Christmas crafts

Well someone (me) told achilles that, the handmade gifts  are better because they are more personal and you can see all the love in them…soooo.. here you can see all the handmade gifts that, achilles has made for pat…

Is funny because achilles has 0 talent to do crafts…(at least he tries)

(pat loves all the things that Achilles does)<—-he is blind by love (that is what Briseis thinks because when she sees the crafts that achilles make; she is like: “OMG WHO DID THIS CRAFTS?!? A 2 YEAR OLD CHILD??”)

Well i hope you like this drawing!(sorry for the wait but the sweater took me soooo long for the details) this is specially dedicated to @puns-androses 

How To- 3D Paper Snowflake

You will need: 2 pieces of printer paper, a pencil, ruler, tape, and scissors.

*** If you have Origami paper, just skip ahead in the steps since you already have square paper. You’ll need 6 sheets, each one folded in half to make a triangle***

First:  Take your piece of paper and put it on a flat surface.

Second: Fold it in half hot-dog-style, make sure the corners match perfectly so it’s a good fold.

Make sure you use your fingernails to pinch the crease so it is sharp. Open the paper, flip it around so it’s folded hot-dog-style the other direction, and crease it again. Rather than cut the paper in half, it is best to just tear it, so you are weakening that crease, then CAREFULLY tearing it into 2 so you end up with 4 long pieces of paper.

Fold the edge of one end in so you form what looks kind of like half a paper airplane. Make sure the longer edge of the fold is perfectly lined up so it makes a perfect point at the top.

Cut that square off as close to the line as you can. (I had a paper chopper, so the cutting was very easy, but scissors would work too if you are careful).

Basically your goal with this is to make a perfect square folded in half.

Once you have cut that square off, repeat the steps. You will get 2 squares out of each half-sheet of paper. Don’t unfold the squares once you have them.

Keep doing this to 3 of the 4 sheets. You need 6 squares. The other half sheet is leftovers.

Take your ruler and pencil and mark exactly 3 inches on the bottom of the square.

Draw a line from that mark to the tip of the triangle.

Cut 4 diagonal slits from the outside edge towards the center, but stop just before you get to your line (maybe a few millimeters out)

Open the square.

Now, for the rest of this, when I say to use tape, I mean a teeny piece, like this:

Overlap the cut edges in the very center, I’ve bent them up so you can see them, but you will loop one over the other so they make a tube.

Tape the 2 corners together to form your tube.

Flip the square over so the tube is down on the surface.

Repeat  the last step, overlapping the next innermost squares.

For the rest of this piece, it’s best to take 2 thin strips of tape and put them along the straight edge of where the pieces connect (you barely overlap the corners). Put a piece of tape along each straight edge to hold the 2 pieces together.

Keep flipping the paper and taping together corners so every time you do it’s on the opposite site as your last loop.

Eventually you will end up with a leaf that looks like this:

Repeat on all 6 of your pieces of paper. Every 2 leaves, tape them together at the bottom along the pointed edge.

This part is optional– pinch halfway up the edge of the leaves, where they naturally touch, and add a small piece of tape, just to hold them together.

When you have 3 leafs, you are ready to add the pieces together.

Tape 2 of those groupings of 2 leaflets together the same way you taped all the individual pieces into their sets of 2.

Taping the next piece in can be kind of difficult, you’ll figure it out. It won’t connect like the other 2, you basically slide it in point first and tape it at the base.

Connect the touching leaflets with tape if you desire, it’ll hold better when you hang it up.

Yay snowflake! (I hadn’t fixed the 2 leaves in my picture just yet, they were crinkled from fighting it to get the middle taped).