Bread And Butter (2015)

Late bloomer Amelia, played by Christine Weatherup has spent the first three decades of her life alone, reading books and working as a receptionist for an eccentric Life Coach. At the urging of her boss, she starts to search for a soulmate. Daniel (Bobby Moynihan, SNL) is a kind and introverted client at the office. He and Amelia share many of the same idiosyncrasies, fears, and overall naivety. Amelia finds her second prospect from clues written in the margins of a book. Leonard (Micah Hauptman, Everest), whose originality and unpredictability immediately attract her, leads the story into a Felliniesque and humor-filled entanglement.

Directed by:   Liz Manashil

Starring:   Christine Weatherup, Bobby Moynihan, Micah Hauptman, Lauren Lapkus, Eric Lange, Harry Groener

Release date:   September 1, 2015


Hey hey let’s Q and Hey! 


Vidcon, Squaresville Style

So Genevieve, RC and I had a great Vidcon experience this year, part of that being attributed to the cast and crew of Squaresville, who have been great to see, chat and hang out with. Whether it was just the panel where they were so warm to all the fans to just random encounters with one, or all of them.

Some of my personal top moments from this year’s Vidcon involved moments from these great members of the Youtube community, including the following:
- The panel itself, featuring great Q & Heys, previews, and great interaction with the fans.
- Bobby’s Cinematography panel, a really insightful and good panel.
- Receiving a limited edition Squaresville shirt.
- Kylie’s reaction to seeing jelly babies for the first time in ages.
- Running into Kylie Sparks almost every five minutes, I swear she had a time turner on her.
- Seeing Austin Rogers play Story War with some fans.
- Spending a good hour chatting with Matt & Christine in the Hilton lobby, they were great to talk with about many things.
- Running into MK, given she had flown in that day, she is a trooper.
- Trying to get a photo with Kylie & MK, and getting funny poses in waiting, which made us laugh for a good while.
- Telling Kylie & MK about how our story of getting engaged came about, and them only realising that we’re an LDR couple. They were sweet about it.

So I want to say thank you to the Squaresville cast and crew for making some memorable moments at Vidcon this year. You were all brilliant to meet and see. If you haven’t seen Squaresville, I’d recommend you check them out here (expect to be addicted). But outside of a great show, these guys really do appreciate their fans and treat them with great respect, which is why they get just as a big amount of respect in return.

Thanks once again Matt, Christine, Kylie, MK, Tiffany, Austin, David & Bobby for being awesome and staying square.


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Since it’s the end of Season 2 of Squaresville, I just want to take a moment to thank Matt Enlow and Mary Kate Wiles and Kylie Sparks and Christine Weatherup and Austin Rogers and Wonderly and just everyone that is involved with Squaresville. You have created such amazing characters, with a great plot, and made everyone in the Squaresville community feel welcome, loved, and involved. As an aspiring filmmaker, I cannot think of a more inspiring think to watch and be involved in. Thank you Squaresville.