I just feel like this new show, it’s such a great challenge, because it’s so different. I’m obviously more over the top comedy, and this is more natural, and so it’s challenging for me and I love that about it. It’ a completely different role and I’m so excited for people to see how mature I am in this one. It’s my transition role for sure.

Fic: “Do Over” by Emiliana Darling (Chris/Ashley, Until Dawn)

Title: Do Over
Author: Emiliana Darling
Fandom: Until Dawn
Pairing: Chris/Ashley (with a healthy dose of gen)
Length: 11,000 words
Contains: Canon-Typical Violence, Disturbing Themes, Five Times Fic, Everyone Dies, Everyone Lives, Character Death, Fix-It, Butterfly Effect, Horror, Fluff, Romance, Betrayal.
Summary:  Chris wants to take it all back. Wants to wake up in a world where none of this was ever real, where he doesn’t have to live with the knowledge of what he’s capable of. (Or: Five ways that Ashley and Chris’s relationship can turn out and one way it doesn’t.)

Notes:  While watching Until Dawn be played, I found myself absolutely captivated by the different ways that Ashley and Chris’s relationship can turn out depending on the player’s decisions and wanted an opportunity to showcase that variety. These two range from cute to horrifying, and it was a great deal of fun to explore those different outcomes in so much depth! (That being said, even if you aren’t particularly invested in the pairing I suspect you’ll be able to find something to enjoy.)

  • Ashley:*dies*
  • Chris:*is in interview*
  • Chris:did you find ashley? I need to see her!
  • Police:...we found her body.
  • Chris:*shakes head*
  • Chris:NO! SHUT UP! NO, SHE CAN'T BE... she can't be dead... I loved her so much...
  • Chris:*cries*
your eyes still smile from your cheeks

todays headline: laziest human being in the world Actually Writes Something

i haven’t checked for mistakes and the tense switches a lot but please forgive

rated: i cant remember how ratings work but it’s literally just fluff / angst so
focus: chris/ashley
summary:  ‘It’s okay, you’re okay, I love you,’ you whisper back, directly in her ear and in the way your fingers curl around hers and the way your voice shakes slightly as you speak.
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You used to have a list of things you love about her. It’s not surprising, considering how long you’ve had to put one together and the countless hours you’ve spent thinking about it over the last few years. It would always change, though - you’ve never written it all down (because you know you’re terrible at hiding things, and the others would give you hell if they found it), so it was always longer than it had been the day before. As you remember everything, it’s newer - always so new that you never get tired of it, despite repeating it day after day. Eventually, you found yourself thinking you’d never get tired of her.

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