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Elizabeth Olsen/Scarlet Witch training on IW set!

Scarlet Witch fight scene and a cool as F explosion


– and FIN. I’ll confirm the number later, but I believe I finished at 126 images in 2 months, outside of ‘work’.

Thank you for being here for the 'Red Series’– it’s kicking of something fresh for me, and I’m excited for the projects to come from this.

Last pieces can be purchased at


#Actors are arriving & on their way to Edinburgh #olsen #renner #AvengersInfinityWar filming starts tomorrow night 18.00pm parliament Square


Elizabeth olsen on the set of infinity war (3/3)
The last picture was epic

[Tony and Vision wait for Bucky and Steve to enter the work shop]

Tony: There they are, my two old men. 

[Steve leans in to kiss Tony while Bucky stays back]

Bucky: Hey, one day you’ll be on the other side of seventy and I’ll trade you in for a newer model. Am I right? 

[Bucky gives a playful wink to Vision who glares at him]

Vision: He’s my father, Sergeant Barnes. 

Avengers infinity War

filming on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh right now outside St Giles’ Cathedral. I’m fanboying so much!!! 


My Theory is that Thanos sends The Black Order to retrieve the Mind Stone from Visions head.

Here set videos!

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While elsewhere…

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Chris spotted in Atlanta *.* Avengers Infinity War is coming!!
Credits pic @the_glam_guru

Whoever made this I hate you but i applaud you for how amazing it is

Credit to: @youneedtostrut Sorry I didn’t realise there was a watermark until someone pointed it out my bad


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Avengers Assemble in Edinburgh

Captain America, Spiderman and Vision

Can I get a bit of help

I’m doing a project for class where we have to convince the class why we should get the 28th off for a specific holiday instead of taking our final.

Holiday in question? Superhero Day.

Now, if you’d be so kind and reblog this if you’d rather celebrate superhero day instead of take your finals that’d be amazing~

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