VIDEO: Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor Filming Scene in Washington D.C.

Focus on the Pretty

The world really has a way of making me sad right now, with the exception of the few happy highlights from the World Cup. I think we need some pretty men to look at…

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Thanks to those who made the pretty gifs!

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VIDEO: WONDER WOMAN 1984 - Chris Pine and Gal Gadot are spotted filming a balcony - 6/16/18 - [*SPOILERS*]

So, I’m probably really really bias, but Dr Alex Murray is looking really awesome right now. 😄😄😄😄😄😄

Today I was able to paint pretty much all of him and that was more than what I was expecting to get done. I thought it would take a bit longer to paint. Tomorrow night I plan on doing any final details I may see before commencing the process of glueing his head and body together…which will be an event since the head is from a bobblehead and the body was from a non-bobblehead pop. But I have a plan!!!

Anyways, I think the one issue right now is trying to decide on if I want to paint in a few stripes for the grey on his chin :/

All in all I hope to be sharing him with all of you within the next few days 😆