Well, it’s not hard to prepare for something like that, when we spent that whole day doing that scene, leading up to that moment that you’re talking about, when my character yells the name that shall not be spoken.

So the day was really intense, because we spent hours and hours in that scenario where, you know, someone who I’m incredibly good friends with in real life, and whose character my character is incredibly good friends with in the world of the movie, appears to have expired.

And, uh, that is unsettling. And so, you know, we spent a lot of time building up to that moment, and the… expression of anger and the need for revenge and all that stuff came out of the work that we had been doing all day. So, ultimately, it wasn’t that difficult.

—  Zachary Quinto, FanExpo 2013 (on being asked how he prepared for the scene in Star Trek Into Darkness when he yells that name)
when talking about star trek
  • chris pine:intelligent comments, thinly veiling his totally nerding out over HOW COOL SPACE EXPLORATION IS AND HOW MUCH HE LOVES THE CREW
  • zachary quinto:calm stoic response about how much he deeply appreciates the cultural importance of star trek and the way it has enhanced so many people's lives, a small smile at the corner of his mouth
  • karl urban:incoherent screaming, suggests 24601 plot points for the next movie, does the vulcan salute