From California to Nashville--Cimorelli

So lately a lot of people have been asking about the Cimorelli moving, if it’s true or why they are. I did my research and put a bunch of things together.

Yes, the girls are moving. They are moving to Nashville, Tennessee. The girls have never been afraid to express how they felt. Like they have said they don’t like the LA lifestyle anymore. The LA Music industry tries to change everyone to make them something they are not. Cimorelli has always strived to be appropriate and really love themselves and their religion. They want to show their fans it is good to be who you are. It is good to stay true to yourself. You don’t have to change because someone say you need to. You are perfect just the way you are. The girls felt like the industry is not what they expected anymore. They have said the people in LA are fake. It is hard to find real genuine people in LA. 

The girls don’t feel like they fit in anymore, at least that’s how I am interpreting all of this. I know they are unhappy with living in LA. From the start they have always wanted to be different from all of the other girl groups and bands. Nowadays, all we see in the industry are inappropriate outfits and explicit lyrics. Cimorelli has always been about being wholesome. They purposely make their covers appropriate because they know that there are kids who listen to them. They have shared that they do not swear. They have shared that they do not drink or smoke. Their religion is so important to them that they don’t mind sharing that they are waiting for marriage to have sex or that they are waiting for marriage to have their first kiss. They have devoted their lives to music, religion, and God.  They center their music around life, the  truth about life, and religion. The girls aren’t afraid to stand out and be different. They needed to change their lifestyle. So that is why they are moving to Nashville.

I just felt like it should be said. The girls do love California, especially Northern California. That is where they grew up, where their family lives and where their friends live. They have made so many memories and have watched their careers blossom. California is where Cimorelli began. It is where their first ever cover was filmed. It has been their home since they were born. I support the girls and the Cimorelli family in their move to Nashville. It isn’t everyday that artists can stand up for themselves and say”We don’t like the LA life. We don’t like the way LA is changing us. We don’t like the standards we have to meet to fit in and make it in the LA music industry. The girls will ALWAYS be the 6 sisters from Northern California but it is time for a change. I am so proud of all they have accomplished over the past 7 years. The girls deserve all of the success they have had and to come. I have no doubt they will have an amazing time living in Nashville. I am so proud that they knew it was time. I am so proud that they took a stand. 

This all connects to their song, Renegade. Really think about the lyrics and what they are saying. They write each song for a reason. …

They got me feelin’ like a renegade!
Just tryin’ to stay true to the inner me!
They try to change me
They try to make me, break me
That just ain’t me
You’re not gonna phase me
This renegade’s not changing!

I think this says it all. We all know as fans that the girls love being themselves. They don’t like changing just because the industry tells them too. Renegade is all about them feeling like outsiders, feeling like they are all alone in the industry for staying “true to the inner me”. It isn’t fair how society has changed so much. I am so thankful that the girls have morals and that that know who they are and what they want from life. They are the 6 sisters from Northern California. They are the 6 sisters who come from a family of 11 kids. They are the 6 sisters who love their religion and their faith. They are the 6 sisters who aren’t afraid to show their own colors and stay true to themselves. They are the 6 sisters who are amazing role models for all ages. They are the 6 sisters who aren’t afraid to share that they don’t swear or drink and that they are waiting to have their first kiss at their wedding.


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