Chris Evans & Sebastian Stan, Round 2!

Oh we aren’t done yet. There’s more bromance! @sfreeborn @xximevans-and-sebastiantrashhxx

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our doubts are traitors snippet 6

So I’m preeeeeetty sure I’ll be able to have the next chapter of our doubts up this weekend, huzzah. In the meantime, enjoy this peek! ;) It’s rather revealing, especially re:their past, but don’t worry if there are gaps in what you understand now. It’ll all be shored up and filled in later!

Enjoy!!! (You guys. Have. No idea what is to come. I’m SO SORRY)

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glasses || chris x eva

prompt: eva is studying at chris’ house after school but she ends up getting distracted by chris’ glasses.

requested by: anonymous

warnings: the tiniest amount of smut at the end.

a/n: i chose to write this because the thought of chris wearing glasses makes my ovaries explode.


If there was one thing Eva Mohn hated the most, it was studying. She hated even the aspect of starting it. There were so many better things she could be doing right now instead, for example she could be binge watching another show. Eva’s History coursework was piling up and if she didn’t pass on this, she would fail the entire subject.

Eva always thought that company made studying easier. She decided to go round to Chris’ house after school - which had become a weekly thing. Every Tuesday they would go to either one of their houses, make out a little (occasionally go further), talk for a bit and watch something. Although today she had to do some studying.

Eva lay on Chris’ bed getting frustrated with the coursework she was attempting to complete. The anger bubbling up inside her was so real and about to simmer over the edge, she was ready to toss her laptop out of the window.

“Breathe Eva, breathe.” She pushed the electronic device away from her, fanning her face as she started to sweat from frustration. 

Chris knew how stressed she got when it came to History, so he purposely distanced himself from her. He would either take a shower or just lie quietly next to her. Today he had opted for taking a shower seen as he had just been to the gym.

She collapsed onto the bed sighing deeply whilst covering her face up with her small hands. She needed a break. She picked up her iPhone scrolled through her instagram, seeing many pictures of people from her party which was the weekend before.

The door to the ensuite bathroom clicked open and out walked the one and only Chris Schistad in only his black sweatpants. His abs were gleaming and his arms looking extra delicious as there were small drops water peppering on his body.

Despite his naked torso looking fabulously beautiful. Eva wasn’t seeing that. All she noticed was the tortoise shell, large lens surrounded by a thin frame, pair of glasses adorning his face.

In all honesty, Eva didn’t know what to with herself when Chris made his presence known in a room with those glasses on.

Chris licked his plump lips and went to his set of drawers picking out a plain t-shirt to wear. He turned around and faced her with an adorable grin placed on his face.

“How’s your work going?” Chris asked Eva as he slipped the shirt over his head.

Eva wasn’t sure how to reply, her mouth was dry and she felt incredibly intimidated by how handsome he looked. She managed to snap out of her trance and coughed a little.

“Horrendously. I don’t understand it.” She replied.

Chris walked over to his bed and sat down next to Eva who had now moved to the end, her feet dangling off the edge.

“You know, History was my best subject. Let me help you.” Chris said and took the laptop from Eva’s lap.

Chris started to mumble some words as he read what was on the screen. Eva couldn’t help but admire his face that was concentrating, his defined jawline was just irresistable.

“Eva?” His voice brought her back into reality. “Are you listening?”

Her cheeks started to heat up a little in embarrassment. “Er…No, sorry.”

He rolled his eyes at her and commenced his explanation again, Eva’s mind started to wander to other places again. Absentmindedly her hands reached out to pull Chris’ glasses off. Before she could take them all the way off he grabbed her hands and looked her straight in the eye.

“What are you doing?” He attempted to sound accusing but a slight smirk was growing upon his lips.

“Nothing” She replied playfully.

Eva managed to wriggle her hands out of Chris’ tight grasp, still holding his glasses. She looked down at them and started to inspect the pair in detail. She manoeuvred herself around to face him, so she was sat crossed legs. “I really like these.” Eva said as she pretended to study them even more.

“Of course you do. You aren’t even listening to me?”

Eva tilted her head sideways, like dogs do when they are confused. She pretended to look as if she was thinking deeply. “Okay, maybe I wasn’t.”

“If you don’t understand it, then why aren’t you listening?” Chris moved the laptop off his knee and placed it onto his bedroom floor. He turned his full attention to what Eva was just about to say.

“I don’t know. I need help but I ended up getting distracted…”

“Oh really? I would never have guessed.” He replied sarcastically whilst silently smirking.

Eva placed Chris glasses back onto his head and fully looked at him, she was starting to completely lose it internally. She had been losing it to Chris for a while now but today was just the icing on the cake.

They weren’t together, well they were but not officially. She thought that was the best part about it. They both needed and wanted each other the same amount, everyone else and they both knew that they were basically a couple but they didn’t need to have a label. That was what made it so perfect.

“Mhum” Eva mumbled something unrecognisable, before wrapping her arms around Chris neck. “These are just such a big turn on for me.” She continued as she pointed at his glasses.

As soon as their lips collided, they were fighting for dominance. Their hands tangled in each others hair. Chris’ hands slowly slid out of Eva’s hair and inched down to the bottom of her back.

“You in those glasses, it does undescribable things to me,” She says out of breath.

“Maybe I will continue to wear them around you.” Chris replied with a smug smirk plastered across his face. He kissed her again. “So I can always have this treatment.”

Eva giggled against his neck as he reached down and squeezed her bum.
After this encounter, he definitely kept his word. Chris would purposely put his glasses on whenever Eva was around. Even if they weren’t alone, he would tease her in front of their friends by taunting her. Sometimes she would pounce on him to have a quick hook up. Other times she would just admire his beauty from afar and realise how incredibly lucky she was.


A/N: I am so sorry this update took so long! I’ve got exams this year and i’m trying to start revising now, so i’m probably going to be slow. I posted this on my wattpad ages ago and only remembered now to post it here. Requests are always open.

Imagine the world getting to know you because of Chris.

A/N: Part 3! This one’s kind of like a filler piece, if I’m being honest. Still cute, but not as cute as what’s to come. 😉😏 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2’)

Chris felt like throwing his phone when he saw yet another mean comment about you appear under his latest tweet. He knew it was jealousy, but it didn’t stop him from being angry. He wished he’d just kept his mouth shut until you graduated so the scrutiny and ridicule wouldn’t affect your studies, which you’d assured him a few times it hadn’t and wouldn’t. You’d been a fan of his for a while now, so you knew what his previous girlfriends went through- Jenny Slate, especially. So you were prepare for whatever the public was to throw your way, that and you had a group of very supportive and protective ladies constantly reminding you that you weren’t at all what they were saying about you: your mom, Chris’ mom and sisters, and Ava- of course. Then there were a group of writers: Salma, Taylor, Tori, amongst other names; girls you’d befriended over your years on Tumblr, who- to your surprise- swore they’d defend you despite your being with their beloved Christopher Robert Evans. As it turned out, your mini-series swayed them and they were now just happy that Chris was going to finally get the life, and love he deserved.

Chris’ phone buzzed as another comment popped up, he was about to turn off his phone when he saw that it was one of his fans defending you from the previous remark. He smiled because there seemed to be more in support of his relationship with you than against, so perhaps he didn’t really have all that much to complain about. His publicist was in agreement about not complaining as she was using his successful relationship with a fan to humanize him. She said, and he quote, “Chris Evans, all round nice guy with a heart so pure he falls in-love with the soul and not a status.” He wasn’t particularly happy about her using you to humanize him because that wasn’t what your relationship was about; he truly loved you. But you were; you wanted people to know how real and genuine Chris was, to see him as more than just Chris Evans, Captain America. You wanted people to see him as you did: underrated actor, transcendent director, amazing fiancé, and soon-to-be perfect husband and fantastic father. Your expectations may have seemed a little high to others, but you knew for a fact they weren’t unrealistic at all.

“I feel like this is my fault,” Anthony held out the latest copy of People Magazine for Chris to take, who did it and sighed upon seeing another headliner about the two of you. “I’m so sorry, man. I should have never said anything.” Chris waved him off, shrugging. “Did you at least tell Y/N it was my fault?” Anthony quizzed and got a head shake from Chris. “But I was the one who spilled the beans, I was the big mouth who said ‘bet you’re excited to get back to that fiancée of yours’ when you mentioned her name.”

“Yes you are, but she doesn’t need to know that. She won’t hold a grudge against me, but she might against you and we don’t want that considering you’ve just met each other.” Chris said and Anthony nodded in agreement, sighing at his negligence of keeping Chris’ and your engagement a secret. “She’s a fan of yours, but-”

“She’s a bigger fan of you,” Anthony rolled his eyes and Chris nodded, chuckling. “Yeah yeah, we’ve all read the damn mini-series where you’re just the perfect guy.” Anthony tried to be annoyed, but he couldn’t knowing how happy his friend was with you. “The kid really needs to stop putting you up on a pedestal and see you for the slob you really are.”

“Jealousy will get you nowhere, Mackie,” Chris joked and Anthony laughed. “At least she looks pretty in the picture,” Chris sighed with a smile when he let his gaze fall onto the magazine. The photo was a paparazzi shot of you leaving school with the headline 'Chris Evans’ fiancée, Y/N Y/L/N, star pupil at UCLA’. “God, can’t they just leave her alone?” Chris groaned, flipping open the magazine to check out the article; he was annoyed, but curious. “I know she’s interesting, but do they really need to write an article about her?”

“It’s a pretty good article, paps invading her privacy aside.” Anthony told Chris as he took Robert’s actor’s chair which was next to Chris. “They talk about her in school, the course she’s taking, and how they can see why you’re so smitten with her. It’s not one of those articles where she’s berated for how she looks, or what’s she wearing. It’s an actual intellectual journalist taking proper interest in the girl Chris Evans is with.”

“How rare,” Chris commented with a soft chuckle then proceeded to read the article whereas Anthony headed for his trailer as he was done for the day. Chris read the first paragraph and realized Anthony was right about it being a good article. The whole thing praised you, stating you were “a girl with big dreams and even bigger talents”; they even called you his “forever.” He smiled because he agreed, you were his forever. So what if some of his 'fans’ didn’t support the relationship? He had those who actually saw you for who you were, seeing how successful this relationship was going to be despite the age gap and the difference in social status- not that it mattered considering where you were going to end up once you graduated.

His phone started buzzing under his leg and he put the magazine on Robert’s chair while he reached to answer the call. He smiled when he saw your name and picture pop up on the screen, he found himself admiring your beautiful smile for a little while before he answered. He was missing you, that was for sure. “Good evening, my love.” He greeted and heard you giggle, making his smile reach his eyes. “Aren’t you in a very good mood,” he chuckled, “what’s going on?”

“Nothing, I just like hearing you call me your love,” you admitted and he chuckled again. “Are you filming, am I disturbing you?” You quickly asked before you continued talking, knowing you’d get him in trouble if he was due. It wasn’t like you had anything important to tell him, you just wanted to talk and hear his voice.

“No, I’m free,” he answered. “I’m never not free for you.”

“You keep saying that and Kevin’s going to hate me and fire you,” you giggled, making him laugh. “But I appreciate it, it’s good to hear your voice.” You told him and he smiled, silently agreeing that it was good to hear yours too. “Though I’ve been listening to it for the past hour, it’s still good to hear it.”

“What do you mean you’ve been listening to it for the past hour?”

“Anna’s podcast,” you told him. “You and Jenny could not be more obvious with the fawning,” you teased him and he rolled his eyes, chuckling. “Do we sound like that when we talk?” You quizzed, but didn’t give him time to respond. “God, no wonder Ava calls us insufferable. She says it with a smile so we think she’s joking, but if we sound like that- I don’t think she’s joking.”

Chris could honestly listen to you ramble on about nothing, bombard him with your random thoughts and queries forever, and not get bored. There was just something about you that kept him entertained, so much so that he could even give up Sunday football for that. Now that thought assured him that you were his one true love, 'cause nothing was more important than football and Tom Brady- nothing until you, of course.

“I love you,” Chris chuckled, cutting your rambling short.

You smiled at his sincerity, a little heat even rushed to your cheeks. “I love you too, baby.” He smiled back, then chuckled softly; he was still in awe that you were his fiancée. “And I can’t wait for these next thirty weeks to be over so I can be with you again.”

“Oh, so we’re counting weeks now?” Chris quizzed with an amused smirk, then chuckled when you noised confirmation. “Yeah, I gotcha. For some reason when we used months it seemed as though we added time, like when we were at two- we were really only at seven weeks.” You nodded with pursed lips. “Okay then, thirty weeks it is. I can’t wait to be reunited with you, my love,” he said with a smile that could be heard.

“The feeling is mutual,” you agreed.

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Part 4

The Boy Next Door: Chapter One - Derek Hale x Reader

As always, thanks to @julieanncupcake for helping me!

Summary: The Reader moves to New York with her her daughter, Amelia, for a fresh start. She quickly befriends her neighbour, Derek, until their relationship gradually develops into something more

The Boy Next Door Masterlist

(Y/n) wiped her hand across her forehead, pushing her hair away from her face. She sighed when she saw how many boxes were left in the moving truck, thankfully all of the furniture was already in her new apartment due to her brother, Chris, working round the clock to move it all for her. She had to remind herself that moving was a good thing and that she needed this. She was pulled from her thoughts when her daughter, Amelia, tugged at her arm. (Y/n) smiled down at her, realising that she was the real reason they were moving. Her dad had messed them around too many times and they needed a fresh start.

Amelia rushed into the truck, attempting to lift a box full of her toys. (Y/n) snickered at the six year old’s actions, lifting the box for her. As they made their way up the stairs she cursed herself for picking a building without a working elevator. Amelia ran into their new apartment, laughing when Chris caught her in his arms and span her around. He set her down, trying to blink away the dizziness while Amelia ran off, completely unfazed.

“You know, I’m starting to like this apartment” (Y/n) rose her eyebrows in confusion, he’d hated the idea of her moving to New York since they’d first discussed it.

“How come?” She made her way into Amelia’s new bedroom, setting down the box and smiling softly when Mia pounced on it and started pulling out her toys.

“Your neighbour is a cop” She let out a loud laugh, her brother’s over protective tendencies never failed to amuse her. “He just went into his apartment, full uniform and everything”

“I’ll introduce myself later but for now, we have more boxes to move” Her brother shot her a playful glare as they made their way back to the moving truck.

(Y/n) collapsed onto her sofa, she been unpacking for hours and she still had piles of boxes left. She glanced at the clock, deciding it was too late to go and meet her neighbour. Instead, she walked over to Mia’s room, she slowly pulled the door open. Peaking inside, her heart melted at the sight of her daughter snuggling with her cuddly toys, fast asleep. She watched her for a moment or two longer before sighing and heading towards the unemptied boxes.

Derek trudged towards his coffee machine, trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes, he hated working long shifts but it was part of the job. He was mixing the sugar into his coffee when there was a knock at his door. Setting his mug on the counter he made his way over to unlock it. He pulled it open to reveal a beautiful young women and a little girl who was hiding behind her legs.

“H-Hi, I’m (y/n) and this is Amelia. We’re your new neighbours” A blush spread across her cheeks as she looked away from him, she would never admit it but she really hadn’t expected him to be so attractive.

“Derek” He held out his hand, smiling as he watched her cheeks grow redder when their skin touched. He tried to catch Amelia’s eye but she just hid further behind her mum’s legs. (Y/n) started to apologise but Derek assured her that it was fine. They stood awkwardly for a moment before she lifted up the plate of cookies in her hands.

“Uh, these are for you” She smiled at him kindly, trying to hide her amusement as she watched his eyes grow wide.

“Thank you, you really didn’t have to” Derek gently took the plate from her hand, his stomach gurgling. Amelia giggled at the noise, making his face light up with a grin.

“You’re welcome, I guess I’ll see you around” They smiled shyly at one another before (y/n) and Amelia headed back to their apartment. Derek closed the door, eyeing the cookies hungrily and deciding that they would go perfectly with his coffee.

(Y/n) let out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding as she walked into the kitchen.

“His eyes were pretty” Her head snapped to her daughter, who was smiling at her sweetly as she sat down to play with her toys. (Y/n) shook her head, trying not to think of just how beautiful his eyes were.

“You think so?” She rested her elbows on their breakfast counter, grinning down at her daughter. Mia just nodded, her attention now focused entirely on her toys.

After a couple of days in their new apartment, both (y/n) and Amelia were starting to settle in. But that didn’t stop them from rushing around on Monday morning which was Mia’s first day at her new school as well as (y/n)’s first day at her new job. They hurried out of the apartment, their hands clasped together. They were making their way down the stairs when someone called out to them. (Y/n) glanced up to see Derek coming towards them.

“Hey, you dropped this” He was holding one of Mia’s favourite toys that she insisted she had to take with her. (Y/n) let out a sigh of relief, knowing how devastated Amelia would have been if she’d forgotten it. She smiled as she watched Mia approached Derek, carefully taking her wolf cuddly toy out of his hand before shyly thanking him. She tried to ignore the way her breath hitched when she took in the sight of Derek wearing his uniform. The sleeves were pulled tight across his sculptured arms and the way he was smiling at her was making her head spin. She thanked him before taking Amelia’s smaller hand in hers and leading her out of the building. Taking in a deep breath of the crisp, outside air she tried to collect herself.

Derek followed them down the stairs, frowning when he got outside and saw Stilinski’s patrol car parked by the side of the rode. His face was set in a scowl as he got in the car and knew he was condemned to a day of mindless chatter with Stiles. As they drove down the road, he caught sight of (y/n) smiling down at her daughter while they waited at the crossing and tried to ignore the smile that grew on his face.

Can I Have This Dance? (Chris x MC)

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Prompt: Round 14 of ChoicesCreates–Disney Songs! Thank you again @hollyashton for letting me host! It’s been amazing! :)The song for this one is “Can I Have This Dance?” from High School Musical 3!

Summary: Chris has to work on the last dance of senior year, and MC contemplates what the future of their relationship will hold.

*Author’s Note* This is my second submission for this week’s ChoicesCreates. I literally wrote this in 20 minutes just so  could get it in by the deadline. haha I’ve never written Chris x MC before, so I apologize if this is terrible or if I didn’t get their characters right! Feedback is always welcomed and greatly appreciated! It really helps and inspires artists and authors. WIthout further ado, I hope you enjoy!


She couldn’t help the disappointment she felt as she arrived home to find their shared apartment empty. Tonight had been the last dance of the semester, something she’d been looking forward to for months, but her excitement had been dashed, however, when she’d found out that Chris would have to work. She had gone, after much convincing from Zack, but had left early, feeling incredibly lonely ad uncomfortable surrounded by so many couples. She didn’t blame Chris for not being there—his job was important—but she felt that as college was coming to an end for them, the less they got to see of each other. She didn’t know what the future held for her—or them—and it scared her. She loved Chris with everything she had, but she’d seen even the most in love people grow apart and fade away.

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