Christie Laing


Maid Marian Queen of the Merry Men Custom Funko (from 4.17)

I fell in love with Christie Laing again after watching her con panel this weekend and decided to do a custom funko for her… and as you’ll see that quickly got out of hand.  This is what I think of as her “Queen of the Merry Men” look designed for blending into the forest.  She’s a Triss body from Witcher III with her fireball very careflly removed.  Her head is Beca from Pitch Perfect.  She got a full face paint and a little apoxie cloak.

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.

Ouat Con San Francisco 2017 - Friday

Chris Panel:

  • Chris fave scenes to have with Hook was the musical number and also his “froyo” line from 3x17 (x)
  • Fun story from Chris: at their first costume fitting, Colin did try on a long permed wig a la Dustin Hoffman’s Hook (x)

Christie’s Panel:

  • @ChristieLaing is talking about how amazing @RaphaelAlejandr is (x)
  • “She would not have any hair anymore. I would’ve pulled that hair right out.” (x)
    • her response to how Marian probs would react to walking in on Robin and Zelena doing things (x)
  • She was sick during the ep she was frozen on the couch and she was stoked bc she got to lie down the whole day (x)
  • “If she didn’t wanna become my friend, I would make her become my friend whether she liked it or not.” - @ChristieLaing on @bexmader (x)
  • when they were shooting the scene where the giant snowman attacked, @sean_m_maguire did a full backflip as Robin getting blasted (x)
  • “If you’re gonna die and pretend to be someone else, is there a better way to go?!” (x)
  • “It’s hard not to ship outlaw queen, they’re so steamy together!” (x)
  • “We were married in the woods, I was there first!” (x)


Michael’s Panel:

  • Michael still doesn’t know if the dwarfs will be back in season 7 (x)
  • Said Colin was sexy and has dreamy eyes (x)
  • Michael said that anything Lana does is sexy (x)
  • Michael’s favorite character is Hook and he says that Colin does an interesting job (x)
  • Michael says that @colinodonoghue1 is the nicest and sweetest human being you could ever meet He raises the bar for Jesus and Gandhi (x)
  • Michael says that if you join the Once cast, you’re going to make a baby (in reference to all the case having babies) (x)
  • Michael says that all the cast attend one another’s baby showers (x)
  • Michael is a huge Harry Potter fan and his favorite character is Ron Weasley (x)

Once Upon a Karaoke