I would post more info on everything in these picks as far as how much i’m selling them for, but as I was just tryna do that a few mns ago.. my computer started 2 act up after I got n2 detail about how much i’m selling all these for. soooo if theres anyone interested in any of this or have any questions.. plz send me a mssg in my “ask” box on this blog or my CK fan blog & I will answer u as soon as I can! 

I also have more stuff 4 sale, but as soon as I figure out where I put the rest of the memorabilia I am tryna sell.. I will take picks & post them up as well! which include Nsync tee shirts & a “N Suck” hat.. theres a few other things.. I jus cant remember right now! =/

I also have teen magazines from around the Nsync Era (whole mags in great condition) that i’m tryna sell 2!

ALL for reasonable prices so if ur interested & wanna kno how much any of these are or kno more info.. plz jus mssg me about it & I will be more than happy 2 respond back!! :)

(PS.. Those comic books do have Nsync featured in them! I’m sure they r worth a LOT being comic books in mint condition & all, but since it’s a 3 pt series I am not selling them separate!)

As far as the other stuff I am willing 2 sell stuff separate & if ur interested in getting a lot.. I will give u more of a deal since ur buying more off me & not jus 1 thing! lol :)

I hope theres fans out there that r interested in any of this cause it helps me out a LOT with making more room.. plus I really could use the money right now!! 

Thank You :)