Lawyered: Deleted Scene - Driving Stick

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This scene takes place in Chapter 12 of Lawyered.

“Basic first rule: you have three pedals. Left is clutch, middle is brake, right is gas.”

She lightly tapped each with the tip of her sneaker. “Clutch… brake… gas. Got it.”

“Good.” He gently grasped her hand where it was resting against her thigh, the edge of his pinky brushing over her jeans before he brought them to rest on the stick shift. “Now, we’re going to turn the car on…” When she moved to reach for the keys in the ignition, his hand tightened around hers. “Not yet. Neutral first,” he told her. “Press the clutch and we’ll shift into neutral.”

Her eyebrows furrowed, but she did as she was told and eased the stick into neutral. “Like that?”

He smiled. “Just like that. Now keep your foot on the clutch.” Chris wanted to tell her to turn on the car, but found himself reaching over to twist the keys himself. There was no reason that she couldn’t do it. He knew it would just require him to let go of her hand, but maybe that was the problem. “Alright, now we’re going to practice.”

“Practice what?”

“Changing gears.” He moved her hand to the upper left. “This is first gear.” Then a little to the right. “Second gear.”

Chris rotated through each gear with her, then again for good measure before a final time that resulted in a smoother shift. “Great. Now you do it without me.”

“Well, that’s a terrible idea.”

“You can rattle off court opinions to me that are over a century old. This is a cakewalk by comparison.”

The look she gave him was dubious at best, but Danielle nevertheless started to rotate through each gear. It wasn’t with the practiced ease that her passenger had down pat after nearly fifteen years of practice, but it was passable.

When she had the car back in first gear, she turned her head to find Chris grinning wildly at her. “What?”

“Nothing.” He held up his hands. “Nothing at all.”

I really really want to watch disney movies with chris cause let’s be honest, he’s the biggest disney nerd I know and it’d be an entirely happy moment.

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and there you have it The “I’m rubber your glue ‘ response

“Anna Farris said himself they seeing each over before Jenny separate from her husband” you changed Anna’s sex? it'r “herself” and you have problem understanding English or just understanding at all? Anna said Chris told her, he was thinking about asking Jenny out on a date, and Anna didn’t make any reference to Jenny’s marital status, in fact Jenny was officially separated way back, but I’m not gonna explain shit to you because you are dumb!!

Thanks I’m French and dumb like you said so I apologize. But what you’re excuse for feel so angry and vulgar hum ?

Ladies and gentlemen: I give you….The inner workings of the I hate Jenny Slate for dating Chris Evans Brain…. Bing round of applause … clap   clap clap.

On that note   I’m going to bed   To all Chris Evans fans who are just trying to catch up and check out pics and news on your babe, i’m sorry you had to see this on your tag. Enjoy his sweetness. 

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Bringing more to light. I found a new hobby. And no humor is Not a nervous break down you idiot..are you making fun of mental illness?////??who’s the hypocrite now?  Pot? This is fucking kettle. unbelievable  


Mon chou, you can’t call someone “vulgar” while running a hate blog & simultaneously saying the worst possible things about a woman you DON’T KNOW. Take a hard look in the mirror & realize that you’re just a terrible shit person & projecting your self hate on to Jenny. That is the TRUTH, because no one is forcing you to type & post the disgusting things you do. Vulgarity is not the problem, the problem is you.


Jenny is that you? I post the truth not lies and I am not vulgar unless with you. But why you will come too my blog if you hate me so much ?

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Jenny seems to be spending a lot of time at Chris's house, judging from her social media pictures. I love this because the only reason she's at his house is because HE wants her to be there. I'm sure it makes the other side so bitter, because it's hard to explain that away. They probably say Jenny breaks into his house or something, or maybe pr makes her go to his house to take a picture. Whatever, I just love that she stays with him.

Yes it seems so natural at this stage in their relationship. Kind of progressing nicely. At a nice pace. I think they are doing their thing and taking time enjoying things in between work. Nice work life balance. They seem to have mutual respect for careers and home life. But yeah. I just laugh at what they say. Obviously. It’s just comical. Thanks for your opinion. All are welcome. I’m actually quite nice.