Chris Taylor


“It’s hard to write, because, uh, you can write a million things a day, but it’s hard to write something that you’re proud of. So I’m just trying, you know, I’m just trying.”

Amy (2015) dir. Asif Kapadia

Unfortunately, Portman was increasingly difficult to deal with on set- some of the crew say she made several actresses playing her handmaidens, including Keira Knightley (age twelve in The Phantom Menace), cry in the previous prequels, allegedly for the crime of talking to her without permission.

Chris Taylor, How Star Wars Conquered the Universe (p 343)

Photographer Chris Taylor made a book about Bill Callahan called The Life and Times of William Callahan and no one told me, even thought I have “I’m just drinking at the dam” tattooed across my forehead. Anyway, I just found out about it on Noisey, where you can see some more photos of the man formerly known as Smog/(Smog) and his surroundings and wonder what he’s thinking beneath those amazing greying locks.