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Hi! i saw your post about the high schools and the stereotypes of the students,could you talk about the middle schools that the characters went (like you talked about nissen,elvebakken) ?

Sure, if you want to see the original post the anon referred to see here 

This is going to be way worse then that other post because many of these schools I don’t know crap about and like you choose which vidregående you go to so those schools have “personalities” not all ungdomsskoler have that

Grefsen skole 

Which Skam characters attended: Eva, Jonas, Isak, Sara and Ingrid

In Nordre Aker pretty nice school. Kind of hipster-ish but like rich hipsters i think

Uranienborg skole

Which Skam Characters attended: Sana (And probably Elias)

It is in Fronger and a pretty white school. it is from 1866 and used to be an all boy school. 

Ruseløkka skole

Which Skam characters attended: William, Chris B. and Vilde

FINALLY A SCHOOL I KNOW SHIT ABOUT, this school is a MESS. Half the students are posh people from Bygdøy and the other half people from Ruseløkka with less money so it is a pretty divided school. 

Bjølsen skole

Which Skam character attended: Even 

I didn’t know Even was from Sagene?? Well it is a diverse school I think?

Jordal skole

Which Skam character attended: Mahdi

Idk, never heard of this school before. Googled it and once again my magic powers come through it has a special sports program and who said Mahdi would be really good in sports ME

Nordpolen skole

Which Skam character attended: Magnus

Idk, it is also in Sagene Even  and Magnus Sagene bros

Sofienberg skole

Which Skam character attended there: Emma

It opened in 2014 so she must have been one of the first people to attend. It is next to the Munch museum?? idk, I didn’t know so many people in Skam where from eastern Oslo

Ris skole (Or riis)

Which Skam characters attended: P-Chris, Erlend (and I went there too)

Where am I going to start? Ris is the school in Norway with the best grades and while I attended there the children of the prime minister also did. The areas around the schools are considered some of the nicest areas in Oslo and I love my old school.
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(very positive, nice summary that includes everyone)

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Things I want to happen in the last season of skam
  • Evak hand holding
  • Girl squad slo mo parallel - possibly with a nostalgic version of dick in the air

  • Vilde realises she likes girls

  • Mahdi eats another waffle

  • We find out about Even’s past and why he switched schools and repeated

  • Evak says I Love You

  • Sana realises that it’s okay to be a little wrong and vulnerable sometimes

  • Noora and Eva giggle over Isak being happy with his bf

  • Sana and Isak talk about life in biology again

  • Even and Sana bond over the Quran

  • We finally see Julian Dahl’s face

  • Emma apologises for outing Isak (I’m still bitter soz)

  • Even and Sana roast someone ignorant and problematic together


  • Boy squad and girl squad hang out together 

  • Evak giving relationship advice to Magnus or someone

  • Mikael and Yousef telling Isak cute stories about Even

  • Isak and Even calling each other the man of their life

  • Sana rolling her eyes and fake gagging when she hears it

  • We find out why no one ever goes to Vildes house

  • Eskild embarrases Isak

  •  Chris B talks to Even about Isak 
  • Isak and Even dance
  • Isak and Eva hang out like they used to
  • Even smiles
  • Isak raps
  • We find out this whole last season thing is a joke and they never leave us

Please add on or send me what you hope to happen this season my loves <3 

Can’t wait to watch this all with you <3

  • Jess: I'm a little cold
  • Mike: Here, take my jacket
  • Ashley: I'm a little cold too
  • Chris: Here, take my jacket
  • Emily: I'm cold as well... Matt?
  • Matt: Oh, yeah, take my-
  • Chris: Here, take my other jacket
  • Chris: Josh, b r o , here's my other other jacket
  • Chris: Sam, you cold too?
  • Sam: I'm wearing a fucking towel
  • Chris: Here, take my other other other jacket
  • Josh: I wish my sisters were here
  • Chris: I know, bro. Me too...
  • Chris: I still have two more jackets

also i know the selfie stick symbolism was a little extra and silly at first but i really do think social media is going to play a big role in revealing whatever even’s shame was at bakka. think about it. so far we’ve had chris b post a selfie with mikael, we know the balloon squad posts on youtube, now isak’s seen mikael through facebook, and sana is bound to find the battle photo of even on yousef’s profile too. while all the other characters are aware that this information is being shared, even - the person who isn’t on social media and who has the biggest potential to get hurt from these posts - isn’t aware of them.


“Time passes in moments… moments which, rushing past, define the path of a life, just as surely as they lead towards its end. How rarely do we stop to examine that path, to see the reasons why all things happen, to consider whether the path we take in life is our own making, or simply one into which we drift with eyes closed. But what if we could stop, pause to take stock of each precious moment before it passes? Might we then see the endless forks in the road that have shaped a life? And, seeing those choices, choose another path?”

In an AU where Jack never went to Samwell, the Samwell Men’s Hockey team wins a contest to watch the Falconers play the Aces in Las Vegas. In a twenty-four hour period, the following things occur:

- Ransom, Holster, Lardo, and Shitty organize and execute an extravagant yet tasteful double wedding using Shitty’s family’s money

-Whiskey wins $274,548 on slot machines he’s not technically old enough to use 

-Tango loses $274,493 at game tables he’s not technically old enough to be at

-Bitty has a threesome with not one but two NHL stars

-No one can find Dex except for Nursey, who is handcuffed to him in a Denny’s parking lot

-Chris “Chowder” Chow, sunshine of everyone’s lives and the only person to get back to the designated hotel by curfew, has to deal with all of this before the coaches wake up from their hangovers and realize that they’ve missed their flight home.