what she says: i’m fine

what she means: captain america has been a huge part of my life and chris evans’s portrayal of one of my favourite characters got me through dark times and introduced me to a same but different incarnation of this character that i love. chris evans has played this character with such dignity and grace and has shown time and again that he understands the core of who steve rogers is; and despite his anxieties about taking it on, he’s grown so much in his time with steve rogers and has come to do his best to exemplify steve’s values on and off-screen. marvel is huge on legacy characters and of course the next captain america will be his own actor & character & person, but chris evans is steve rogers, and the last few years have been such a great & wonderful journey with him.


Robert has really been incredibly thoughtful in his care of the other actors, me especially. In the beginning of this franchise, I was really nervous, but he extended his kindness and warmth and helped pick me up in a lot of ways and gave me confidence and direction and support. - Chris Evans

I really couldn’t imagine anyone else in that role. It’s probably the highest degree of difficulty of all the superheroes in the Marvel world to get right. There’s just a certain confidence and humility you had to have going in. Chris has gotten more and more detached from his own neurosis or judgement as the years have gone by. And to look good in that helmet? It was just the right guy for the job. - Robert Downey Jr