William and Christine

so I was just looking for some pics of them when I came across this LJ entry from 2007.

A girl was asking if the rumors about Bill’s daughter were true.

Sometime in 2008 a girl answered and gave perfectly correct information.

Then some weeks later another Anon replied this:

ok teenies, for any one looking through back comments. WILLIAM DOES NOT HAVE A BABY! i know for a fact. the anons(i know im a hypocrite, but i dont have a lj)are talking shit. they are trying to act like they know somthing. trust me, there is no baby. william is the type of person, that if he’d done somting like that he’d tell the world. he’d be so proud. he wouldnt hide her(or him) away. when we were kids, no one was quite sure that he could even have kid. he’d shout this one to the heavens. as for christine, she was a sweetie, but she isnt around anymore. besides, william is just a baby himself!

It’s so funny now that we know everything. I would be so ashamed if I had written this anytime.

PLUS: there was one Anon claiming to be William’s cousin. And so many peeps believed it. 

Stalking old LJ entries is so, so funny!