God did not ask you to be like others; God asked you to be like Him. Don’t compare yourself with those around you, they are not your role to follow. Jesus is.

It is so easy to want to respond in a harsh manner, to snap back at someone who has wounded your pride. That’s the thing though, our pride must be put to death, because Christ calls us to fight the flow of the world. To die to self is to live in grace, that means that you no longer sharpen the tools of the tongue, but you invest in the value of the heart. Making it capable to love more than hate, to fight back with a loving tone instead of a harsh one. Imagine how many marriages would be spared if people died to self, how many homes would be fixed if Christ was king.

To be a Christian, is to surrender all that we have for all the He is, learning to lay down our crowns and take up our crosses.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now

The only word adequate to describe the claim by a Catholic politician that he will not allow his private beliefs to impinge upon his public duties is blasphemy - or at least open rebellion against God. For the Commandments of God are binding in public as well as in private, and it is blasphemous for a Christian to maintain the contrary.

Michael Davies, The Reign of Christ the King, In Both Public and Private Life

God, if you were true
Help me believe

Please help me to trust that
There is potential
in the innate kindness of people
that can outweigh our vices

Please help me on fanning out the mists of hollowness that surrounds planet earth
and let me see true beauty at its core

Please teach me how to
Surround hatred with joy
Let love cuddle all the wounds that have ever left on us

Please teach me how to
embrace angst and anxiety with understanding and acceptance

Please show me
how to shower forgiveness
like stardust all over the universe

and the way you plant forgiveness in bitter hearts
the way you plant trees on barren fields
roots anchored deeply in the soil

show me the road my footsteps shall reach
Be my compass
from districts to cities, cities to countries, countries to continents

Together, cross the bounds with me
from the realms of confusion and distress to the land of rejoice and truth

Deliver me
from the deserts struck by sandstorms

May your grace be like rain pouring down
seeping through the particles of sand
nourish this place of eternal drought
until water reaches the very base of it

Oh Lord, deliver me

From the holes in my heart
that were dug out of misery
Plant seedlings of faith in them
In prayers
the residue from the storm could nourish faith in the size of mustard seeds
To blossom into hope
harvest into love

Brush my hair
Detangle the knots on it
Count every piece
and tell me that you know me
You have known me all along

Above all, please change me
transform me
the way grapes are pressed into wine
fermentated in the dark, cold wooden cabin for decades

Its flavours fuller

Its colours richer

Filter me and my thoughts
the way grape skins are filtered
in the making of

a new spirit