Here is a List of Celebrities That I Cannot Stand (and hope find themselves on a sinking ship) ... (a ship sinking into a vat of acid)
  • Kim Kardashian (Talentless, rich, and a waste of a human body)
  • The other two Kardashians (Talentless, rich, yadda, yadda, yadda)
  • Kanye West (Once talented, now just a mundane, typical rapper who has become a caricature due to his ego )
  • Lil Wayne (Literally the worst rapper I’ve heard since Hurricane Chris, anyone who rhymes one word with the same exact word should NOT be granted a record contract to make “music”)
  • John Green (Liberal douche vlogger - and a decent writer - but still…so douchey)
  • Tyler Oakley (Has no reason whatsoever to be famous; this kid just annoys the piss out of me)
  • Joss Whedon (This guy doesn’t deserve an ounce of the credit he gets, the amount of people that fawn over his ‘witty’ and 'clever’ style of writing is disgusting; he’s simply doing everything Kevin Williams did before him but worse)
  • Wes Anderson (Just a pretentious douchebag who thinks that drowning his films in forced, faux-quirk makes them unique, clever, and interesting; give it a rest, you’re a one trick pony)
  • Nicki Minaj (Yet another talentless person that is trying so hard to be unique and weird, and yet she’s just…not; plus I hear she’s a cunt)
  • Chris Brown (Mel Gibson yells at his wife on an answering machine and is blacklisted from Hollywood; Chris Brown destroys a woman’s face, has the result of his rampage tattooed to his neck, and is still invited to perform at award ceremonies…yeah, fuck this guy and all of Hollywood)
  • Matthew Fox (Another woman-beating asshole who still manages to get work despite being an abusive pile of shit)
  • Mitt Romney (One of the most hateable men in America, and deservingly so; he is a bigot, has an assbackward way of thinking, and is a complete and total phony)
Better With The Lights Off (Ft. Chris Brown)
  • Better With The Lights Off (Ft. Chris Brown)
  • New Boyz

Hey miss America, what you look so sad for?
Sweetheart you only live one time
So put your fantasies on fast forward
Like gon’ speed me up,
Got a deadline, cause you need me done
I hate your type, I love you too,
I bite your swag cause I wanna do you

Can’t blame me babe
If you and me were close girl I’d make a change
To your lingerie, right like that
Lalala make your eyes roll back
I mean you really fine though,
I just wanna see you with the lights off
Every guy wanna know how it is
To clap off the lights and turn Khloe to Kim

You’re a dime, so beautiful
Top of the line, so unusual
Words can’t define,
You’re running through my mind all day (day)
I’m so happy you’re mine, so beautiful
Top of the line, so unusual
Now I think it’s time, hey shawty
I hope you don’t take this the wrong way

New Boyz ft. Chris Brown - Better with the lights off