“I think the reason Chris went on the drinking bender for 6 months at the start of RE6 wasn’t because he lost his team, he’s lost a lot of people along the way, I think it was because he missed Wesker, and Chris only seems to let go of all his anger when he see’s Wesker in Jake. It’s like Chris realizes that Wesker is still alive, and it calms him.”

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Episode 22 - Resident Evil

It was inevitable. This week we delve into the world of survival horror with the game that brought the genre to the mainstream, the iconic Resident Evil. We largely focus on the 2002 remake of the original, purely because there’s extra stuff there, but we also discuss the original release on the PS1 and even, briefly, the official Resident Evil Novelization.

Resident Evil is, on the surface, a fairly simple story about a glorified SWAT team investigating a series of murders and stumbling upon a deadly conspiracy. Below the surface, it is a writhing mass of madness and buffoonery that somehow manages to successfully combine creeping dread with B-Movie ultra-camp to create one of the most fun experiences in video game history.

Marvel as Jill Valentine tangles with enigmatic clues and short term memory loss. Thrill as Chris Redfield overcomes his own illiteracy! Can our heroes defeat such dangerous foes as plants, weather vanes, and a brief foray into a different horror game altogether? Is that fuckin’ Dracula?!

Tune in to Episode 22 to discover what EVIL RESIDENTS lurk in the creaky old Spencer Mansion. 

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gif request meme: blufeniix asked favorite character, hero, villain, & minor character + Resident Evil
↳ Jill Valentine
   Chris Redfield
   Albert Wesker
   Josh Stone