Hey guys I need help! So I saw a guy with an awesome denim jacket he’d covered in patches, and he’d recycled a Taylor Swift t-shirt to applique onto the back and it looked so awesome, I’m gonna make a similar one but obvs I want Christian on the back. I’m wanting to just get a t-shirt printed myself, but now I have to choose a single image for the back….and this is super hard. What singular picture sums up this dude?? I’d like a Clarence one probably (he is my One True Slater after all) but I am totally clueless rn…what would you lot pick?? Send or submit me jacket-worthy Slaters? Any help much appreciated, I really can’t choose <3

@metamorphosis-trails @slater-the-smol-bean @ilkkavilli @cherryslushy idk who else to tag!

  • Veronica: JD maybe we should stop killing-
  • JD: The killing never🙅 stops❌got 2 cleanse 💦💦👊 🔫🔫the world all day everyday 😱😱 sunrise to sunset ☀🌙 4 people who r decent 😍💪✌👦👧 our LOVE ❤💘💑😘 is God 👉👉 pep rallys gonna be LIT😏😏🔥society churns out slaves and blanks 😤😤 Buadelaire 😍✨👌 rip mom👩😭

musical theatre meme [2/5] movies that became musicals → heathers (1988)

“Dear Diary, my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count”