Chris Gross


Daughter came home yesterday, so first night was last night…it’s an exciting time- hopefully she’ll bring us some luck in the playoffs.

this is one of my favourite pictures ever

like god they actually are their characters

it looks like dum dum’s just done something gross off-camera and steve’s like “wHOA THAT’S SO COOL TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT”

and bucky’s just like “what the fuck steve you’re not going anywhere near that”

Writer Chris Offutt’s late father wrote and published over 400 books, the vast majority of which were pornography. He tells Terry Gross, “Ghosts, zombie porn, porn set in Atlantis, porn on alien planets with barbarian cultures, vampire porn, pirates.”  

His father got out of the insurance business when he found he could better support his family writing pornography.  But, he also believed he was an artist, and pioneer in the field. Hear Offutt tell his father’s story.