Love The Way You Lie

Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: fighting, angst, mentions of violence, drinking, swearing, fire, 

Words: 1043

Inspired by: Love The Way You Lie (Part II)- Rihanna ft. Eminem

All credit goes to Marvel.

Tables were thrown across the rooms. Windows smashed. Yelling pierced the neighbors’ ears and some debated calling the police. But they had done that many times, and each time, nothing was resolved even after the police left. A mother sang to her child to attempt to drown out the swear words spewed from the next door’s couples’ mouths.

Bucky slammed his right fist into the wall beside Y/N’s head, but the girl didn’t even flinch. Instead, she harshly shoved him off her and stalked off, walking to their shared room and slamming the door behind her. Bucky angrily huffed and pulled his hand from the drywall, ignoring the blood running from his knuckles. 

He kicked at their bedroom door when he found that it was locked. “I swear to fucking God, I’ll tear this door down if you don’t unlock it in five seconds.” Just as he was gearing up to throw his entire weight at the door, Y/N opened the door, backpack in tow. Bucky slightly stumbled until his eyes caught sight of the bag slung on her shoulder. 

He grabbed the strap with enough force that Y/N spun around as the bag was pulled off her. She glared at Bucky with equal parts fire and ice in her eyes, but her boyfriend wasn’t deterred. He simply stared her figure down with a rage in his eyes that Y/N had seen countless times before, whether it was aimed at her or someone who was trying to hurt her. Ironically, he never did this in the mirror. “Apologize.” He nearly growled, trapping her body against the wall, arms caging her in. The one thing that endeared and pissed Bucky the hell off was that she wasn’t scared of him. That was a dream when she moved into the tower and they fell in love. It was a nightmare when they moved into a small house together and began fighting.

“No,” She whispered, leaning closer, just enough to let their lips ghost over one another. With Bucky losing his focus for a mere millisecond, she used that advantage to push Bucky’s arm off the wall, grabbing her bag from his grip and pinning him against the wall. “You’re a fucking psychopath, you know that?” She spat. He smirked.

“Just as much as you, doll. Who do you think made me this way?” He asked condescendingly. Y/N rolled her eyes at him and walked off once more. 

“We do this too much, Buck.” She whispered, looking back at him. He had pushed himself off the wall, resting one forearm on the wall, legs crossed. He turned out of this position, walking towards her like a predator to his prey. Unfortunately for him, Y/N was no prey. She was just as much of a predator as he was. 

“That’s because it’s us, doll,” once more he pinned her to the wall, with just enough force but not as harshly. He dipped his head to her height, pressing his lips to hers in a rough, fevered kiss. He grabbed her bag once more, throwing it off her and to the ground somewhere in the hallway. He pulled away and tipped her chin up with a finger, her eyes now slightly softer, but he knew better that a rage was still in battle, “Now, is there anything you have to say to me?” 

“I’m sorry, Bucky,” she said, looking up at him innocently, using the eyes that made Bucky’s dick twitch in his pants. She pulled him closer by the collar of his torn henley shirt. She put his ear right by her mouth, smirking at the way he shivered under her hot breath. “I’m sorry that you’re an asshole.” He tensed up and was just about to punch another hole in the wall with his left fist until she caught it in her own hand. She threw him off her. She didn’t grab her bag this time. 

“Just run off, Y/N, huh? Go do what you always do when we fight. Run off to a bar and hope some poor sap will buy you enough drinks that you forget all about our fights so you come back home to me.” Bucky said from behind her. Tears welled up in her eyes out of frustration and anger. She spun on her heel, and yelled louder than she ever had.

“At least that guy didn’t cause this!” she shrieked, shoving her hand out to showcase the damage that Bucky had caused: the five holes in the wall, the two broken windows, the two end tables and a shattered lamp. Bucky mentally groaned, but he didn’t say a word. He watched as the woman he adored and loved more than anything storm out, taking off to God knows where. He listened to the door slam behind her, but he didn’t watch, covering his eyes with his arm. 

When he did open his eyes, he stared at the destruction around him. He thought of all the holes that he had punched into the walls time and time again that he had repaired, only to be punched again. He thought of the broken windows that he’d have to replace and the lamp that illuminated Y/N’s beautiful features in bed, whether they were making love or just sleeping. He sighed.

Bucky looked around at the semi-empty house. He had packed all of their clothing, framed photos of them, and anything he thought Y/N would miss. All of the boxes were loaded into his pickup truck. He took one more look around the home they had built and subsequently wrecked. He breathed in deeply, flicking his zippo lighter open, staring at the flame before tossing it on the ground, watching as the floorboards began going up in flames.

“To new beginnings.” He mumbled to himself, shutting the door behind him and getting into the truck to find Y/N, to tell her that they weren’t going back to that home. To tell her that they’re going to build a new one. To tell her that he wasn’t going to yell at her anymore, make her cry anymore. I’ll make this right, he thought, glancing down at the stuffed bear he had won her on their first public date to a carnival.

I’ll make this right.

A/N: Hi guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing a lot, I’ve been really struggling with some personal issues. I haven’t gotten around to do requests because I’m super unfocused. This piece just kind of came to me and it felt easy to write right now.

Not so innocent

(A/N): this request has got me feelin’ a certain way…

Request: Hey love :) I hope I can give you an idea for an imagine :) You and Steve are a couple and all the other Avengers ship you a lot. Then on time at another one of Tony’s party the guys tease Steve a bit that he barely has sexual experience and he gets all flustered. Then you take him back to your shared apartment to get him in safety. You cuddle on the couch but then things start to get heated and Steve isn’t that shy boy anymore? I don’t know, something like that maybe if you want.

Warnings: swearing, hints of smut

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   “Guys,” Clint slurs drunkenly, “We need to come up with a ship name for (Y/N) and Steve!” His eyes are wide like a child’s and his lips are twisting upwards in a crooked smile. Tony gasps loudly, coughing on his own spit for a moment before calming slightly. He claps his hands together excitedly, his eyes growing wide with excitement. 

   “Oh! I’ve got it-” He spaces off for a moment before breaking off into a fit of giggles, the rest of the Avengers following suit. 

   Everyone had gotten a little buzzed after the party, other than you and Steve but only because the two of you lived in a whole other building and that required you to be able to walk a few blocks. So for the remainder of the party you and Steve had watched the team get shit-faced and then you proceeded to babysit them. That included making sure they didn’t pass out, giving them plenty of water and medicine and your personal favorite, keeping them clear away from any sensitive subjects. Unfortunately the last one hadn’t been working out so well and more than once tonight you’d been subjected to hear about Tony’s secret sex life. 

   “So Steve,” Tony’s voice is so slurred you can barely understand the man. “What about you? How’s your non-existent sex life going?” You nearly choke on the water you had been drinking and you attempt to reign in the coughing fit that immediately follows after. Steve was beside you blushing madly, covering his face with his hands. 

  You knew Steve’s sex life was a sort of touchy subject for him. He didn’t get much experience before the war and since being thawed he didn’t have much time for it (or so he said). In all honesty you knew he was just a little nervous to try, he’d never done anything with anyone before and he didn’t want to mess it up. It was fairly obvious he wanted your first time with him to be just as good as you had imagined and he didn’t want to let you down. This meant that he never really did anything remotely sexual with you. 

   Sure there’d been times where you’d come close, heavily making out after a training session or during the early hours of the morning but you’d never gone any further than that and Steve was more than self-conscious about it. 

  “U-um…” Steve trails off, staring down at the floorboards beneath him. Tony scoffs before taking another swig of whatever he’d been drinking, rolling his eyes in disappointment. 

  “You’re so boring Capsicle. You don’t have one good sex story?” Steve stares down at his hands for a moment longer before shaking his head meekly. The man looked so intimidated and nervous, it was sort of breaking your heart. 

   “Okay you guys,” You rise from your seat, giving the group a small smile. “I think it’s all time we stopped with the drinks and went to bed,” Everyone simultaneously groans in annoyance all the while clutching their bottles a little tighter. 

   “Come on (Y/N),” Tony whines, “We’re having fun, let us live a little,” You give him a small smirk before snatching his bottle away with ease, given that he was nearly too drunk to even hold onto the thing anymore. 

   “Maybe some other night but we all have to go into Shield tomorrow to do some work and I’d rather not be doing it with a bunch of hungover grouchy pants. Now go get your asses in bed before I call in Fury,” The Avengers groan once again but slowly rise from their seats, all tittering on the spot. With slow, wobbly steps they all dissipate, leaving only you and Steve in the living room. 

  You turn to look at him with a bright smile, your hand extended to help him from his spot. Steve smiles shyly, his face still a burning mess from the conversation only minutes prior, nonetheless he takes your hand in his, intertwining your fingers. 

   “Thanks for saving my ass back there,” Steve murmurs as you both begin to walk towards the elevators. You give his hand a gentle squeeze and continue to drag him along. 

   “It was nothing, I know stuff like that makes you uncomfortable,” Steve sighs softly and he’s no doubt feeling guilty. Guilty because he can’t give you what you crave, what you both crave. Not only that but he was even uncomfortable with the whole thing, much unlike the rest of you who were very open about these kind of things. 

  All together you knew he was feeling shitty and the thought alone has you feeling bad too.

   “It’s nothing to be ashamed of Steve, we’ve all-” You stop however when you happen to glance upon his face, which look less than amused at your statement. Instead of continuing you decide to stop rambling, sealing your lips tightly. You give his hand one more gentle squeeze before you hit the elevator button, awaiting the silent walk home that was most likely to follow. 

   You had been correct when you guessed the walk home would be a silent one. Steve was completely quiet the entire time, not even his breathing could be heard. You wanted to console him but you knew better, he just needed some time to himself to get over this and you attempting to tell him that being a 100 year old virgin was okay was not going to help him. So instead you guys walked in an uncomfortable silence, refusing to meet each other’s gaze. 

   As soon as you walked through your apartment door Steve wrapped his arms around you tightly, pulling you back against his warm chest. His face nuzzles into your neck and the small sigh that leaves his lips doesn’t go unnoticed by you. With a faint smile you place your arms over his, your thumbs starting to smooth circles into his skin. 

   “Can we cuddle or somethin’…?” Steve asks in such a small voice you’re nearly ‘aww-ing’ out loud. You know that won’t help his confidence so you keep it in, instead deciding upon a small smile and affirmative nod. 

   “Course we can,” Steve smiles against your skin before pressing a lingering kiss to your neck. “Just let me go change, okay?”  His arms remained steadfast around you for a moment before he lets go, albeit with some reluctance. You turn to look at him with a confused smile, Steve wasn’t ever this affectionate. That you thought was strange, especially since you’d thought he’d been brooding after what happened at Stark Tower. You don’t question it too much though, you didn’t want Steve to suddenly become any less affectionate. You lean on your tiptoes to press a soft kiss to his lips before pulling away, giving him one last smile before scurrying off to your room to change. 

   By the time you come out Steve has already cocooned himself within a blanket and has proceeded to curl up on the couch. 

   “Took you long enough,” Steve smiles sleepily and you nearly melt on the spot. That was super cute, he was super cute. With a smile of your own you snuggle down beside him, allowing to wrap his blanketed arms around you. He’s once again nuzzling against you and you think you may die of a heart attack. Whatever was going on with him you liked it. 

   Steve rests his face in the crook of your neck for a moment, breathing in deeply. You can’t help but feel damn near elated by the turn of events, Steve was talking to you once again, he was being a cuddly sweetheart, and now- Your thoughts are cut short when Steve’s lips begin to press a number of slow, open mouthed kisses against your neck. 

   You can’t help the small whimper that leaves your mouth as your eyes screw shut in fleeting pleasure. You nearly regret the sound when you remember that this is Steve you’re dealing with, precious baby Steve but suddenly there’s a low growl in the back of his throat and he’s now nipping at the skin of your jawline. You moan softly, biting your lip as you attempt to keep it in but it was no use not when Steve was nearly mouth fucking your skin so deliciously. 

  “S-Steve,” You mumble as your hand goes up to grip at his hair. “W-what are you-” 

   “You’ve got to tell me if you want this,” Steve all but growls and the sound of his voice, so husky and full of lust, has you quivering on the spot. “Because if I get started I don’t know If I can stop,” 

  “Oh my god,” You whisper, gripping his hair a little tighter. “Yes Steve, please, yes,” There’s a dark chuckle vibrating through his chest and you’d be lying if it didn’t turn you on even more. 

   “Good choice doll,”

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I just found out that Hayley is a nominee for a people's choice award. Why did no one one tell me?? Hope she'll win it.

What, you didn’t get the weekly Atwell Memo??? ;-)

It’s true! Our beloved Hayley really is nominated for “Favorite Actress in a New TV Series”. Well, it’s not surprising actually because she is such a fucking talented actress!

If you guys wanna vote for her, and I know you do, follow this link.

You can also vote for Chris “Dorito” Evans in the category “Favorite Action Movie Actor” and for Avengers 2.5: Civil War in even two categories, “Favorite Movie” and “Favorite Action Movie”.

Torture (Bucky x Reader) Part 2

Summary: Hey, how could one pizza delivery change everything? It doesn’t, right? …right?
Type: Drabble | Series | One shot
Word Count: 1270-ish?
Warnings: none
Next update: Unsure, but most probably October 28, 2am PHT (UTC +8:00)

“Torture” (Bucky x Reader) Masterlist

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“…saying is, it’s pretty mundane for her to faint. It’s not everyday you see a freak show with an arm wrapped in tin foil.”

“Wait until she sees Red Goggled Icarus with a mechanical bird for a pet.”

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