I Used to And I Still Do

I used to work late nights. I used to come home and not be able to sleep right away. I would get on the internet and look at flickr. This was a good while before I had tumblr. I used to stay on flickr into the early morning light looking at photographers work that I grew to love and admire. There were about 5 of them. Creative Silence/Chris Charles was one of them. His photography was not like the other 4. I’m not even sure how I even ended up on his photostream but when I got there I stayed. When I started my tumblr I didn’t look for him at all, but found him anyway. His photographs make me happy. I still love looking at them.  I don’t go on flickr anymore. I follow him on here and sometimes I check out his website. I used to love him and I still do.

You can buy his prints here