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B: Favorite band.

twenty one pilots!!!

U: Where I want to be right now. 

disneyland :(

C: Who I like and why I like them. 

this guy in my art class who is literally like a younger version of chris evans, its insane. i would say i like him because he has a great sense of humor and he’s always making me laugh somehow (and his eyes are to die for)

K: Relationship with my parents. 

it’s great!!! we do basically almost everything together, like every weekend we go to the movies. occasionally i’ll even be in a group chat with my parents and it’s like the funniest thing ever lol. i love them

Y: Do you want to go to college. 


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I didn't know Christians swear so much. I always thought they didn't

I’m assuming you’re meaning this as an insult, nonnie. I’m not sure if you are or not. I’m such a mess that frankly I’m barely walking. But I can gladly explain things to you, so you can know and others can know and I’ll be as nice as possible even though I really have no idea if this will make any sense at all.

I actually don’t swear that much. I swear when I write if the story needs it (I stopped trying to cover it up when writing a Tony x OFC fic that
tumblr has never seen because frankly tumblr doesn’t care about my fics. There’s no way I could have continued trying to hide the language that makes up Tony Stark). I swear typing messages when I’m upset, and even then I try not to. Occasionally it’ll come out (That Chris Evans pic, I mean geez can I live?). But I don’t like to do it too much because of a personal preference. And I’ve gotten the ‘Why don’t you swear? It’s not a big deal’ as well. For the record. It’s how I am.

Now I’ll tell you about some friends of mine. One of my best friends? She cusses like a sailor. Scared the snot out of me when I heard it the first time. She’s a Christian. Someone I work with cusses A LOT. Like the other girl. She’s a Christian. One of my high school friends cusses a lot. She’s a Christian.

Unfortunately a lot of people seem to want to stereotype Christians as a certain way- and I’m not saying anyone has or hasn’t because it’s not my place. I’m just explaining because if you don’t, how are you going to expect everyone to understand your side?

I will openly say it- sometimes I’m hurt when my mutuals reblog things about Christians. The Trump crap things where someone says it’s the Christian’s fault- that hurts. A lot. More than it should since that’s not who I am. But it hurts because that’s still me and I hate that people will see that word and see someone I’m not.

Not all Christians are the same. Some think cussing is the evilest thing in the world. Some think it’s just words and don’t see why it matters. Some could care less and do whatever they feel and don’t judge those who do (that’s how I try to be, but no one is perfect and knowing that means you learn from everything).

I don’t cuss a lot, but that shouldn’t be a stereotype. Not all Christians are the same and we don’t all act the same. Some drink, some smoke, some do drugs, some do whatever. Some think you should never drink. It’s a personal preference and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. But I appreciate this ask because it made me think, even if I’m a mental mess.


Shoutout to @emilyevanston for tipping me off to the fact that I might have some of my missing stuff in my browser’s cache. Because of this, I was able to recover my tag list!

So, I am tagging you all just in case you haven’t heard yet. I accidentally deleted ALL of my blogs yesterday morning. (Feel free to say ‘smooth move slick’ because I totally am).

So if you still want to read my stories, you will need to refollow this blog as all followers were lost when the blog got deactivated!!!

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I also found the birthday story that I wrote for @ariallane so I’m posting it here with the beautiful banner that @heather-lynn made!!!

Private Show

Chris and Sammie stood on a secret balcony in Disney World watching as fireworks went off around Cinderella’s Castle. She had always loved coming to the park, especially as a child, but never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined the secrets that were within the park.

Chris’s contract with Marvel, and thus Disney, had opened a lot of the secret doors at Disneyland and Disney World. It wasn’t something they took advantage of often, especially since they usually came with the whole family. But in quiet trips like this where it was just the two of them, they let their inner nerdiness out and spent the day not on rides but on behind the scenes tours.

Despite never needing a reason to let out their inner children, they’d come to Disney World to celebrate her birthday. Along with the behind the scenes look at some of their favorite attractions, they’d eaten dinner at her favorite Disney Park restaurant and then she’d gotten the surprise of a lifetime.

Chris had made her put on a blindfold and a pair of headphones with music from The Lion King coming from them then had lead her to a secret location, which had turned out to be the hidden suite in Cinderella’s Castle. The fact that they were staying in the exclusive (and typically booked room) told her that this whole trip hadn’t been the “spur of the moment” trip he’d claimed just days before.

They had been limited in their time to “explore the suite” aka testing out one of the beds due to the impending fireworks show. They’d finished with just enough time to redress before one of the Disney Cast Members arrived to take them to another secret location for a private viewing of the famous firework show.

The cast member led them to a top secret location via secret tunnels and back stairs and brought them out onto a balcony that had a perfect view of the castle, but was blocked on the other three sides making it impossible for them to determine where they were. Not that they didn’t try, because they spent several minutes leading up to the start of the show arguing over their location.

Their argument came to a stop as the first fireworks lit up the sky and music filled the air. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close as they watched from their perfect vantage point.

As the show neared its end, the cast member returned and offered to take a photo of the two of them. Sammie hand her phone over and they turned their back to the show for a moment and smiled at the camera. After getting the phone back, Sammie nodded as she smiled at the perfect picture of herself, Chris and Cinderella’s Castle.

Sammie leaned against Chris as the last fireworks lit up the sky. She would always remember this birthday. The Disney perks were obviously part of the reason, but the man next to her, the love of her life, was the real reason this birthday would be memorable.

His Shirt

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Words:  1273

This is just a fluffy wedding night one shot that I wanted to write. 
Warning: There is mention of le smut, but it’s not really there, there.

A/N: If you want tagged in anything let me know.

          You were laughing as you watched your husband dancing with his buddies at your wedding. You couldn’t believe this day had finally come. You were now married to your best friend. You were the luckiest woman alive.

           Chris looked over and caught your eyes, immediately making his way over to where you were watching him, “Come on, Beautiful,” he held his hand out to you.

           “You’re dancing with the guys,” you said.

           “I want to dance with my wife,” he insisted, pulling you to your feet.

           “I love that,” you smiled as he pulled you into his arms, against his solid chest.

           “That you’re my wife?” he grinned, kissing you.

           You nodded, “I can’t believe today actually happened.”

           “Well, believe it, Baby,” he smiled, twirling the two of you around, “Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.”

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3, 8, 17, 21! for the film questions

3. An actor/actress you’ve seen in more than 8 movies? List the movies.

dear lord idk eight is a lot. okay, after some thought: chris evans

  1. scott pilgrim vs the world
  2. fantastic four
  3. fantastic four: rise of the silver surfer
  4. captain america: the first avenger
  5. the avengers
  6. captain america: the winter soldier
  7. avengers: age of ultron
  8. captain america: civil war

8. Which book would you like to see adapted into a film?

OH BOY calling me out for not reading lately…umm,, tbh the iron trial by cassandra clare and holly black was real good and could make a good film if done right

17. Which cinematic universe would you like to live in?

goodness, okay, well either the princess diaries universe OR the x-men universe bc i wanna be a mutant or a princess lmao

21. A film with an amazing soundtrack?

i listed a bunch here but i’m going to add the dark knight trilogy and interstellar bc hans zimmer is an actual god

FILM ASK GAME (idk how many i haven’t answered but ask away!)


6 weeks production schedule #AvengersInfinityWar #Edinburgh - 1st unit with actors to film mid April

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Hi, if its not too much to ask could I have a mcu male ship? I have really long curly black hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty shy and introverted, but I'm not a pushover and I won't let someone walk all over me. I'm not very intimidating, but I'm a loud mouth and I can get pretty creative with insults. I love logic puzzles, reading, and I'm always up for binge watching old movies. My dream in life is to one day be tall enough to reach top shelves, but alas, I'm cursed with the height of 5 feet (-_-

I ship you with Steve Rogers!

You two met at a restaurant when your original date stood you up. But he became the best date and future boyfriend you’d ever have. He takes you on the most random and exhilarating dates. From sneaking into an abandoned amusement park to sitting on the Avengers Tower roof watching old movies on a projector, they’ll always be dates you’ll remember. Steve likes to talk to you for hours about his day or your day or anything else that comes to mind. Just sitting in the same room as you makes him happy, and you too. Sometimes you’ll be sitting and reading while he does his thing and it’s so wonderful. That’s the thing about you two- it’s the simple things that make it worth it.

69/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.

In 1472, the town of Wengen, Switzerland came together quite peacefully as it’s inhabitants were predominantly human carrying out families for generations. Meanwhile, a couple of kilometers away was a coven of witches who seamlessly lived among the humans, never being detected for being supernatural. Even when they were found out during the plague of 1475, they proved their peaceful place in society by healing civilians that fell victim to the spreading disease. Though most of the witches agreed to live peacefully, and tales of the humans displaying outstanding understanding and bravery spread to other countries, pulling in other species of supernaturals hoping to find peace themselves… more.

                        MAIN | TAKEN | RULES | APP | SPECIES

STILLWATERHQs is a brand new literate, supernatural rp set in a small area of the Swiss Alps, and is a place for supernatural creatures to live in harmony among one another and the humans that choose to settle in the town. Our main focus is character development and creating an inclusive environment for everyone to explore their favorite muses.