A Day in the (Tour) Life of VersaEmerge guitarist Blake Harnage*

*As interpreted by me

Wakes up. Gets out of bed. Drags a comb across his head. (Beatles anyone?)

Takes a shower and does his hair, making it look ridiculously perfect. How does he do it??

Hmm? Even Blake doesn’t know how his hair is so perfect.

Checks Twitter. Tweets something pun-ny.

Makes phone calls while blowing his nose.

Misses his Beagle, Cooper, and thinks about Harry Potter. Finds a tree branch and pretends it’s a wand. Accio tissue!

Loads up the trailer and heads to the venue—all while keeping up with emails and checking up on the Twitterverse.

Backs the van and trailer into an icy alleyway near the venue with super skillz!

Prepares for the show by sound checking and warming up his vocal chords.

Blows his nose. Again.

Chills with drummer Chris Pollock and whoever is around (most likely not Sierra or Devin).

Learns how to fight off bad guys from Corey from Conditions, who is a trained fighter. Perfects the genie choke hold and makes Corey’s eyes bug out.

Drinks tea with honey and works on new VersaEmerge music at a nearby coffee shop.

Keeps working until he's completely satisfied.

Heads back to the venue for the show, fumbling for a tissue in his jacket pocket. 

Plays guitar and sings with a voice that is muy suave in a kick-ass (or kick-butt, if that offends you) set. The crowd goes wild!

Brainstorms new music and ideas with Sierra.

Eats dinner and sweets (can’t forget the sweets), then sleeps or gets back on the road for the next city. 

The End

Blake is a future contributor for the Twenty Project. A painting by his band mate Sierra is coming soon!

(Note: If you would like to post any of these pictures separately on your blog, I encourage that, but please link to Twenty Project!

VersaEmerge lose another member

Chris Pollock, who has been drumming for VersaEmerge on tour since April 2010, has confirmed he has been asked to no longer play drums for them.

Read what he said on his Twitter below: 

Just want to announce that VersaEmerge has asked me not to be their drummer anymore so I will no longer be playing with them.