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- the Head and the Heart -

how can I describe this night

The moment they set foot on stage, all of my road trips, all of my nights alone, all of my walks outdoors, every time I pick up an instrument, every moment at which I’ve ever heard THATH flashed before my eyes as their warmth washed over me with the blinding stage lights. 

These people- these seemingly larger-than-life icons- stood before me, and returned to human stature, but expounded energetically, friendly, humbly, passionately, far beyond the schema I had constructed of them. 

I knew they were nice people, but (oh, and I was in the absolute front, up against the gate that kept the crowd a foot and a half away from the stage itself) I saw Josiah smiling from behind the curtain during the opening act at the sunflowers I brought for them c: , after their first song I tossed them on stage and he gave this wonderful smile and clapping bow to me and gave the flowers to Charity, who lit up from eyes to toes as soon as she saw them c,:    I’ve never been so touched. 

And for every single song- of course I know every word, every note, every beat; of course I’m going to sing and dace and motion along as if it was my last day on Earth- as I invested every ounce of energy and raw emotion I had amassed through the years of being touched by their music, it was returned to me, directly, tenfold by Josiah! We would dance toward eachother, point at eachother, sing at eachother; it was as if we had been best friends for years and were playing the songs together! And it all came to a climax when between songs, nearing the end of the concert, he stepped forward and reached out to me for a genuine high five/handshake, and we exchanged “you’re so awesome!!"s 

The show was so incredulously intimate; the moments between songs were as quiet as an empty room, and became times of direct conversation between people in the crowd and band members. Miami jokes were made, a fan made the whole room die laughing by calling one of them "you sexy bitch!”, songs were requested, the crowd harmonized with the singers like a practiced choir. It was just unbelievable. I never expected it to be more like playing a show for a family than playing a concert for a venue. 

Finally, after the wonderful, cheer-power-extended encore, when the band took their final bow, my heart crossed its eustress tolerance threshold and collapsed. Jonathan began the throwing of the setlists into the crowd- tossed the two to the right of me out into the sea of hands- but when he came to face me, he crumpled it carefully in his hand, reached out with eyes and arm fixed on me, and gave it to me, personally, in another slow, genuine, unforgettable handshake. I shouted “I love you!”, he mouthed “thank you so much!”, and walked away behind the curtain. 

The amount of love between the band and the crowd, the amount of intimacy and fun in the air, the unbelievable performance- including the soul-shattering notes in “Rivers and Roads” that Charity masterfully belted out, the unbelievable one-on-one-ness of the whole show between the frontmen and I. 

It was all just so unforgettable. 

My arms, my hands, my feet, my legs, my voice, my head, and my heart are all so beautifully strained. I’m going to sleep pretty damn well tonight in my concert shirt. 

Thank you more than I could ever say, the Head and the Heart, for everything you write, everything you do, everything you give in your shows, everything you are. 

You are my absolute, undisputed, favorite band. 


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