—- SEPTEMBER 1st & 2nd —-

The above design is another example of the limited edition merch that will be available only at the Festival.  This design is by the renowned Chris Shary!

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Also 100 of these Jay Howell prints will be available along with a hand full of the same design on shirts.  Get em while they last. very Exciting.
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Day: 1000!
Shirt: Descendents - Nerds Invade Long Beach 2011
Color:  Light Blue
Brand: Gilden Heavy Cotton

Source:  Boom so i did it, 1,000!  no big deal right?  almost 3 years of not wearing the same shirt twice.  why?  cause i could i suppose.  there is that part of me that is an archivist and thinks somewhere somehow this site will be a useful reference for some drunken bar argument out there about how many color ways the ALL Forknife shirt came in (the answer is 2 btw).  So yeah.  It started with ALL, so but all means 1000 should be Descendents.  I know its not uber dance, rare or mind blowing, but like i have said on here before, I’m not here to blow your mind. I Just wanna do my thing and if you come along for the ride more power to you.  Happy to have you along.  It’s just that i have been listening to Descendents / ALL since i was 16.  they mean a lot to me.  the highs, the lows.  Ive met friends because of them, I’ve broken up with friends to them.  Ive followed them to MO, and the CO (in my mind) listed and bought every record they have ever made, every comp they were on, every song. I can truly say in a not staler sounding voice.  I really embrace them.  they are more part of my life than most of my family.  thats weird to say, but true.  

So to say i feel like i have gotten a lot from them is an understatement. 

I mean c'mon how many bands do you know were around in 1979 still touring today and writing new songs (that are good) and span a generation of music lovers.  Not many, id venture to say that you can count them on one hand.  

Anyways. I did 1000 days.  now what , who cares really?  i dunno.  from here on out i am def stopping the writing process (I know i said that at 500, but this time i mean it), Its hard. trying not to be redundant etc.. its time consuming.  but i might still keep the Instagram up.  Im almost convinced anyways that no one on Instagram knows about the blog and vice versa.  so yeah as for these lengthy winded posts you can put a fork in them they are done.  it was nice chatting with you n stuff. 

Keep enjoying and supporting music and the bands you love.  and if you see me out don’t be scared to say hello and get nerdy about shirts with me.  i may look like I’m mean but i am as nerdy and dirty as the rest of you.  

What’s that you say? You wonder what “bonus” you might score by ordering the VANNEN x DESCENDENTS TIMEAGE watch… How about an original hand-drawn, pen and ink piece from Chris Shary!!!!! “Timeage” goes on sale this Friday, Sept 28th at 9am PDT only at, and

Full Timeage reveal going down tomorrow. Stay tuned for more info.


Day: 1734
Shirt: Descendents - Riot Fest Toronto 2012
Color: Red
Brand: Gildan
Source:  You know how i know Chris Shary is a great artist?  Not only is this just simply a clever design for a tour shirt, thats obvious.  the more subtle impressive part of this shirt / design is the fact that Chris is capable of capturing a look so well ifs instantly recognizable.  I know this because not only did i recognize the image instantly, but the more impressive part is that i have never even seen the movie Slap Shot in my life.  yet some how the image is captured accurately enough to make me recognize it instantly.  

Since the Descendents are playing Coachella this year we decided to create “Coffee Time”, a limited edition Descendents watch available only at the Coachella boutique during Weekend 1 (April 12-14) and Weekend 2 (April 19-21) of the 2013 Coachella Music & Arts Festival. 

Available for only $60 each, the Descendents “Coffee Time” watch features artwork by Chris Shary and is limited to only 150 pieces per weekend. Each box comes signed by Chris, and one lucky box contains an original Chris Shary drawing.

Be sure to follow Vannen on Facebook and Twitter for updates leading up to the full reveal on April 8th.

Day: 1202

Shirt: Descendents - OFF! Pomona show

Color:  Black

Brand: Gilden Heavy Cotton

Source: I got to Japan once a yeah and the one time i do Descendents and ALL both book shows in LA minutes form my house.  to boot fyffest book it with OFF! just to add more insult to injury.  it was a harsh toke, but you can’t have them all.  Fortunately the man who drew this amazing shirt was kind enough to grab me one in my absence and it was very much appreciate.  It is one of my favorite designs the band (aka Chris) has cranked out since Milo Ramone i think.  Cause not only do i appreciate it stylistically but also technically, he manages to do such a great job of capturing the feeling of this event all in on e picture which is not easy to do, ask any photographer.  I only have two complaints on this design, and they are even complaints cause one is I’m just sad that Mario wasn’t playing this show so he didn’t make the drawing. the other is just plain nerdy.  why no date? is a one off show shirt?  no one else cares but me, and i am almost positive i will get an email form Chris saying they were going to put one on, but someone canned it.  but who knows maybe a date would have fucked this design up and took the simplicity out of it and drew your attention away from the design.  

What some of you don’t know and I’m calling out to anyone that can help here.  is there was a Poster companion to this design.  one that was shipped to the venue in Pomona and then mysteriously disappeared.  one photo on the internet showed a picture of it at a club in Salt Lake City, UT (and then was quickly deleted) but other than that no one will cop to it.  so if you ever see any online or for sale anywhere know that they are stolen and if you wouldn’t mind sending me or  a chrisshary a message we would both be very appreciative.  rewards will be given.  and don’t by any means support this atrocious behavior by buying one of them.  thanks everyone.  

What’s that you say? You wonder what “bonus” you might score by ordering the VANNEN x DESCENDENTS TIMEAGE watch… How about an original hand-drawn, pen and ink piece from Chris Shary!!!!! “Timeage” goes on sale this Friday, Sept 28th at 9am PDT only at, and

Full Timeage reveal going down tomorrow. Stay tuned for more info.

ALL (with Scott Reynolds on vocals) are playing a benefit show at The Mohawk in Austin, TX on February 16th. The show will raise money for Scott’s pal Dave Wood’s family. Dave recently passed away after battling cancer, and all the money raised from this show will help his family with the high costs involved. 

Tickets are still available, so please, if you live in Austin check out this show. Not only are you seeing one of the best bands of all time (and with one of the best singers of all time), you’ll be helping out a family that really deserves it.

Tickets are available here. It says that M.O.D. is playing too - not sure if it’s that M.O.D., but wouldn’t it be cool if it was?

The legendary Chris Shary created the original art above to help promote this show. I bet there will be shirts available at the gig. Who’s going to get me one?

Ugh, I REALLY wish I could go to this…