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Banned From The Back Porch by Saves The Day

I stepped out into the night and put my feet down on the wet patio floor
The sky’s air had been cooling and steam rose from everywhere
I could feel drops of rain slipping off tree’s leaves and splattering to the ground
It’s always misty after a summer pour
And I’ll remember turning around and looking out
And staring in and focusing on this one beautiful girl
And I said, “Oh who is this?
Where was she all those crazy years?
Where was she when my heart couldn’t take its beat?”
I sipped down some warm ginger ale
And drew back a breath
And headed over to see about this girl
I couldn’t say a thing and I just stared open and wide
And I connected with her eyes to feel my gut fall through the floor
Oh my god, I think I’m falling.

  • Interlude
  • Two Tongues
  • Two Tongues

“Interlude” | Two Tongues

and they meet
late on a Saturday
in the grip
of winter’s chapped lips
one’s blind 
to all he has inside
one’s sure
that he knows what life’s got in store
and when the stars
and drunks have left the bar
He says, “we’ve just met,
but I’ve seen you around,
can we share a car?”
back to my place
with movies made about outer space 

and so it seems
they’re off to share their wasted dreams


Saves The Day - Three Miles Down (Nervous Energies session)

Check my Nervous Energies session this week with Saves The Day! Chris plays a new song, an old song and a kinda new, kinda old one. Watch all three at


“We can’t SAY ANYTHING about it.”  

That was our response when anyone asked us about details of our upcoming tour.  We hope you picked up the clues. If not, we’re now showing you the answers that were always waiting in the back of the book.  Are the rumors true?  Yes.  We’re going on tour with Say Anything, Reggie and the Full Effect, and we’re rippin THROUGH BEING COOL from front to back.  

All summer long, we were chillin and rippin on the Vans Warped Tour, meeting so many of you, making new friends, and just having a blast.  We never wanted it to end.  Thirty minutes a day isn’t enough.  And now, we’re coming back around to play TBC and more.  We’re fully psyched! 

Say Anything is performing …IS A REAL BOY. This album is 10 years old. Reggie and The Full Effect is performing UNDER THE TRAY… this album is 11 years old. 

THROUGH BEING COOL is 15 years young.  Picture a 15-year-old kid who just got a learner’s permit, and the waves of glee they experience when they first put the car in drive.  That’s gonna be us every night.  Buckle up.  

And yet, for the sum total years between the three bands, this is new.  No one’s done it the way we’re doing this now.  Every night: three bands, three albums.  Full Bananas.

This one goes out to all the old punks, all the young punks, every backpack-wearing emo kid, everyone who was at St. Vitus September 2013, everyone who wasn’t at St. Vitus September 2013, our past selves, and our future selves.  

Always and forever right by your side,

Arun, Chris, Rodrigo, and Dennis // Saves The Day 




New Small Talk with Chris Conley from Saves the Day. We spoke to him about touring with Bane, controversy with Weezer and his pink hair.

Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off to Heaven
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Saves The Day - Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off to Heaven

“If I could only see you now for about an hour, maybe just a minute, just to ask what has he got that I don’t have? Is it his brown eyes?
Well, I’ll give you a thousand reasons that tonight you should grant me this one wish.”