robbed on Christmas Eve, you suspect the handsome stranger who flirted with you earlier in the day, but instead of involving the authorities, you take matters into your own hands with surprising consequences. 

Warnings: none! Just fluff and stuff. :) 

Word count: 4k

A/N: Hoo boy, you guys. I wrote this last week from 1am to 4am in a frenzied hurry, but after editing and having beta readers look it over, it makes a bit more sense I hope. ;) This idea was inspired by Neal Caffrey from “White Collar”, who is so attractive and charming it should be illegal. I hope you like this one shot and would love any feedback you have to give! Happy Holidays to to those who celebrate! I adore you all. <3



Originally posted by gliceria

“A little to the left,” you instructed, prompting your helper to move the framed artwork closer to center. “Perfect! Thank you.”

You offered a smile and stepped back, turning a slow circle to survey the whole gallery. Every piece of art and jewels were finally in place, just in time. The doors opened in less than half an hour and since this exhibit was a limited engagement, you expected it to be a very busy day.

“Alright, everyone,” you spoke loudly with a clap of your hands, “last checks and get into position. It’s go time.”

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All I Want For Juldagen [Bill Skarsgård x Reader]

Warnings: Nothing! Holiday fluff! 

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Bill is a hopeless romantic. 

He tries to tell you he isn’t, but when he takes you out for candlelit dinners “because you look cute”, you beg to differ. Today, he’s got your hand in his, and you’re wrapped around his arm as you stroll by the water together, you in your toque and him with his own new black beanie on (after you made him ditch his grandpa paperboy hat, after much sulking). 

“So did you get what you needed today?” he asks. 

“Yep. I’m fully loaded,” you smile, referring to the shopping trip the two of you had taken today for Christmas– your boyfriend was off for a couple of months right now, as he had finished all the filming he needed to on the latest film he was in. You love that you’ll have him to yourself for a while. 

“My siblings and I are all throwing in to send dad and mum on a trip, and you’ve gotten them matching sweaters, so they’re covered,” Bill says. 

“I got Gustaf a tea set, Valter Far Cry 3, Alex a cactus because he always said he wanted one and I take all of his jokes seriously on purpose, and Elijah a gift card to Le Chateau,” you recount. 

“And I got your mom a honey-scented candle, your dad an Amazon gift card, and your dog a new antler bone,” he smiles, kissing your cheek. You giggle. 

“You know my family and my dog love you more than they love me, right?” you deadpan. 

“And I intend to keep it that way,” Bill nods, and you smack his arm lightly. The unspoken wondering hangs in the air of what each of you got the other person– you had gotten a box of Bill’s favourite Swedish candies, and made him a book of those cheesy coupons with ridiculously kinky favours inside like “you are entitled to watch me do the dishes naked” or “you are entitled to ten minutes of head while you do the vacuuming” which isn’t technically a great or physically practical privilege, but hey… you knew your boyfriend would get a kick out of them. You had mentioned a few things you were looking for this year, like a new tea towel for the stove or a new lampshade that didn’t have a thread hanging off it, but you always felt bad for asking Bill for any real gifty-type gift. 

He always insisted, and you always insisted right back that of course you wanted nothing more than a new toilet seat cover or a nice carpet for the foyer. Before now, Bill had chalked it up to you being really into interior decorating– that is, until he caught you today staring intently through the window of the jewellery store. He saw what you were looking at, but you had quickly assured him you were just browsing, keeping your daydreams to yourself. 

“Still gonna tell me you want a lampshade for Christmas?” Bill asks, finger rubbing circles into your palm as you keep walking. You look out over the water, the stars reflecting beautifully in it. 

“Well… I guess I can be a little naughty, and spring for a sexy pair of panties from Victoria’s Secret.”

He raises his eyebrows. “I don’t know, baby… that’s asking a lot… getting a little greedy there, I think.“ 

You giggle again, blushing, and he tilts you chin up, smile suddenly fading from his gorgeous lips as he stops you. 

"Hey. I would give you the world if you asked for it, you know that?" 
You slowly nod, and stand up on your tippy toes to kiss him. 
You two continue walking. 


You roll over and sigh contentedly as Bill joins you in bed. He had just finished brushing his teeth after having his last cigarette of the day, and the two of you were settling in for a movie. 

"What do you wanna watch?” he murmurs, “We’ve got Elf… that old Moomin Christmas movie Alexander was in… The Santa Clause… Rudolph-" 

"Black Christmas,” you say, and he huffs a laugh. 

“I fully blame you if I can’t go to the bathroom tonight in fear of somebody strangling me with Christmas lights." 

"Come on, you know I like to watch this every year,” you pout. 

“If you can put up with my Christmas traditions, I can put up with yours,” he smiles, kissing your forehead, and you both turn to the screen. About halfway through, Bill looks down to find you asleep on his chest. He tries to keep watching just to say he did, but he’s too terrified, and turns it off to snuggle with you. You both fall asleep in each other’s arms. 

It’s almost Christmas, and the tree is up. It’s got a combination of your decorations and his, yours being the little bells and snowflakes and Santa ornaments, and his being the traditional apples (fake ones), candles (plastic tea lights, so you didn’t burn the place down like so many Swedish people obviously did in the 16th century) and a few small gnomes that he had taken with him from his childhood home. It was a nice tree, you had to admit, and the decorations made it perfect. 

This year, your respective families were coming to visit you where you both lived (just outside of LA right now, convenient for Bill’s work), and you had already had your family over.

If you didn’t go to Sweden to visit, (which was always fun, especially the particularly appetizing anchovy and egg dish you got to eat with everyone, Gubbröra) Bill’s family usually came a little after Juldagen (Christmas Day) and closer to Annandag Jul (Boxing Day) as it was hard with all of Bill’s brothers to coordinate who was available when, who was shooting what when, etc. etc.. You did love when the Skarsgårds came and visited here though, especially with Stellan dressing up as Jultomten, knocking at the door with his sack of gifts. Every time, Bill insisted you both were way too old for that, and every time Alexander, like the dutiful eldest son he is, always reminded everyone that nobody was too old for Santa Claus. 

Your parents loved the gifts, as did your dog, and once again, Bill had won their hearts. You remember watching him talk to your dad in private, and thought back to when your parents used to tell you how they hoped you would find someone right for you. 
Bill feels like that guy. 

Three days before Juldagen, you both are busy with preparations.

“I’m so glad our families aren’t annoying,” you remark, pouring some eggnog. 

“Well, mine’s annoying. Yours isn’t,” Bill smiles, adjusting the two stockings over the fireplace. 

“I love your family,” you say, sticking your tongue out, and he shrugs. 
“Glad one of us does.” He laughs out loud. “No, I agree. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about a mother in law from hell." 

"In law?” you ask in curiosity, and he quickly snaps his gaze up. 

“Uh, hypothetically." 

"Oh,” you nod, and he clears his throat. 

“Hey, um, is that snowman thing on the roof still crooked?” he asks, dashing up the stairs quickly with those freakishly long legs, “I’ll fix it!”

You frown at his weird behaviour, and go back to pouring a little rum into each glass of eggnog. 

“Don’t get strangled with Christmas lights up there!” you call with a grin, and hear him shriek playfully. You take out your phone, sending Merry Christmas texts to all your friends and family, and sigh. 

It never snowed in LA like it did when the two of you visited Sweden, but other than that, it was shaping up to be a perfect Christmas. 


Childlike excitement fills you as you wake up earlier than you usually do on Christmas Eve.

“Baby,” you hiss, “Hey! It’s Christmas Eve." 

He blinks awake, and rubs his eyes. "Oh… Merry Christmas,” he smiles, kissing you softly. A few seconds into the kiss, you push lightly on his chest as he starts to deepen it and get handsy. 

“Come on. We can save that for dessert,” you grin, and he smiles too, tugging on a shirt and pyjama pants to go downstairs. You forget when you launch yourself out of bed that you’re still in your candy cane lingerie dress, that wouldn’t be complete without the little panties that read “Dear Santa, Define "Good”. Bill slaps your ass as he walks by, and as you squeal, he picks you up, carrying you bridal style down the stairs. 

“I have to change,” you protest, laughing. 

“Why?” he laughs too, “You look perfect. Don’t ever change." 

"Saying I look perfect and being a cornball won’t get you laid any faster,” you tease, and he shakes his head. 

“Damn. Thought I really had that one in that in the bag.” You two giggle together until you make it to the huge tree in your living room. You hop down from Bill’s arms to turn on the tree lights, and flop down by the TV. An entire day of watching Christmas movies and cuddling with hot chocolate and Creme de Mente later, it’s time for the gifts when it gets dark. In Swedish tradition, gifts were opened Christmas Eve, so you had gotten used to it this way. 

About a half hour later, you’re finally on the last one. Bill loved his candies and had already eaten half the box, and his coupons were a hit too- he had already redeemed ‘you are entitled to an upside down on the floor kiss’. 

“One more,” he says, licking his lips. You watch him… he only really does that when he’s nervous. You reach for the box at the back of the tree skirt, and begin to take the paper off slowly. 

“Bill…” you start, and he envelops your hands as you finally open the gift up. A gasp escapes you. It’s… it’s the rose ring from the front display of the jewellers, the one from that new Beauty and the Beast “Enchanted” line that you couldn’t stop staring at and dreaming about! It was beautiful– the little twists of the silver and diamond made the middle look like a little rose, and oh god, it was everything you wanted and more. 

“Will you be my wife?” he asks simply, very nervously, and you break down, sniffling and rubbing your eyes. 

“Oh my god… yes, Bill! I Iove you so much." 

”(Y/n),“ he smiles, and squeezes your hands, "I know you hate the song, but…”

You look up at him from the ring, tear-brimmed eyes widening. 
“D-don’t say it,” you laugh through your happy tears, “Don’t be th-that guy." 
"Hey, I’ve got nothing to lose now.” He beams at you. “All I want for Christmas is you.” He slips the ring on your finger, and tugs you closer to him, crashing your lips together. 

“Oh, and the new pair of panties is waiting upstairs under the bed. Along with the lampshade." 

You giggle, resting your forehead against your fiancé’s. By next Christmas, you two would be married… and not a season too soon.

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Sirius getting Remus the gift of his dreams.

Remus jumped when two warm hands covered his eyes. His shoulders rose up to his ears and a smile broke out on his face.

“Guess who.” He felt lips against his neck as a very gentle kiss was placed just above his pulse point.

“Well,” Remus tilted his head back a bit, blindly placing the old receipt he was using to mark his place back into his book, “there’s really only one person I’d be okay with kissing my neck, so I hope I’m not wrong in my singular guess.”

“Well.” Sirius’ lips trailed against his skin, “You probably aren’t. But that doesn’t mean you can open your eyes yet, okay?”

Remus laughed, “Wh—“


Remus raised his hands in surrender, “Alright, fine.”

Sirius’ hands released their pressure some, “Promise?”

“My promise runs out in about ten seconds if you don’t tell me—“

Remus kept his eyes closed when Sirius released him. He heard the rustle of fabric as he lightly jumped over the back of the couch. He slid towards Sirius as he fell into the cushions next to him. There was a momentary rustle of paper until it stopped abruptly.

“You’re not looking are you?”

Remus gestured to his face, “You’re not the one with your eyes closed, can’t you see?”

“Right. Right, okay.”

Remus sat their for a few moments while the paper rustling continued, fingers finding Sirius’ knee to drum on idly, before Sirius let out a decisive sigh.


“Okay…I can open my eyes?”

Sirius laughed, “Okay, you can open your eyes.”

Remus blinked against the blinding snow light coming through their window for a moment, until his eyes focused on Sirius, a grinning Sirius, eyes ablaze, with mouse ears perched on his head and two golden, shiny tickets in his hand.

Remus open and closed his mouth a few times. He brought his hand up to cover it, then suddenly folded his legs beneath him and sat up, eyes flicking from Sirius’ ears to his face.

“What? No—What?” Remus pressed his hands to Sirius’ shoulders, staring at the tickets, “What?”

Sirius grinned, laughing as he spoke, “What do you think, love?”

Remus’ hands slid from Sirius’ shoulders to his cheeks, thumbs fingering the thin strap below Sirius’ chin, “No fuckingreally?”

Sirius let the tickets flutter to the couch and pulled Remus towards him, “We’re spending Christmas in Disneyland, baby.”

Remus half laughed, half kissed Sirius, pulling their mouths together messily, “Fuck, I love you.” He kissed Sirius again, peppering them against his mouth, “I love you, I love those mouse ears, I love you in those mouse ears. Fuck.”

Sirius snickered against Remus’ mouth, hand cupping the back of his head to kiss him deeper, “Well, you’re gonna get five whole days of me in them.” He nipped at Remus’ lower lip, “What’re you gonna do about it?”

(I just think Remus really loves Disneyland, okay?)

amazing-adrien  asked:

Prompt: Virgil wasn’t expecting anything for his birthday but he was surprised by each of the sides because they wanted to spend the day with him and it makes him so happy (Happy Prompt 💙💙💙)

Happy Christmas everyone! 

Who’s ready for a birthday/Christmas fic? It’s very simple buttttt eh?

I decided to take this prompt and make it kind of a Christmas/ Virgil’s birthday fic since his birthday is just so close to the holiday. I hope everyone’s okay with that. Kind of lengthy, so, the cut and all that, per usual. Thank you so much for the prompt! 

To other prompts in my inbox - please let me get to everything I have before sending in new prompts. It will take a little while, but I will get to it. Thank you for your patience and your interest in my writing. 

Warnings: Eh? I mean there’s angst but is that really a warning? I honestly wouldn’t even call it angsty.

You can also read this fic on AO3. 

December 18th, 2017.

Snowfall, down across the window, flurrying in peaceful gusts of white, played against the window of Virgil’s room. It felt strange to stare out the window, knowing that the likelihood that Thomas would see any real snow this Christmas was very slim. Roman appreciated the fantasy of a white Christmas, complete with decorative lights and beautiful snowfall. As a result, windows to their fictional world showed evergreens, snow, and other festivities. One day, there had even been a small parade. Virgil was glad that the exhaustion of the holidays had caused Roman to lose a bit of his exuberance and the displays had become less grand with time. It made staring out the window something pleasant, rather than overwhelming. 

Today, he found himself sitting on the edge of his bed, staring out into the evening, watching the snow flurry down with a great feeling of peace. It felt isolating, a pleasant sort of loneliness that he tended to experience when he was allowed to be alone in the quiet and the dark. 

Virgil was avoiding looking at the calendar. He was avoiding Patton’s insistence on asking him what kind of cake he liked. He was avoiding, above all things, rejection. Patton had been the only one to ask him what he thought of birthday celebrations, and he had avoided the question every time he’d been asked. He liked it here, where the snow muffled the outside world. He liked it here, in the dark, watching it whirl around the streetlight in the distance. Roman had said that it felt very much like Narnia. Virgil had to silently agree that it was nothing short of magic. Beautiful, distracting magic.

He laid down on his bed, still staring out into the cold, shivering a little, and thought about tomorrow. Tomorrow would be a day to spend alone. That much he was certain of.

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a stranger’s presence

christmas fic | jungkook x jimin | words: 5k

officeworker!jimin x policeman!jungkook AU

It’s Christmas Day yet both Jimin and Jungkook are still stuck working late, dreadful evening shifts. It’s the late evening by the time they’re relieved of duty and they both trudge home, still in their uniforms, feeling a bit lonely and depressed that while everyone else was out celebrating, they were both feeling sorry themselves at work. 

Yet, with a stroke of fate, they somehow manage to bump into each other. Though reluctant to become acquainted at first due to their grouchy moods, they slowly warm up to each other, and with only a few hours left of Christmas Day until midnight, they find themselves pleasantly surprised by the unexpected gift of each other’s presence.

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Christmas to Remember (A Mini Matchmaker Bonus Scene) - Steve x reader AU

Characters: reader, Steve, Justice (oc), Bucky, mentions of Clint and fam.

Summary: It’s been a whirlwind of a year with Steve and little Justice. As the holiday celebrations commence, a few surprises are revealed and questions are asked about your future together. (Steve Rogers AU)

Warnings: None!! total fluff, like cavity-inducing as usual. :D 

Word Count: 2.9k

A/N: This fluffy little holiday fic is back!! At least, for another one-shot. ;) I’ve missed these character so much, so when an idea came to me, I ran with it. There’s the possibility of more in the future, but no guarantees. Hope this fuels your holiday spirit and that you like this little ball of fluff! Any feedback is appreciated. I adore you all. <3

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Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist


Originally posted by forchrisevans

The slam of car doors and playful laughter outside roused you from sleep. Stretching in bed a moment, you sighed and let the fog leave your mind before slipping out of bed and descending the stairs. The front door burst open as you reached the landing, voices and excitement growing louder with every step.

Entering the living room, you spotted everyone still in winter coats, hats, and gloves while Steve and Bucky settled the live Evergreen tree into the prepared stand.

“It’s too tall, daddy! Where will the angel sit?” Justice exclaimed in concern. Indeed, you could see the tallest branch was bent against the ceiling, hence her worries.

“I know, princess. I’ll make it a little shorter for the angel, okay?” Steve answered her, still a little breathless from carrying the tree.

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