—- SEPTEMBER 1st & 2nd —-

The above design is another example of the limited edition merch that will be available only at the Festival.  This design is by the renowned Chris Shary!

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Also 100 of these Jay Howell prints will be available along with a hand full of the same design on shirts.  Get em while they last. very Exciting.
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Milo Aukerman - by Chris Shary

When I was in Middle School I had one of the craziest art teachers in Littleton, CO. Being the lazy kid that I was, I had to take him up on the ‘Unlimited Extra Credit’ for bringing in anything 'Art Related’ done outside of class.

He opened my eyes to art and everything that it can be. As it turned out, he was working on the Greatest Hits album for ALL, right there in my class. 

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Not only did he inspire me to create, but he also introduced me to some of the best punk music to ever touch the face of the earth. 

To Mr. Shary, 

Thank you.

A couple of months ago, I bought a Descendents shirt straight from the guy who draws all their art, Chris Shary. While the shirt he sent me was badass indeed, the best part was the “Napa Style” Milo he drew on my envelope.(Napa is where I live)  So I got a sweet Descendents shirt and some one-of-a-kind personalized art from the one and only Chris Shary. Pretty cool.

Day: 1202

Shirt: Descendents - OFF! Pomona show

Color:  Black

Brand: Gilden Heavy Cotton

Source: I got to Japan once a yeah and the one time i do Descendents and ALL both book shows in LA minutes form my house.  to boot fyffest book it with OFF! just to add more insult to injury.  it was a harsh toke, but you can’t have them all.  Fortunately the man who drew this amazing shirt was kind enough to grab me one in my absence and it was very much appreciate.  It is one of my favorite designs the band (aka Chris) has cranked out since Milo Ramone i think.  Cause not only do i appreciate it stylistically but also technically, he manages to do such a great job of capturing the feeling of this event all in on e picture which is not easy to do, ask any photographer.  I only have two complaints on this design, and they are even complaints cause one is I’m just sad that Mario wasn’t playing this show so he didn’t make the drawing. the other is just plain nerdy.  why no date? is a one off show shirt?  no one else cares but me, and i am almost positive i will get an email form Chris saying they were going to put one on, but someone canned it.  but who knows maybe a date would have fucked this design up and took the simplicity out of it and drew your attention away from the design.  

What some of you don’t know and I’m calling out to anyone that can help here.  is there was a Poster companion to this design.  one that was shipped to the venue in Pomona and then mysteriously disappeared.  one photo on the internet showed a picture of it at a club in Salt Lake City, UT (and then was quickly deleted) but other than that no one will cop to it.  so if you ever see any online or for sale anywhere know that they are stolen and if you wouldn’t mind sending me or  a chrisshary a message we would both be very appreciative.  rewards will be given.  and don’t by any means support this atrocious behavior by buying one of them.  thanks everyone.