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I meant to draw this sooner (since the episode aired weeks ago) but I wanted to do a promo image for Chris and my most recent Harvey Beaks episode, The Sleepover’s Over (outline by Kevin Kramer). I’m really proud of how the final episode turned out - in fact, it might be my favorite of our episodes! We really got to contribute to the story on the episode and I learned a lot from the experience. Also, Ego Plum’s score for the episode is amazing and I felt many emotions the first time I saw the episode with the music.

I went ahead and embedded a youtube upload below:



Here’s a bunch of designs I did for the Gravity Falls “Summerween” episode. This episode was a ton of work but awesome to be a part of. This was one of the episodes where I ended up doing storyboard revisions as well as character design (luckily not at the same time). Because of that I think I spent about 2.5 months or so on “Summerween.” Crazy!

Anyone read Korean? Niki Yang told me to draw in that Korean character on Candy’s cellphone pic. She said it’s slang for “cool” or something. I hope it doesn’t mean something awful which would land me in jail. Cartoonists don’t do well in jail.

I also did the final designs on the Trickster. I’ll post those soon…

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James Baxter, Matt Braly, Paul Robertson, Dana Terrace

Character Designers:

Bryan ArnettMatt BralyKristen CampbellRobertryan CorySabrina Cotugno, Ali DaneshChris HoughtonAlex KirwanJoe PittStephanie Ramirez

Storyboard Artists:

John AoshimaMatt BralyTyler ChenEmmy CicieregaSabrina Cotugno, Mark GarciaDavid GemmillSunil HallPatrick HarpinBen HolmChris HoughtonJoe PittStephen SandovalChris SonnenburgDana TerraceLuke Weber