Finally found time to put away the #Christmas 🎄 Crap:) 👍 haha:) 😁

Each year, I tend to end up with a New Box of #ChristmasStuff 🎁, haha, ugh:) ☺

How much #Xmas 🎅 Crap do you own?:) 😀
Pic: #JamminJo 2017 📷

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I finally managed to get @cassandrajp ’s Reindeer Boy today! It was hard to get, since my parents don’t really approve of graphic novels and stuff, but OH MY GOSH. I honestly thought I would die from how cute this was! Finally something amazing to read that isn’t angsty and makes me cry, but is still super high quality. I finished it in, like, 20 minutes and am planning on rereading this every single day for the rest of my life! @yenpress If you don’t let Cassandra Jean publish more volumes, I will actually self-implode! Prancer used to be my favorite reindeer, but every single one of them are challenging that now! I was so excited that this would actually be a thing, rather than just drawings on Tumblr, and it was definitely worth the wait!
P.S. Don’t think I didn’t miss the Cuckoos Three reference! Looking forward to the next update!

Christmas BOMB! is a American Double / Imperial Stout style beer brewed by @prairieales in Tulsa, #Oklahoma. Christmas BOMB! is brewed coffee, ancho chilis, vanilla, cacao nibs and cinnamon. It’s beautiful and boozy. It makes you want to sit by the fire with a good book and a hand-carved, wooden pipe.