Christmas crafts

Here’s how to make some Christmas dinner themed pendant necklaces! Cross stitch a pudding, turkey, brussels sprout and a pig-in-blanket.

You will need some 13-count vinyl Aida (DMC/Charles Craft), one scrap of ribbon per pendant, and a necklace chain to put it on. Use your usual DMC stranded cotton to stitch the designs using 3 strands for best coverage.

Each pendant needs two sides, so choose two designs as your front and back or the same design twice. Complete the backstitch (using 2 strands) of the motifs, but don’t backstitch around the outline of the circles yet. Cut out your sides from the vinyl Aida along the red cutting-out line. Don’t worry, the vinyl doesn’t fray. Looking like the above, the sides are now ready for assembly.

For this example, the front is a turkey and the back is a pudding. Place your two sides back to back to be stitched together. Use 2 strands, about 70 cm long. 1 Starting at the bottom, stitch back and forth through each side, alternating spaces along the indicated backstitch line. Fold over a small piece of ribbon to make a loop and hold it sandwiched in the sides at the top. Stitch over it as you go around, securing it in place.

2 When you’ve stitched all the way around, your front will look like this. 3 And the back side will look like this.

4 Now continue around the outside again, filling in the gaps on each side as you go on the front, 5 and on the back. 6 When you complete the stitching, bring the two ends of the thread between the sides so that you can knot them together away from the outside. Run the thread between the sides to hide it.

The pendant is done and ready for your necklace chain. To help the chain through the loop, attach a bit of thread to the end of it, put the thread in a needle, and draw it through the loop. You could finish by sticking on a tiny bow to the ribbon, or how about a small jingle-bell?

Thanks for following along, Merry Christmas 2016!


Under The Mistletoe

Ginger seems to become lovebirds with everyone. Well, to be fair, Viperine indeed is an extraordinary beauty with her fair skin, delicate face and pastel pink hair and clothes. Her pants and sweater were made by the awesome RonnikBC and gave me the idea for a background story, slightly different from what we know about Viperine. She still works as a makeup artist, but she prefers to create faceups for geeky movies, such as fantasy, horror or science fiction films. Her all-time favourite video game is Undertale, thus she painted Asriel on her sweater. Viperine is quiet and shy, but expresses herself through her art and can get pretty passionate and even starts swearing when playing, as well. ୧(Ò□Ó)୨

Dear mortnouveau,
I can’t even find the right words to describe how happy Viperine makes me every time I look at her. I hope my pictures do justice to your wonderful repaint job! ♡〜٩(^w^ )۶

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Well someone (me) told achilles that, the handmade gifts  are better because they are more personal and you can see all the love in them…soooo.. here you can see all the handmade gifts that, achilles has made for pat…

Is funny because achilles has 0 talent to do crafts…(at least he tries)

(pat loves all the things that Achilles does)<—-he is blind by love (that is what Briseis thinks because when she sees the crafts that achilles make; she is like: “OMG WHO DID THIS CRAFTS?!? A 2 YEAR OLD CHILD??”)

Well i hope you like this drawing!(sorry for the wait but the sweater took me soooo long for the details) this is specially dedicated to @puns-androses 


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Pretty sure crocheting your kid a stocking constitutes Christmas crafting. Right?

This was formerly a cowl, made in my days as a newbie knitter, but the yarn was terrible for a garment. As home decor, though? Ideal.

I’m using part of a pattern on line and modding it. Modding herein meaning “skipping th fancy stitches in favor of good ol’ hdc.”

It’s also inspiring some other Christmassy ideas. And it ain’t even Halloween yet!


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