There are many layers of ourselves that are within unity consciousness, we are the light and always have been. We are whole, we are divine and infinite, don’t be fooled by the illusions of this earthly life.

When the people of the world begin to unite in love instead of hate, miracles will become commonplace, and we will all be free.
Thought is Frequency

Thought is Frequency. 

Taking action of Your Thoughts creates Vibration.

Creating something with Your Thoughts brings Mass.

From the Mass that is created. 

Brings others Frequency. 


8 Reasons Why I Hate School

This will probably not be a complete list. Every day that I attend school, I will probably think of a new reason to dislike it. However, I’m still going to write this list with what comes to mind now.

Also, please note that when I say I hate school, I do not mean the idea/concept of school in general. I’m referring to the school system, specifically in America but generally of today’s world.

  • One of my biggest issues with the school system is that our work is graded. This might be the part where you start to roll your eyes, but that doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care if any of the reasons I list don’t mean anything to you, or you attribute them to me being a “lazy, selfish” kid. I’m not the only one who feels these things, and if all of the people who the school system was supposedly created for disagree with a certain thing, it should be of some importance.

          I want to go to school to learn, not to impress. Every time I learn something in school, I’m given a test. Now, the tests themselves are not a problem - it’s an effective way for teachers to determine where we are as far as the lesson is concerned and to determine if we need some extra help (and this need for extra help is usually ignored or met with useless tutoring sessions that take place in a similar crowded environment to regular classrooms). I’m sure no one in school would have a problem with tests or experience severe anxiety from tests if they were not graded. It’s that number, the digits, that drive everyone crazy. Teachers can pay attention to our progress from tests without grading them. Or, they can use numerical grades for tests but not show those grades to us. Instead, they can be helpful specifically according to our weak spots on tests. For example, if I get questions wrong on the test about a specific topic, the teacher ‘grades’ me by giving me a note to study more on this topic, or telling me when to see him/her for tutoring on this topic. Grading us says: ‘I want to validate you, not teach you.’ Grades reduce knowledge to a number. Grades cultivate unhealthy competition between students (you might say that the competition is healthy, but some students truly believe that the ones who score higher than them are just ‘better’, and I’ve experienced it firsthand). Grades cause students to hate themselves, to cry themselves to sleep at night. Grades cause parents to wrongly judge their children.

           Grades need to be abolished.

           States have their different standardized tests, but in New York they’re Regents Exams. These Regents test us on our progress at the end of the year to see if we’re ready to move on to the next level of a given subject. A lot of the time, taking a Regents is a reality check for me, because I’m reminded of what my weak points are and what I failed to study about the subject during the year. However, students’ reactions to their grades on Regents is sometimes terrifying. The effect that these numbers have on us is deeper than even we realize. Our knowledge is defined by a number. Imagine how less harmful it would be if after a Regents, the results we got back were a note as to whether we are well-versed in the subject enough to move on to higher levels, and a note on tips for what we each need to work on in the subject as individuals. To me, this is much more helpful than a numerical value, and it gives the knowledge itself more weight than a grade.

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Ashes, Anyone?

Nobody looks good in ashes.  So, isn’t it time to get rid of the tradition of smudging foreheads with them? Isn’t there a neater way to start the Season of Lent?

Well, truth be told, people like the Ash Wednesday ritual.   There’s something solemn and sobering and pleasantly chilling about getting marked with ashes as you hear the words, “Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.”

But beyond the drama of it, this ritual reminds us of what’s important and what isn’t.  What lasts and what just turns to dust.

During Lent we remember such things.  

While we’re sitting at a red light, with our blood pressure soaring, we remember down-deep patience is important.  Getting someplace one minute sooner isn’t.

When our minds are bombarded with judgments about our co-worker’s outfit or political affiliations, we remember compassion is important.  Being right isn’t.

When resentment makes us want to lash out or take our marbles and go home, we remember why we are doing whatever we’re doing.  Out of gratitude for what we have.  As a way to serve.  Not to be thanked or validated.

Some things matter.  Some things do not.  What matters is life giving.  What doesn’t, turns to dust.

For forty days of Lent, Christians remember this.  We open ourselves to a transformed consciousness.  As followers of the Way of Jesus, we share his power of facing any cross, even death itself.  Because we know what is important never turns to dust.

Ask yourself, "What sort of planet do I want to live on and what can I personally do to bring it into existence?"

We are the ones that can turn this planet into a paradise through unity, understanding, and intelligence.

10 Things.

Every Day brings New Life,

Live within 24 hours. 

1. Respect everything and everyone. 

2. If You do not agree with someone and they do not agree with You. Leave it. Learn from each other

3. Listen to Your own Advise 

4. Be Open to anything. 

5. Listen to Your Intuition, feel Your Instinct. 

6. Know Yourself better than You know of others. 

7. Get to know Your own Sins/Virtues; then balance them. 

8.Be mindful of others Beliefs, learn from other Beliefs

9. Do not Trespass on others, in any form. 

10. Rotate Your Energy everyday.



I have good news. In the Indigo School group chat, some of our members came up with an amazing idea that needs to come to life. 

For those who don’t know, Indigo School is a mystery school for indigo children and other star seeds to come together, share knowledge, ask questions, learn, meet new people, and reach higher consciousness. We want to expand that, so now we’re creating a community Youtube channel for all indigo children. 

Essentially, our Youtube channel will be a space for all indigo children + star seeds to make videos for different segments, all related to understanding ourselves as star seeds and answering our own questions and sharing tips for raising consciousness and more. 

Here’s a document I sent to the group chat members when we were developing the idea (shareable link: It explains what we’re going to do. If you have more ideas to add to it, let me know here, since the doc is view-only. 

I want this to be a massive project that unites all indigos and brings us together to be open, honest, and supporting to each other. Anyone who’s interested in making videos should let me know and please share your ideas for the channel! I’m going to start taking submissions soon.

Please boost this to everyone you know who is an indigo, crystal, rainbow, star child or any kind of light worker! Hopefully we can get everyone involved. Much love and stay tuned!

doubt and shame

If you truly want to succeed and conquer your dreams you must let go of judgement of your self.A mind free of doubt and shame is free to rise to higher forms of achievement.

-Brandon the wizard

Elements of Mind/Body/Spirit.

Water is Thought,

Water purifies the Earth.

Earth is Body,

Earth resides within Air.

Air is Spirit,

Air stokes the Fire .

Fire is Soul,

Fire give the Heat to help You grow. 

Water cools the Heat to allow growth. 

Water is Energy. 

Water becomes Body

Body becomes Thought.

You are Infinity,

You create The Light.


Post-Truth World?

When Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” Jesus remained silent. Why?

Because there is no such thing as truth?

Because Pilate would not believe it if Jesus told him?

Because truth is too complicated to explain, especially when your life is on trial?

Jesus’ silence is especially intriguing since he proclaimed, “The truth will set you free,” and “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

Jesus’ silence is especially aggravating in today’s world of alternative facts. We really want some guidance!  We don’t want to fall into cynicism or dogmatism.

And Jesus does provide guidance, with his very life.  His life reveals that truth begins not with facts but with an intention. To love.

To love means moving beyond ego. It means letting go of personal agendas.  It means having good will.

The test of love is most often whether it considers the most vulnerable, “the least of these” in whom we see Jesus.

Facts can be manipulated.  But we can always ask what intention is behind the stated facts.  We can always seek to discern the impact of statements or actions on the most vulnerable.

That’s the truth.  And it will set us free.

Lesson 2.3: Sacred Geometry - The Flower of Life

I think that the Flower of Life is the most widely accepted and popular form of sacred geometry. Everyone reading this probably (hopefully) already knows what it is, what it looks like, and what it means. But here’s a photo, in case you aren’t familiar or you just like looking at it as much as I do.

The Flower of Life has been found all across the world. It is not attributed to any one culture. It can be found in Egypt, Ireland, Turkey, England, Israel, China, Greece, Japan, and about twenty more locations. It’s probably in way more places across the world that we just haven’t discovered yet. In Egypt, it is carved in a wall in Abydos. The wall it was found on is one of the oldest walls in Egypt in a temple that is almost 6,000 years old. The Seed of Life is also found on this wall.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, the author of “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”, said that he was in communication with Thoth (Tahuti) of Egypt. One of the many things Thoth told him is that the Flower of Life holds everything in the universe in its proportions. He said, “It contains every single mathematical formula, every law of physics, every harmony in music, every biological life form right down to your specific body. It contains every atom, every dimensional level, absolutely everything that’s within waveform universes.” It is the source of all language, all emotion, everything.

Clearly, this is a powerful symbol.

Here you can see how the seed of life comes from the flower of life.

Have you heard of the Tree of Life? It is the shape of the kabbalah, but the Jews/Hebrews actually are not the origins of the Tree of Life. It is carved on two sets of three pillars in Egypt at both Karnak and Luxor, dating to about 5000 years ago, but the Egyptians were not the source either. Here is the Tree of Life over the flower. The Tree also sometimes has to extra circles, an extra one on the top and bottom, and it still perfectly fits into the Flower.

Remember how we talked about the vesica piscis? Every line in the Tree of Life measures out to the length or width of a vesica piscis in the Flower of Life, and they all have the Golden Mean (phi ratio) proportions.

There is a pyramid in the western mountains of Tibet that is solid-white with a solid crystal capstone. It is in almost perfect condition. It is only visible three weeks out of the year when its crystal capstone comes out of the snow. There is a room in the center of this pyramid. In the pyramid, there are no writings, no designs, nothing. But in this room, there is an inscription of the Flower of Life. That is the only symbol anywhere in this pyramid.

I guess that says it all, right?

This lesson has been a bit short, but that’s okay. Everything to come in the sacred geometry lessons will be related to the Flower of Life, and in fact, everything we ever talk about is related to it. There are also many information systems that stem out of the flower of life that we will discuss after this. So this is a never-ending lesson; what you read here is only a very short synopsis.

Toxic people and toxic beliefs

Learning to let go of the toxic people and toxic beliefs in my life was one of the hardest but necessary steps that I have taken so far. Once I reestablished my belief systems it became easier to flow with the currents of the universe .The man I once was that was paralyzed by a self induced comma no longer existed. Having complete control of my thoughts and emotional reactions gave me the strength to over come self doubt and the doubt of others.

“This is a depiction of the Gnostic crucifixion. This is a symbol… If you look at Jesus as The Savior, the Light of the World, the One who is the redeemer of Consciousness…not saying that I necessarily believe in the man Jesus in that realm, we are looking at this as a symbol.

He is crucified at Golgotha, a Greek word which means ‘the place of the skull’. So the Light of the World - the awakened consciousness, the Savior of the World, our consciousness - that is born in the prefrontal neocortex of the brain - the third eye, the Light - is crucified. He’s put to death at the place of the skull. This means that the Light of the World can be put to death in the mind through psychologically being identified with time.

So psychological time is represented by the two thieves that the Light of the World is crucified among. This [left side] is the thief of the past. He robs from the present moment awareness, what is happening Now, the present moment, the gift moment. This [right side] thief is the future. He also robs from the present moment.

So if you can keep people’s consciousness identified with time, they are always either in regret over the past or in anxiety over the future. They are never really rooted or grounded in the present moment. The Gift of Consciousness is the Light of the World - understanding what’s going on within you now and around you at any given time. True present moment awareness.”

-Mark Passio

Lifes Energy Flow

Life is about energy flow. 

Yin and Yang. 

Your soul emits an aura. 

Now imagine that aura as rotating energy.

  • Inhale rotate counter clockwise.
  • Exhale Rotate clockwise.


Biblical Proof Texting

The Bible can be used to justify just about any position.

The Christian left can use the Bible to justify positions like welcoming LGBT people in church, standing in solidarity with undocumented immigrants, and speaking out against racism in law enforcement.

The Christian right can use the Bible to justify positions like loving the sinner but hating the sin, supporting immigration laws, and championing law enforcement.

All Christians can use the Bible to justify practically any doctrine they personally ascribe to.

It’s important for Christians to seek guidance from scripture in forming their views.  Unfortunately, our emphasis often becomes seeking to justify the views we already have. And to prove we are right and they are wrong.

What if we used scripture primarily as a way to love and understand people with views different from ours? To see them as children of God, our brothers and sisters?  Not in order to change our positions, but in order to change our hearts.

How would we change the scriptural texts we focus on?  Maybe we would seek out texts that most push our buttons.  Or texts we most want to ignore or apply to someone else. Or texts that help us laugh at ourselves.

Maybe we would use scripture texts to see the plank in our own eyes rather than the speck in the eye of another.  

Maybe we would examine our impulse to justify ourselves.  Maybe the Bible itself could help us find freedom from that impulse.