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Hi guys, it’s your trusty editor Shannon, and IT IS A BIG DAY FOR COVERS IN THE WORLD OF ADVENTURE TIME! 

We’ve got awesome ADVENTURE TIME #8 covers by the trusty Chris Houghton, indie superstar Drew Weing, the talented Colleen Coover, and superstar cartoonist Phil McAndrew coming at you!

In the world of MARCELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS #3, we have a RAD homage to Liz Phair’s “Exile in Guyville” from JAB, a sick concert poster from Yuko Ota, and a limited variant cover from the incredible Vera Brosgol. 

These are some of my favorite covers we’ve ever done, and you can get them all this September! ROCK ‘EM SOCK 'EM! 


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I meant to draw this sooner (since the episode aired weeks ago) but I wanted to do a promo image for Chris and my most recent Harvey Beaks episode, The Sleepover’s Over (outline by Kevin Kramer). I’m really proud of how the final episode turned out - in fact, it might be my favorite of our episodes! We really got to contribute to the story on the episode and I learned a lot from the experience. Also, Ego Plum’s score for the episode is amazing and I felt many emotions the first time I saw the episode with the music.

I went ahead and embedded a youtube upload below:



Here’s a bunch of designs I did for the Gravity Falls “Summerween” episode. This episode was a ton of work but awesome to be a part of. This was one of the episodes where I ended up doing storyboard revisions as well as character design (luckily not at the same time). Because of that I think I spent about 2.5 months or so on “Summerween.” Crazy!

Anyone read Korean? Niki Yang told me to draw in that Korean character on Candy’s cellphone pic. She said it’s slang for “cool” or something. I hope it doesn’t mean something awful which would land me in jail. Cartoonists don’t do well in jail.

I also did the final designs on the Trickster. I’ll post those soon…

Oooooooh!!!Boom Studios today confirmed the release of a Regular Show comic to be released in April.this preliminary cover art is by Adventure Time cover artist and tumblr-er-er Chris Houghton which suggest that the covers will,as with the Adventure Time franchise,be drawn by the brightest and most exciting artists from the interwebs.The same stands for the interior of the series,the comic will be written by Gunshow creator KC Green(whose tumblrs here and here I’m sure you’re following)and drawn by the brilliant Alison Strejlau ,who tumbls here.

An exciting day for all cartoon and comic fans and an exciting day for all tumblr artists,you lot are taking over the comic industry one title at a time and it is great!

Read more about the announcement on my site and head over to KC Green’s tumblr for a brilliant Mordecai & Rigby sketch.