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I’ll have to give those a go… maybe… there’s only so much angst my little heart can handle. I like my 6th year AU fluff-fests ;) I do love seeing what everyone’s favourite Romione sub-genres are.

If your heart can take it you sure should try reading some Romione angst. But I will tell you to be your own judge because the first two are really painful. Beautiful and awesome undoubtedly but very difficult reads.

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I saw “Still Standing” on the rec list and I was like 👌 because it’s just SO GOOD I completely agree with you

Isn’t it? It’s my absolute favourite!

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mwf e mwm

Garret Hedlund, Jamie Dornan, EZRA MILLER, Jeremy Allen White, Reece King, ADAM DRIVER, DOMINIC COOPER, DOMINIC SHERWOOD, Alfie Enoch, Ross Lynch, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Jensem Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Eric Dane, Nico Tortorella, Logan Lerman, RAMI MALEK, DOMHNALL GLEESON, Taylor Kinney, Hayden Christensen, Taron Egerton, Johnathan Groff, CHORD OVERSTREET, Sam Claflin, Evan Peters, Aaron Tveit, Paul Wesley, Jack Falahee, Bradley James, COLIN O’DONOGHUE, MATT BOMER, Matt Smith, Avan Jogia, Jared Leto, Henry Cavill, JAKE ABELL.

Ashley Moore, Jessica Sula, HAYLEY ATWELL, LINDSEY MORGAN, Diane Guerrero, Tuppence Middleton, SOPHIE TURNER, Cara Delevingne, Maia Mitchell,  Chyler Leigh, Carla Souza, Hilary Duff, NAIA RIVERA, Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, KRYSTEN RITTER, MARIE AVGEROPOULOS, Deborah Ann Woll, Taylor Swift <3, Lily Colins, Emma Roberts, Emma Stone, Amber Heard, Britt Robertson, Jane Levy, Shelley Henning, KAYA SCODELARIO, JENNA COLLEMAN, MARGOT ROBBIE.

Esses foram os que lembrei de cabeça, se precisarem de mais dicas é só falar aqui de novo. 


top ten list of people that everyone is attracted to no matter your gender or sexual orientation bc why tf not
1. Omar Borkan al Gala, the man so attractive that he was banned from Saudi Arabia
2. Ruby Rose
3. Chris Evans
4. Lupita Nyong'O
5. Natalie Dormer
6. Halsey
7. thebootydiaries
8. Steven Yeun
9. iiSuperwomanii
10. Markiplier

Mini Series Masterlist

Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts - A Chris Evans Mini Series

Part 1 - Imagine admitting you want to marry Chris while you’re drunk.

Part 2 - Imagine Chris helping you through a hangover.

Part 3 - Imagine road trips with Chris.

Part 4 - Imagine Chris proposing with dessert.

Part 5 - Imagine your wedding with Chris.

Epilogue - Imagine eating pizza at a hotel with Chris after your wedding.

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1-32 & 34 35 36 37

[ My Favorites ]

37: Candy: these sour rips things idk and pelon pelo rico !!


35: President: obama

34: State visited: colorado


32: Athlete: idk

31: Actor: Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan bABY!!

30: Actress: Angelina Jolie baby she can kick my ass whenever. Also Alicia Vikander

29: Singer: Bowie, Alicia Keys, and Nicole Dollanganger

28: Band: Bon Iver and PWR BTTM

27: Clothing store: i haven’t shopped anywhere besides goodwill and value village in, like, three years

26: Grocery store: honestly Target

25: TV show: all of the Marvel ones on netflix and any that haven’t come out yet, are in the works, rumored, not even thought of creating, i love them. I love them all. The Get Down, Gilmore Girls

24: Movie: CATWS BABY!!!, any kung fu panda, and lilo & stitch. also walle. okay and E.T.

23: Website: t*mblr, youtube, twitter

22: Animal: foxes

21: Theme park: idk

20: Holiday: CHRISTMAS!!!!!

19: Sport to watch: lmAO

18: Sport to play: lmao

17: Magazine: Fader, I-D

16: Book: Just Kids, IKOAFS, Hamlet

15: Day of the week: wednesdays

14: Beach: i have no idea

13: Concert attended: one direction, grimes, and the 1975

12: Thing to cook: my ass can make a mEAN STIR FRY BABY

11: Food: fries, rice, udon

10: Restaurant: i go to this one thai place all the time, i’ve got the owners phone number lmao.

9: Radio station: KEXP (actually no but they’re the only one i can think of. they played frank once and i was !!!!!)

8: Yankee candle scent: blue summer sky, bundle up, and mountain lodge

7: Perfume: One Direction Between Us, One Direction Our Moment, One Direction You & I :-)

6: Flower: ooo my favs are hydrangeas, baby’s breath, and sunflowers  

5: Color: yellow, green, and red

4: Talk show host: jaMES CORDEN BABY

3: Comedian: idk

2: Dog breed: hehe my favs are corgi, st. bernard, and shibas  

1: Did you answer all these truthfully?: YES ? ?? ??