Christian Lo

“One of the things that I’ve kept over the years is a book of classical Greek myths from my grade nine English class that was falling apart by the time I got it. The notes in its margins from past students who borrowed it - beginning in 1976 - seemed like they were just for me. I knew that if I stole it I couldn’t pass it on to the next student but I fell so much in love with it that I had to.”

Christian Lo was photographed in New York City on May 18th. You can follow her on Instagram.


Christian Marclay The Clock 

LACMA is doing a 24 hour showing of The Clock today. Going to try to go after midnight when the line isn’t too long. Right now it’s about  a two hour wait. I’ve seen about 6 hours total over the last few years and am anxious what the midnight hours of this will be like.


NCIS LA Team [Humor] - “You Want To Go With A Little Sexy Cop Kind of Thing?” - Season 6 Pt. 2 

Picking up on the episodes after where the last NCIS LA team vid left off :) 5x13 to 5x24.

Here we have some:

- Awkward Neric
- Horny Densi
- Sam’s clownphobia
- Mother Sam lecturing Callen on his eating habits
- Kolcheck Karaoking

And much much more :)

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