Tumblr artists discovery - Jan 2015

HAPPY 2015! Looking for some new artists to follow on Tumblr?

Artists discovered thanks to curators:
Jamy Van Zyl -  illustration [via actegratuit] *
Tom Colbie Art - illustration [via actegratuit]
Alyssa Monks | on Tumblr - painting [via artforadults]
Kelly Blevins | on Tumblr - drawing [via artforadults]
Bec Winnel | on Tumblr - drawing [via artforadults]
Jesse Draxler | on Tumblr - mixed media [via arpeggia] *
Catalina Bodoque | on Tumblr - drawing [via cross-connect] *
Alice Lin | on Tumblr - drawing [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Sara Zin | on Tumblr - drawing [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Joe Cruz | on Tumblr - mixed media [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Laurindo Feliciano | on Tumblr - collage [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Sara Andreasson - illustration [via exhibition-ism]
Nosego - illustration [via exhibition-ism]
Nunzio Paci | on tumblr - painting [via fer1972]
Sebastian Errazuriz | on Tumblr - sculpture [via from89]
Silva+Cemin | on Tumblr​ - photo [via hifas]
Albarrán Cabrera | on Tumblr - photo [via iamjapanese]
Lisa Adams | on Tumblr - painting [via leslieseuffert]
Patrick Joust | on Tumblr - photo [via likeafieldmouse]
Winston Chmielinski - painting [via likeafieldmouse]
Rima Dadenji | on Tumblr - photo [via lensblr-network]
Christian Richter | on Tumblr - photo [via lensblr-network] *
Laura Hartrich aka Tiny Scissor Times | on Tumblr - mixed media (embroidery) [via lustik]
Lorraine Loot | on Tumblr - drawing [via lustik]
Tiffany Bozic | on Tumblr - illustration [via myampgoesto11] *
Stephen Wilkes | on Tumblr - photo [via Mumy]
Pat Perry | on Tumblr - drawing [via mydarkenedeyes] *
Julie Ouellet | on Tumblr - drawing [via nearlya]
The Gif Connoisseur - gif [via nevver]
Tim Manthey aka Cloud Nectar | on Tumblr - collage [via oxane]
Rachel Idzerda | on Tumblr -  illustration [via red-lipstick]
Michael Howard aka NVM illustration | on Tumblr - illustration [via rerylikes]
Ben Young | on Tumblr - sculpture [via rerylikes]
Mikko Lagerstedt | on Tumblr - photo [via rerylikes]
Matt Rockefeller | on Tumblr - illustration [via rerylikes]
James Fenner | on Tumblr - illustration [via septagonstudios]
Hickey Heart | on Tumblr - photo & mixed media [via showslow]
Juliette Oberndorfer | on Tumblr - illustration [via sosuperawesome] *
Randy Ortiz | on Tumblr - illustration [via supersonicelectronic]
Olivier Devignaud | on Tumblr - painting [via tumblropenarts]
Harriet Lee-Merion | on Tumblr - illustration [via 2headedsnake]

Artists submitted/recommended by our followers:
Leo Jahaan | on Tumblr (Australia) - mixed media 
Mono Galáctico Azul - painting, photo, poetry
Maxwell McMaster - mixed media *
Denise Helena - photo
Maximilian Tomozei - photo
Karolina Zglobicka | on Tumblr - painting
Hun Lee aka sanghunsanghun - photo
Isaim Lozano - photo
Walter Van Der Mäntzche - collage
Kuinexs - mixed media
lepainmaudit | on Tumblr - photo
Sara Hini | on Tumblr - photo
Robert Malte Engelsmann aka Kaeghoro | on Tumblr - drawing
Sophie Photographe | on Tumblr - photo
Caroline Augusta | on Tumblr - collage
Kim Kheradmandi aka Kimbo Gruff | on Tumblr - mixed media
Aleksandra Popis | on Tumblr - photo
Sophie Varela | on Tumblr -  illustration
Ryan Tippery | on Tumblr - drawing
Adam Collier | on Tumblr - painting
Uno Nam | on Tumblr (USA) - painting
GRAFFMATT | on Tumblr - painting

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Arup Associates and Simon Patterson
British Land’s new office development at Fenchurch Street, Plantation Lane, London UK 2005
Photo © Christian Richters



Standing 25 stories tall, these twin cylindrical structures ingeniously marry local customs with technical innovation. (The complex serves as the headquarters for the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, an arm of the government.)

Embellishing the glass-and-steel buildings are second skins inspired by mashrabiya, the latticework window coverings often seen in Arabic architecture. Unlike the traditional carved-wood screens, however, these automatically react to the sun—their modular panels of Teflon-coated mesh opening and closing to reduce solar gain and energy consumption while creating shifting geometric motifs.

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Photos: Christian Richters