Chris Evans x Reader


     “Good morning, doll.” Steve greeted with a big smile as he walked in the library door where you worked, making the small bell ring out and break the dusty silence. 

     “Good morning.” you smiled back, tapping a stack of books on the counter to even them out. 

     “How are you? Anybody give you any trouble this morning?” he asked, almost angrily because he already knew the answer . A big group of stupid guys picked on you every  morning as you walked by them on your way to work at the library.  


     “They did.” Steve sighed.


     “Why’d you have to go and get into another fight, Steve?” you asked, holding his face gently as you wiped the blood off his lips. 

     “Because, they pick on you all the time and I’m sick of it- Ow!” he hissed as you poured alcohol onto the rag and dabbed his busted lip. 

     “Sorry,” you whispered. “I’m not worth you getting beat up over.” 

     “Don’t say that, Y/N.” he shook his head. “It isn’t right.” 

      “Why does it matter anyway?” 

     “’Cause I love you, Y/N, that’s why. I’m not gonna stand around while those jerks pick you apart.” 


“You are both dorks, you know that?” You chuckled.

“Yeah but you love us.” Chris E. Stammered.

“Well duh! We’re freakin awesome!” Chris P. Exclaimed.

You rolled your eyes and laughed. “Okay, let’s not get carried away now.”

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Dating Chris Evans would include?

  • silly nicknames like “meatball”
  • he would have his arm around your waist/hand on the small of your back every time you went out in public
  • long kisses
  • staring into each other eye’s late at night cause you wouldn’t be able to express how much you love each other with words
  • mapping each other’s bodies with your hands
  • every time you have whipped cream, you’d make a joke about banana splits and “Not Another Teen Movie” which would make him blush
  • when you’re angry at him for a dumb reason, you could say “STEVE ROGERS WOULD NEVER DO THIS TO ME” and he’d respond with; “Ma’am, I am Steve Rogers”
  • being jealous of Hayley Atwell and Seb Stan and him just kissing you and saying “yeah but guess what? you’re hotter”
  • lots of sex
  • you’d never need blankets again cause I assume he’s just that warm
  • forehead kisses
  • hand holding
  • he would wanna meet your family asap and he’d be super charming and very cute and polite and then he’d probably fuck you on the kitchen table while everyone else is asleep
  • lots of oral probably
  • running his fingers through your hair
  • getting wrapped up in his big arms (heart eyes)
  • silly text messages/pictures/videos from set
  • I’m 98% certain that AT SOME POINT one of the other Avengers cast members will steal his phone and pretend to be him like “I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH AND I’M TOTALLY CHRIS. AND I WANNA COME HOME AND I KEEP TAKING SO MANY PICTURES AND SMILING AT MY PHONE”
Picture perfect

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AN: This was so fun to write!, GIF isn’t mine. (Y/F/F)=Your favourite film

Pairing: Steve x reader

Prompt: Can you do a oneshot were Steve and you are watching a movie together and fall asleep on the couch and the avengers (Tony and Nat!?) find you in the morning (cuddled up) and think it´s really sweet and taking a picture. When you and Steve see the photo you admit you like each other. Really fluffy. <3

Warnings: None

“So what are we watching then cap?” You ask Steve as you pop a piece of popcorn into your mouth. “I was thinking…. (Y/F/F)” he grins. You gasp, over dramatically. “My favourite film however did you know?”. He laughs and shakes his head at you before stealing a piece of your popcorn. You roll your eyes at him and put the bowl in-between you before wriggling around on the couch to get comfy. Steve gets up from the couch, turns off the light and putting the disc into the DVD player. He returns to the couch with a blanket and places it over the two of you.

The rest of the avengers had gone out for the evening to a party that Tony was invited to but you didn’t really feel like going out so Steve had offered to stay with you. When joining the avengers the only thing that you were worried about was feeling out of place but that was not the case at all. They made you feel like you were part of their little family. Especially Steve. You and Steve had instantly clicked and became best friends straight away. You cared so much for him, and you wouldn’t lie… you had a rather large crush on him. But you didn’t want to ruin the friendship that you two had so you kept your feelings to yourself and tried to ignore them. Which was rather hard considering the two of you were inseparable.

Part way through the movie your eyes began to get heavy. You never fell asleep watching films but the atmosphere was so perfect and relaxing that you slowly started to drift off. You start to fall asleep, listening to the sound of the movie, when you hear a quiet chuckle come from Steve and he puts the empty bowl of popcorn on the table before wrapping a strong arm around you.


You are awoken to a bright light and the sound of your team mates chuckling. When you finally open your eyes you see a grinning Nat and Tony with their phones out. Taking…pictures?. “What the-” you murmur. You glance up to see that you had fallen asleep cuddling Steve with your head on his chest. “You two are just the cutest!” Tony exclaimed. Steve begins to stir now and you watch him slowly open his eyes. He looks over at you and a blush begins to creep up upon your neck. “What’s going on?” he asks, His voice raspy and full of sleep. You loved how his voice sounded in the morning. It was like music to your ears.
You shrug lightly. Just then Natasha shoves her phone in your face and the light burns your eyes.  You take the phone in your hand and look at what they were taking pictures of to see you and Steve cuddling. Your blush begins to deepen. “What is it Y/N?” Steve asks you again. You pass the phone to him and his eyes widen and he begins to blush.
“Really guys?” Steve groans, tossing Nats phone at her. Your heart feels as if it is about to drop and you cough awkwardly. Deep down you knew that he didn’t have feelings for you but now it was just confirmed. You get up from the couch and storm back to your room.


You avoid the team all day by spending all of your time in the gym. By now there had been a mass of group emails and group texts containing the picture of you and Steve. You put in your earphones and work on a punching bag.


You feel a light tap on your shoulder and you swing around. Steve blocks your punch and you rip out your earphones. “I’m sorry… about that” You pant. “In the…zone”. “It’s fine, no harm done” he chuckles. “So what’s up?” you ask, gulping your water. “Urm..”, he runs a hand through his hair and scratches the back of his neck. You wait for him to continue, his facial expression tells you that he didn’t quite know how to bring this up. “Have you.. Have you been avoiding me?” he blurts out. You look at him with a puzzled look. That noticeable?. “I haven’t seen you all day and you didn’t meet at our usual spot for lunch…”. You turned your attention back to your punching bag and begin to hit it once more. “Y/N what did I do wrong?” he snaps. “Nothing” you sigh, not breaking your focus from the bag in front of you. Steve huffs and holds the bag still. You stop and huff back. “I’m sorry” you grumble. “I just want to know what I’ve done for you to avoid me all day”. You turn your attention to him now, holding his shoulders tightly. “You haven’t done anything Steve” you speak slowly, looking at him in the eyes. You watch as he raises an eyebrow. “The picture?” he asks.
You sigh and walk over to your bags, beginning to unwind your wraps from your hands. “I thought it was kinda…. cute” he mutters and you spin on your heels. “You did?”, “Of course” he smirks. He lifts a hand to your face and brushes a loose piece of hair from your face and tucks it behind your ear. “Yeah it was sweet” you wink. A grin forms across his face and He raises an eyebrow “We look good together”. He starts to get closer to you. He leans his forehead against you and your breath hitches. “I like you Y/N” he whispers, his lips inches from yours. “I like you too Steve” you whisper. “y/N…”, “Yes?” you reply.

“You look beautiful in the morning”

I hope this is okay! Opinions are welcome!<3  ~Emma

These Hands of Mine

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Chris Evans x reader

Imagine: you are Chris Evans wife and are apart of the avengers cast


A/n: Dude, Chris has got some beautiful eyelashes. Has anyone else noticed that?  Why does everyone else seem to be so majestic while i’m a lil potato stuck on a train?????

Genre: Romance, Humor

Rated: Everyone

Warning: swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You were sitting in your husbands lap, back to his chest, messing around with his hands. You were exhausted and the scene that your friends were shooting was the last one before everyone got to relax. You looked down at Chris’s hands and traced the veins and lines, Chris watching from behind you. You smiled softly when Chris started to sing into your neck. He was singing nothing in particular and you laughed when he sang.’ain’t nobody gonna steal my woman, or i’ll sock it right to them’ You both giggled and Robert looked over at you two.

“Uh, someone separate these two please. Too much cuteness might melt my face off and i need my face.”

Scarlett looked over and rolled her eyes at Robert.

“Leave the two alone, Robert. They’re just responding to mating season. It is spring.”

You laughed and replied to her comment with ‘Meow’. Hemsworth shook his head and face-palmed, a small smile on his face while he muttered.

“God save us all.”

chris and you giggled and Chris whispered in your ear.


You laughed and turned your head to him, kissing him softly. Before he could react, you pulled away and Chris huffed.

“That was so unfair on so many levels.”

You shrugged and started playing his his hand again. You froze when Mark stated, trying to keep a straight face.

“I’m surprised they’re not fucking like bunnies though if it’s mating season.”

You retorted.

“Because we’re not bunnies. We’re cat-dog. Mewoof.”

Everyone chuckled and Chris pulled his hands away. You gasped and pouted, crossing your arms.

“Give me a real kiss and i’ll give my hands back.”

You turned to him and narrowed your eyes. Chris just grinned at you and you kissed him, his hands returning to your hips slowly. Robert made gagging noises and Tom just rolled his eyes at Robert, hitting the back of his head.


Birthday Boy: A Chris Evans x Reader One-Shot

Request: She surprises Chris for his birthday on set and he has no idea.

“I’m really sorry I can’t be there to celebrate with you, baby.”

“Aw, it’s okay, sweetheart. Not being able to see the people you love because of work,” he chuckles a bit, “I completely understand. We’ll just have to celebrate extra when I get home.”

You can hear the grin in his voice. “I’ll be sure that we do that.” You duck your head as you step into the Georgia heat. “After all, you only turn thirty-four once.” You flag down a taxi, your duffel swung over on your shoulder. “Dear God, when did my boyfriend get old?”

“Thirty-four isn’t old at all! What the hell are you talking about?” Chris’s laughter fills your ears, making you giggle.

“Well, I’m just saying -” You stop when you hear Chris’s name being called through the phone. “Saved by the bell,” you joke when you hear him sigh. You open the cab door, throwing your duffel in the seat. You slide in.

“Yeah, I gotta get back to the set. Can we facetime tonight?”

“Anything for the birthday boy.” You grin, and Chris chuckles again.

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Ever since you started dating Chris Evans, two things have happened. One, you became best friends with Scarlett Johansson and two, you were beginning to believe that Chris was only dating you to stop the press from asking when he was going to be in a relationship. You were currently hanging out backstage with Scarlett at one of Chris’ interviews. Since she wasn’t suppose to go on until after Chris, she was sitting with you. “Why did Chris ask me out?” you said randomly but immediately regretted it as soon as you said it.

“Because he likes you…Why? Has he said something?” she asked and turned her chair so she was facing you.

“No, it’s just that I feel like he is really distant from me, maybe more than normal.” you responded.

“Okay, I see you’re point but keep in mind that we have been filming a movie and now that we finished, you guys are going to spend more time together.” Scarlett stated with a reassuring smile.

“Yeah that’s true.” you stated and then laughed slightly, “Wow, I feel kinda stupid right now.”

“Don’t be, you had a right to be concerned. Just know that if you ever want to talk again, I’m here.” she said.

“Thanks Scarlett.” You replied and then turned to watch the screen that was playing Chris’ interview.

“So Chris,” the interviewer started, “How is your girlfriend y/n doing?” Chris’ eyes lit up and smiled.

“She’s amazing, I don’t know what I would do without her.” you smiled at Chris’ response. “Now that the movie is over, I plan to spend more time with her since filming took up a lot of my free time.” That seemed to grab the interviewers attention.

“So, how close would you say you two are?” you sat up straighter, curious to his response. You heard Scarlett chuckle at your response but you just slapped her arm lightly without taking your eyes off the screen.

“Not as close as I would like us to be. There is something I want to say, if that’s okay?” The interviewer gave the go ahead and he turned to looked directly into the camera. “I know we haven’t spent a lot of time together recently but y/n y/l/n, I’m in love with you and I plan to make sure you always know that.” you smiled so much that you thought you were going to break your jaw.

“Why don’t we bring Miss. y/l/n out and hear her thoughts?” the interviewer stated and sent a man to escort you out. Before you walked out you turned to Scarlett with a smile.

“See,” she said, “I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

Perfect Stranger

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AN: (GIF is not mine) I absolutely loved writing this one, really liked the request, so thank you for sending it in. I’m sorry that I changed it slightly just wanted to add a little bit of fantasty and back story into it.- Maddie xo

Pairing: Steve x reader

Prompt: ”Could you write an imagine were Steve and the reader bump into each other when they are out for a run and he instantly falls for her so he asks if she will coffee with him and the talk and then they kiss and it’s just like supper fluffy? That would be great thanks”

Warnings: None

It’s been months since you had broken up, it’s time to move on. Every inch of your body ached as you remember the love you fell out of, the day you had left each other a piece of you broke inside. Reading has always been your favourite hobby, it’s helped you get through the toughest times in your life. When you read you get transported into another land, on a journey, no painful memories, it was a new beginning with each book. It’s how you spent most of your free time, it stops you thinking of reality. It gave you hope in the beauty of life, because sometimes, somehow the girl finds her true love, and they are soul mates and spend eternity with each other. That was your dream, but the problem with it is that it’s just a dream.

You stroll into the old book shop in your mediocre town, to find a new place to explore. As you flick through the pages of the books that catch your eye, the scent of the book fills the air, reminding you of your favourite story lines trapped inside of your head. You bury face inside the book, as your eyes jump across each line, as you begin to walk up to the counter to pay for it, before you are interrupted.

You raise your head out from the adventure, and towards the man standing in front of you. His appearance was one of a prince in a story book, he had messy dirty blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes which shot straight through you. with a small smile, he places his hand on your arm “I’m so sorry.” He apologises, “It’s fine.”. You glance over at his book and see that you have holding the same novel. “It’s a good book, huh?” You let out, as he gives a nod, “Yeah it’s my favourite.” He says starring down at the front cover. “May I just say you have the most stunning eyes.” He admits, causing your cheeks to glow a bright shade of pink, as you shyly look down hiding your smile. “That’s very nice of you to say.” You timidly giggle. “I hope I’m not being to forward, but you consider getting a coffee with me?” He questions, “It’s fine if you don’t want -” He starts but you cut him off “I’d love to.” You grin, “Great, I know a nice shop down the street.”. As he begins to walk slowly, he gives you a long look as he stares you down. You place your book back onto the shelf. Books can wait, but for now you need to focus on creating your own plot.

He holds out his arm  in a ‘V’ shape, allowing you to slide your arm through linking the two of you together. As you walk to the coffee shop, the conversation flows perfectly, as if you had known each other for years, you felt comfortable, and safe being close to the perfect stranger. As you walk into the shop, you let go as he opens the door, making you duck down under the arch created by his arm. “What would you like?” He asks as you stare up at the menu nailed onto the wall, making your way down the line to order. “I’ll have a black coffee.” You chime, “How boring.” He laughs, before making the order “I’ll have two black coffees please.”, which causes you to let out a light laugh “Thought black coffee was boring?”, “I guess I’m just a simple guy.” He defends, “And I’m a simple girl.” You mimic, which makes a smile spin across his face. “Here’s your order, you two are so cute together.” The barista grins, passing us our coffee in large mugs. “I’m sorry were-” You begin, “Why thank you, she’s the love of my life.” He breaks in with a grin, before grabbing his coffee and laughing with you. 

“Why’d you do that for?” You query, as he pulls out your chair for you, before pushing you closer to the table, “Sometime you just need to accept the complement, besides I think we’d make a pretty cute couple.” He smirks, taking his seat. “I don’t even know your name!” You chuckle, in shock. “Well my name is Steve, is that all you need to know?” He replies, “Think I need to know you a little better than that, what’s my name?” You defend, “Fine then, what’s your name, stranger?” He huffs, “My name is Y/N, it’s very lovely to meet you, Steven.” You say in a posh tone, playing it off as a joke, as you offer your hand to him, as he places a soft kiss on the back of it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you madam.” He plays back, with a laugh. 

“Fine, we may not know each other that well, but you must believe in fate?” He goes on further, “Of course I do. I feel like we are destined to live the lives we are given, and the universe works in mysterious ways, as it throws more of what life brings at us.” You reply allowing your inter passion to flow outwards slightly. “Oh, I totally agree. Then you would also believe in love at first sight.” He grins, raising his eyebrow cockily as he correctly questions you. “Yes, I do. I think we all have soul mates, but I feel as if it’s shallow to fall in love with someone purely based on an attraction you felt when first viewing them.” You rightly say, trying to prove each of his points to be incorrect. You feared the idea of love, never wanting to fall. You have always been content with liking someone intensely, love was a completely different story. Everyone has a soul mate, but the problem is that not everyone notices when they have found theirs, so they end up settling for a life with someone they never truly loved. That’s what you feared the most, not noticing the one person who can make you feel utterly in love, the one person who would never hurt you because you are too in love with each other. 

As your trail of thought grows longer and longer, you realise that you had been spaced out for quite sometime now, with your mug of coffee pressed against your bottom lip. “Y/N?” Steve waves trying to grab your attention. “Sorry what were you saying?” You snap, as you gather yourself together again. “What I was saying was that, I think that sudden burst of attraction is what makes you feel this urge to get to know them better. It’s one of those things you just know is right. I can’t compare it to any other feeling I have ever felt.” He lets out, using a number of hand gestures to express his passion. “Oh sure, when have you fell in love?” You laugh, cynically. “Today.” He whispers starring into his mug, “How did you know?” Your voice softening as you avoid his confession. “When I looked into her eyes, I felt all the weight I have been carrying was lifted. I felt as if I had found what I was missing my entire life. And I knew it was love because without even knowing her, I was terrified of ever losing her and losing the feeling she gave me.” He speaks up, glazing across the small table into your eyes. “But what if you waste your time on someone who you thought was your love?” You question as your fear is becoming closer to a reality. “I’m certain that this is not a mistake, and it wouldn’t be time wasted if it was spent with you.”, He says finally speaking the words he had been avoiding, he wanted you. As he places his elbows on the table, gravitating his body closer to yours. “Please let me fall in love with you.” He breathes against your lips, as your eyes wander looking down towards his. You let your lips crash together, copying each others movements as you let yourself fall.

Sometimes the girl rips her eyes off of the beautiful words placed on a page, and discovers the beauty around her. And sometimes, on occasion the reader creates their own story, which is even better than the novel. Creating their own journey, their own adventures, and if so be it their own mistakes. But Steve made you want to fall, even if meant you couldn’t get up because it would be worth it, just to experience the pure love that you have for him.

Tried to make it as fluffy as possible, I really liked writing it and felt inspired to make this one very loved up. Hope you guys like it <3  xo - Maddie 

Wise Guy

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Chris Evans x reader

Request:  Can you a write. story where Chris’ mom and/or dad don’t really like you but they take Chris to get his wisdom teeth out and whilst he is under the influence of the laughing gas he becomes extremely candid with his parents about how much he loves you. Where he gives all the reasons that you make him happy and all that fluffy goodness. 💟

A/n: sorry this is late. I’m really overwhelmed with everyone’s requests right now so I apologize!

Genre:  Romance, Fluff, slight angst

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, descriptive content, Fluff

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You and Chris have been dating for a long time, about three years actually. You’re relationship was steady, the love was fun, the sex was great. But there was one issue that the both of you knew about but could do nothing about it. His mother did not like you. You didn’t understand why but every time you were invited to his parents’ house, his mother was very cold towards you. You remember Chris’s dad inviting you over for thanksgiving and his mother had just scoffed. You learned to ignore the smart ass comments, the dirty looks, and went on with your relationship. Lately, Chris had been having really bad tooth aches that even Orajel didn’t work that well. You had scheduled and appointment with a dentist (that wasn’t Chris’s dad, much to Chris’s disappointment) and then had gotten a call from your job saying that you were needed in Seattle for a huge photo shoot that required your photography skills.  Chris was still asleep when you had left that morning but didn’t leave until you left Chris a letter, breakfast, and had set out his list of errands he had to run that he made the day before.  You drove off, sighing as you started to miss Chris already.


Chris had woken up at the sound of the car driving out of the garage and looked over, not seeing his girlfriend in the bed, cuddling his back, and frowned. He then shook his head as he remembered his girlfriend telling him about the call from Seattle. He got up and ran a hand through his hair, smoothing it out a bit and saw a piece of paper on the nightstand on his side of the bed.  He opened up the piece of paper and read it quietly.

Dear Chris,

Sorry I left without saying bye. I just didn’t want to wake you up because you looked really peaceful (ewe, that was so cliché) I left your list on the counter and there’s blueberry muffins in the oven, freshly made. I love you and I hope you enjoy my million dollar muffins. Have a good time at the dentist, meatball :P

Sincerely, you’re girl with a couple loose screws


Chris laughed out at the farewell and sniffed, smelling said muffins. He stretched and then groaned, rubbing his jaw as the pain of the tooth ache started to throb through his mouth. Chris decided to eat a muffin, painfully mind you. He wasn’t gonna miss out on those muffins.

-Time skip-

After painfully eating the muffins then brushing his teeth, Chris called up his parents and asked them if they could go to the dentist with him. They agreed and all three of them went to the Dentist.  After Chris filled out the form and gave it to the receptionist, the dentist called his name and the trio went into the designated room.

“Hello, Mr. Evans, how are you doing today?”

Chris answered.

“I’m in pain, other than that, I’m ok.”

The dentist chuckled and asked.

“I’m sorry to hear that you’re in pain. Where does it hurt?”

Chris pointed to the back of his jaw and the dentist checked his mouth. The woman frowned and observed.

“It seems that your wisdom teeth are starting to push up against your molars. We might have to take them out. I might be able to move them straight and then fill them so they grow correctly.”

Chris sighed and gave thumbs up. Chris’s mom asked.

“Are you going to give him nitrous?”

The dentist nodded and Chris thought to himself.

‘I am going to embarrass myself…’

“Bring it.”

-Time skip to after-

Chris was in back seat with his mom, curled up into a ball while snuggling into his mother’s side and was crying.

“I want my baby.”

Mrs. Evans asked her son, chuckling a bit.

“Who’s your baby?”

“(Y/n)! I want my baby…how dare she leave me here to fend for myself while photographing hot men in Seattle!”

Chris’s dad snorted in the driver seat and Chris yelled out, crying harder when his mother rolled her eyes.

“Do you even know how much I love that idiot?!”

Mr. Evans asked, chuckling a bit.

“How much do you love her?”

Chris got a dreamy look in his eyes as he started talking, giggling like a school girl.

‘S-she makes me feel like I don’t have to worry about anything at all. She makes me muffins, writes me sweet letters, and she’s so beautiful!”

He started crying again.

“She makes me f-feel like I don’t h-have to pr-prove anything t-to anyone! She’s just so-so gorgeous and I wanna marry that dorky idiot!”

Mr. Evans was giving his wife a smug grin. Mr. Evans always held a soft spot for you even though he knew his wife didn’t really like you. Mrs. Evans was looking down and Chris yelled out.

“I wanna have her babies!”

His parents busted out laughing and Chris cried/yelled.

“I-it’s not f-funny!”

Mrs. Evans sighed and stated to herself quietly.

“Whatever makes you happy son.”


“I hope that was a rhetorical question”

A/N: *Calls this a hiddleston fic blog and then posts a Chris Evans one shot as my first post* to be fair I wrote this ages ago, but yeah, enjoy. I’m taking prompts and stuff… so yeah… feel free to request anything ^^

You were thoroughly scrubbing away at the dishes in the sink with a soapy sponge, causing water to splash all over the counter as well as falling onto the floor. It as obvious you are nervous, your heart as practically beating out of your chest as you awaited the arrival of your fiancé.

For some reason, doing the dishes had become a way for you to deal with all your pent up anxieties. Which explains why you’re stood hoping that by scrubbing away the dirt off of these many plates you’d also manage to scrub away the mistakes in your life. And for a while you did actually feel a little more relaxed, but then you heard the front door shutting, signalling the arrival of your fiance. You threw the sponge down into the sink knowing it would provide you with no such comfort now that you are about to be faced with your problems.

Chris called your name four time before finally entering the kitchen and finding you stood in front of the sin. He looked as cute as ever, donning the ;Steve Rogers; look because he a in the middle of shooting for Civil War. His charming smile seemed to disappear and transformed into a worried grimace. “Are you okay?” He asked, almost frantically.

He knew all about your instinct to wash things whenever you got nervous, learning about it the night before your third date together when you had stalled going to the movies by an hour because you ‘just had’ to wash the dishes. Eventually Chris managed to coerce you into revealing the truth, which was almost as embarrassing as your habit. You’d basically been worried about the date all day because your damned best friend told you about how third dates are suppose to be the date when you ‘do it’. Of course you were a virgin back then and extremely scared about it. After telling Chris though he told you to relax and that he wasn’t going to do anything until you were comfortable with it, which ended up being on his birthday.

This was not the same case though, this time you really had screwed up and you currently had no idea how to go about telling him exactly what metaphorical crime you’ve committed.

He moved to take a step closer towards you, opening his arms as though he were about to embrace you with a hug but you dramatically put up your hand and shook your head, declining his offer for comfort. “I’m so sorry, Chris.” You practically cringed at the sound of your voice cracking.

A moment of silence passed between the two of you, Chris had begun to breath heavily and you simply couldn’t bare to look at him in that moment. The last thing you wanted to do was make him mad without reason, knowing now that he’d go from mad to furious as soon as you told him what you did. “Just tell me what you did.” He demanded, his own voice betraying him as he’d wanted to initially voice concern but instead his tone held a firmer sense of fear.

“Would you be sad if I died?”

“What?” He gasped, his mind reeling with multiple conclusions he didn’t want to be true. You couldn’t blame him for doing that though, it wasn’t like you’d hinted at anything else other than that what you did was very, very bad. “I hope that was a rhetorical question.”

“Okay, look, just please remember when I tell you that you’d be extremely sad if I died.” You took a deep breath, trying to find your lost courage. “This morning I woke up later than normal and I felt very sick, I then proceeded to literally throw up on the carpet-”

“Is that why you’re acting like this? I don’t care about the carpet Y/N, I can clean it.” He took another step closer and this time you allowed him, a moment of weakness rising as you heard the care in his voice.

“I already cleaned it up, that isn’t what I’m talking about.” You looked back down to the ground, hiding your guilty expression behind the hairs that fell with your face and acted as a mask. “Once I felt better I cleaned it up and went downstairs, thinking that maybe some TV might distract me from the war that was going on in my stomach. But I… I… I’m so sorry Chris, but I broke the TV.”

A moment of silence passed between you and your mind instantly knew that he would never forgive you. Chris loved that TV, he bought it only two weeks ago and it had been what he’d looked forward to coming home to since then (though he’d often tell you that you were the main reason he looked forward to coming home, not the TV), It was massive and equipped with more gadgets than you knew what to do with.

After a few more moments of you staring at the ground and Chris staring at you, he broke out into laughter. It was the kind of maniacal laughter that made you think he might have completely snapped. He moved away from you and wandered off into the front room, his laughter becoming even more boisterous once he saw the telly in the front room.

Slowly you followed behind him, making sure to keep your difference. You knew Chris would never harm you, and you were more fearful of his disappointment in you than his hatred. You stood in the doorway, watching Chris touched the completely destroyed television which laid on the floor, practically in pieces. “What did you even do?”

His breath now came in quick gasps and he had to wipe at his eyes as they continued to water. Normally you’d love Chris’ laugh, it was probably one of your most favourite thing about him. People think of laughing as a noise that comes from the mouth, but when Chris laughed it was nothing like that. The laugh was in his eyes, in the way his face changed into that vision of relaxed joy and unrestrained mirth. Yet truly it wasn’t in his face either. His laugh came from within, it was just the way he was wired. People like him just have more flexible brains, like all that humour bubbling around in him was like yoga for the synapses. Just being around him for a few minutes was better than a whole day of self-absorbed pampering in some all-day-spar. Just the sound of his gales, his snickers, his giggles, was enough to transport you far far away from your worries and the tension of this modern life.

You shrugged your shoulders in reply, “it just sort of jumped off the stand.”

What you said made him shake his head with laughter and you wished that you could see what was going through your fiance’s head in that moment. “Come over here, you meatball.” He opened his arms even wider and though he had invited you over, he still moved forward just in case you still tried to escape this hug.

The hug was warm and comforting, which surprised you, this certainly hadn’t been the reaction you’d expected but then again, you also got an unexpected reaction the first time you panic-washed-the-dishes. As you rested your head against his chest it rumbled as he chuckled to himself some more. “Why aren’t you mad at me?” You questioned, still finding his current behaviour bizarre.

“Because I got a one year warranty on it.” He revealed, causing you to groan and bury your head in his neck.

“I can’t believe I went through all that emotional trauma for nothing.”

“I can’t believe you broke our television this badly.” His voice remained warm, showing you that he wasn’t too angry at you, he probably would have been more mad if you hadn’t made it seem so dramatic at first. He’d thought you would have revealed something so much more worse and so in his mind this wasn’t that bad of a thing compared to you dying or something. “So, you were ill this morning? Do you feel any better?”

“I throw up quite a bit after breaking the telly but that’s only because the nerves didn’t help, I feel slightly better now.” His hand had begun to rub up and down your arm, your eyes finally connecting.

His lip bent upward to the sound and he hastily connected a kiss to your cheek before continuing what he was about to say, “well how about you go up to bed, I’ll make you some toast and we can just hang out. You won’t believe what Anthony did today.”

“I’d kiss you if it wouldn’t get you sick,” you replied. You knew after that third date that he was a keeper, and he only ever got better from there, he was this overload of perfection that even after three years of dating you still couldn’t handle. “I love you.”

“Well then, you can’t just tell me you love me and not kiss me.” He began to lean in, lips puckering but you pressed a hand to his chest.

“No way Captain America, your fans already kind of hate me, I don’t need the weight of you being unable to do a movie on my shoulders.” He moved back after getting your message and you walked around him, keeping your distance, “I’m going to go upstairs now.”

Don’t Forget

As soon as you slam the door to the bedroom in his face, Chris stalks to his office, slamming that wooden door behind him. He’s pissed, probably more than you are. There were some rumors circulating about him and a costar. Rumors involving alcohol, getaways, and hotel rooms, and, really, you would’ve dismissed them any other time. But, this time, you had a “feeling.”

And Chris is so incredibly angry that you think he could be unfaithful to you in that way. He frequently told you in that argument that there was nothing going on between him and that girl. But, you both had to admit, you both were rather distant from each other lately. You had been dating for a couple of years, officially out of that “honeymoon” stage ages ago. You were in that “normal” stage now, the “adult” stage, and both of you were wondering if that spark was still there.

Chris is really wondering that when he sits behind his desk. Sighing to himself, he pulls open the bottom of his filing cabinet. Pushing files to the front, he reaches in the back for the battle of bourbon he’s hidden in here for occasions such as this.

However, his fingers only meet paper. Pulling it out, he discovers that it’s an envelope. One single name and title is printed across the front in big, red letters. It’s his hand writing, and it says:

Christopher Robert Evans, household idiot.

A huff of air blows out of his mouth. He tears open the envelope, and unfolds the pages to see that it’s a letter. The handwriting is still his own. Flipping to the front page, he begins to read.

Future Chris,

If you’re reading this, it means that you just had your first real fight with (Y/N). Congratulations! You were an idiot for 1) getting into a fight with her and 2) forgetting that we threw out the booze hid in her months ago. Since you don’t have anything better to do now that you’ve pushed away the love of your life, keep on reading this letter.

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The Girl I Love

TITLE: The Girl I Love


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, some Fluff and implications of lovemaking towards the end

SUMMARY: You and Chris were roommates and best friends until his girlfriend insisted he move in with her to keep him away from you.

A/N: I know, I suck at giving my stories titles that don’t sound cheesy as hell. ANYWAY, As promised, here is another one shot about the ever charming Chris Evans. Oh and if it’s not clear, (GF/N) means “girlfriend’s name”.

Have fun kiddos! XX

Image source: (X) (X)

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Name Game, Chris Evans x Reader One-Shot

Title: Name Game
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Summary (Unprompted): The familiar sight of a disheveled Chris on your front step at five in the morning was becoming just a bit too familiar.
Word Count: 816
Warnings: Cursing, talk of alcohol?
Author’s Note: Have I told you guys I love writing one shots? Like, a lot more than a series. Enjoy!

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Come Over Here and Make Me

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Chris Evans x Reader

Imagine: You are Chris’s girlfriend and you force him to watch ‘Not Another Teen Movie.’ with you

A/N: I have never seen that movie so i’m probably going to try to find it somewhere in this world lol

Genre: Humor, Romance, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Warning: IT’S SO FLUFFEH, Swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You had never watched the movie, and when your friend suggested it because your boyfriend was one of the leading roles in it, you couldn’t resist it. You had bought the movie ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ and had hid it from Chris. You knew he would become embarrassed because you would tease him and you couldn’t resist it. 



You heard his voice from downstairs and quickly ran down the stairs. He turned and you jumped into him, startling him and giggled. Your legs were wrapped around his waist and his hands held you by your thighs, making you blush a little. Chris laughed and asked.

“What’s the occasion? Any aliens in your room that need taken care of?”

You giggled and shook your head. You kissed his cheek and nose, forehead and jaw rapidly while saying.

“Come watch this movie I bought with me.”

He chuckled and asked.

“What movie is it.”

You couldn’t help but grin. You stated in a very childish voice.

“It’s a secwet.”

You both laughed and Chris suddenly got serious.

“I don’t wike where this is going.”

“Well deal with et! You’re going to watch this movie whether you wike it or not! Now march!”

You couldn’t help but laugh into his shoulder and he saluted.

“Aye aye, Captain!”

He threw you up a little, readjusting you and started walking.

“What were you doing in the hallways?”

You asked. Chris said, slowly walking up the stairs.

“Looking at a couple of our pictures, planning where I should put our newest ones.”

He turned and you opened the door. He looked at the screen, his head fell back and he said in a dreading manner.

“Ah no.”

You laughed and said, wrapping your  arms around his neck.

“Please, just this one? I’ve never seen this one.”

Chris sighed while smiling and looked at you (gif).

“Ok, OK. I’ll watch this with you. But don’t tease me afterwards.”

You giggled and cheered throwing your hands up and kissing his lips. 

“Thank you.”

“Anything for you sweetheart.”

-timeskip to after the movie-

you couldn’t breathe you were laughing so hard. Chris had a look on his face, lips persed/puckered up a bit and shaking his head. You opened your mouth to say something and Chris cut you off by kissing you deeply, tongues clashing.

“(Y/N)….just don’t even.”

“I’m odd….so I can’t.”

Chris shook his head and you snorted. You would never let Chris live down the jokes in the movie and the things he had to do in it. Never.


Imagine waking up late and you have less than 10 minutes to be ready and out the door. So you throw on your favorite jeans and that white tank top that you actually like your stomach in and that makes your boobs look perfect. As final touches you put on your favorite heels and a dash of make up and jewelry. You fix your hair in a messy side bun and on the way out the door you see Chris’ (your bf) blue button up and decide to have some fun.

No one but close friends and family know that you and Chris are an item so there is no way the media is going to know it’s his. But they will recognize it as a man shirt and start putting some pieces together. They are going to start putting your picture on the front page of every gossip mag with every man you have ever been photographed with and it’s going to drive Chris crazy. Hopefully he will get jealous enough to finally tell the world that is taken and that flirty new co-stat of his will get the picture to back off. Chris has said everything to try and stay her advances, but she just won’t take no for an answer. You would be happy to give her an answer she will understand, bit that’s girlfriend territory and the world thinks he is just the friend of Chris Hemsworth your best friends brother. You hurry and put on the button up, tie it off, and pull the tank top up a tad to show off the skin just above your low rise jeans. Thankfully Chris didn’t wake up. Smiling to yourself as you locked the door behind you.


Today has been crazy. It is almost 3 pm and you are just sitting doen for the first time today and more importantly eating and checking your phone. Being a popstar/actress/author is tough and full of meetings. The waiter takes your order and promptly leaves. Thank God. Your phone has been on silent and when you look at it you have 33 missed calls, 101 txt messages, 21 emails, and 3 voicemails. Woah. There are some about future meeting and etc, but the majority are about your ootd. Your plan is working. Apparently you are dating your best friend Liam, back with yout ex Dylan O'brien, running off to vegas with Ian Harding, and pregnant with Charlie Puth’s baby. Maybe this is working too well. You don’t read all of the text, mostly deleting them, and skip to the ones from Chris.

Good Morning, Beautiful! Xo-Chris

Nice Shirt. I have one just like it that I think was stolen. It looks better on you anyhow. XO-Chris

I go to sleep with you in my arms and when I wake up your gone and have gotten married and pregnant. You’ve had a busy morning. Xo-Chris

This is entertaining. XO-chris

So is Ian going to help you raise Charlie’s baby or is the kid going to have two dads? XO- your Chris

You can’t help but laugh at him. Smiling into your phone like an idiot. You decide to call him and he answers on the 4th ring.

“Hello beautiful, how are the wedding plans going?”

“Haha very funny” you say while trying to keep the amusement out of your voice.

“Don’t think for one second I don’t know what you’re doing and I have to admit it’s kinda a turn on”

“I’m not doing anything. I’m innocent” you say smiling into the call.

“Yeah I don’t recall this innocent girl, especially after what happened in my bedroom last night and this morning” he replies and his voice drops an octave and gains that husky roughness that drives you crazy.

Your breathe hitches, you suck in air through your teeth and cross your legs as your body reacts to the delicious memories of last night.

“I wore that shirt yesterday when I made a run into town to get another phone charger because some beautiful crazy girl stole mine and still hasn’t given it back. Pretty sure I got tagged in that shirt so the paps are going to make the connection sooner or later. Oh and your plan worked by the way. the psycho at work isn’t bothering me. Hasn’t said a word to me actually, just keeps looking at me funny and when I turn around she avoids eye contact. It’s pretty funny. I keep walking towards her and before I even get 5ft she remembers something she has to do in the opposite direction. Hahaha. But if any rumors come my way about you ill make sure to shut them down quickly.” He says this so easily.

“Hold on, my food is here”

“Thanks Dimitri”

Your mouth is practically salivating as Dimitri puts down your chicken fettuccine Alfredo. You pick the phone back up as you shove a bite into your mouth.

“I’m back…….Chris, W…w..Would it be so bad for the world to know that we were dating? Are you that ashamed of me?” Tears are almost falling. You and Chris have been dating for the past 5 months ,how you kept it out of the public eye for that long and the first 2 out of the eyes of even friends and family were beyond you, and you have always been afraid that he loved the secrecy of it until Thor found out and told every family member you both had. It was a relief to find out Chris had already told his mom. Noe those fears were coming to the surface again. That he is ashamed of you and has finally realized that he deserves better than you.

“ What in the hell are you talking about? I could never be ashamed of you. Of course I want the world to know that you are mine. I’ve wanted to tell everyone I’ve seen since the day that I kissed you and you did the most unthinkable thing in the world and kissed me back. But then you said that you wanted to wait awhile until we were sure that we were for the long haul to go public and…and…turn around.”

You turn around and see Chris down on one knee with your dream ring in his hand well it looks like your dream ring. You cant really tell because your eyes are locked with his. Your hand goes to your mouth and your phone clatters to the ground.

“I was sure after that first kiss that we were in fir the long haul. Hell we’re forever. We’re the forever after forever. I’m 100% sure that this isn’t the first lifetime I’ve loved you and it won’t be the last. You see me and I see you. I remember talkong ti Liam about the woman of my dreams and what she would be like. All he said was is this your way of telling me you are going to ask Y/N out? I couldn’t even speak. I went through everything I just said and realized that you checked all of those boxes and even boxes I didn’t know I wanted or needed. Everytime I think there are no more boxes you prove me wrong. The next time I was alone with you I kissed you and I was lost. As long as I’m with you I never want to be found again. I’ve already asked permission and I’ve had this ring in my pocket for weeks looking for a sign and who new it would start with a shirt? What I’m trying to ramble out here is Will you marry me and make me the happiest lost boy in the history of neverland?”

…………………………………………. ………………………….. …. …..

“Y/n, I think this is the part where you’re supposed to say something”

Apparently this is real. You’ve dreamed about Chris proposing before bit always wake up before you say yes. Silently cursing yourself for not saying yes fast enough. Not this time.

“A million times Yes!!!!”

He slips the ring on your finger and it fits you perfectly. He wraps you in his arms and you feel your heart start beating again. Had it stopped? He kissed your cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and finally your lips before spinning you around in circles both of your laughter drowning out the applause.

Applause? Crap the restaurant. The world knows you’re together now.


“Yes, future wife?

“The world knows we’re together…”

“Yes, finally!” He says with a sloppy kiss to your lips

No, I mean the world knows we’re engaged before our families…our parents.”

The realization of what you just said resonated on his face, but was soon replaced with an amuzing face of pure humor filled terror.

“We need to leave the country.…before they find us” he says with a grin.

You grab your phone and pay for the food before you both take off running and hail a cab.

“Indeed we do, haha, to Neverland?” Remembering his lost boy refrence in his proposal.

“Every lost boy needs a lost girl…to Neverland” he shouts like a knight giving his soldiers orders.

The driver just looks confused. You give the driver Chris’ address and fall back into his arms.

“How did you know what restraunt I was at? You ask, just now remembering that you never told him.

“You called the waiter Dimitri and you only know one waiter named Dimitri so I took a chance.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“Wait why are we in a cab? I drove to the restraunt!”

“ ahahahahahahahaa, I love you, Dork”

“I love you too, Future Mrs. Dork”

His Henley: A Chris Evans x Reader Drabble

Chris curses at himself when his keys go scattering across the wooden floor. He’s trying to be quiet and surprise you. It’s nearly midnight, and he’s just flown home early from filming. Chris wasn’t due home for another three days, but he worked his ass off so he could come and see you quickly.

After his keys fall, Chris pauses in the open doorway, listening for you. When he doesn’t hear anything, he carefully pulls in his suitcases. He leans them against the hallway before shutting the front door. Chris sets his keys on the small table along the inside wall, kicking off his shoes. He remains quiet, straining his ears to get a clue as to where you are.

He can’t hear the shower running, so that rules the bathroom out. The kitchen is dark, as is the living room. Chris walks up the stairs, leaving his suitcases behind to put away in the morning. He can see a light on from your bedroom, he grins, but continues to walk quietly down the hallway.

Once in front of the door, he quietly pushes the door open. A smile emerges onto his face when he sees you on top of the covers, a blanket on your lower legs, and a book in your fingertips. You’re laying on your right side, using your right arm as a pillow.

Typical. Chris thinks, chuckling quietly. He squints his eyes, walking into the room more and watching you. He looks closer, and he realizes why the shirt you’re wearing looks so familiar.

It’s his blue henley. His favorite. He swore he packed it, but, arriving on set, he noticed that it was missing. You had sworn up and down that you “had really no idea, Chris, that’s a shame,” and yet, here you were. Asleep in your shared bed, on his side of the bed, no less.

Chris really considers waking you up, but then he realizes that’s too selfish of an action. Besides, it’d be a better surprise if you woke up and he magically appeared. (Really, he just thinks you look too damn cute to disturb, but he won’t ever say that.) So, he leaves you be. And besides, there’s plenty of time between the morning and the press tour to tease you for stealing his henley.

So, with the promise to himself to shower in the morning, he discards his plane-smelling clothes. Down to his boxers, he crawls into bed behind you. You shift briefly at the new presence.

“Chris?” You murmur sleepily.

“Mhm. It’s me, baby. Just go back to sleep; I’ll be right here when you wake up.” Chris whispers, finishing off with a small yawn. You only nod as you turn around, burrowing your face into his side. Chris chuckles softly, smiling down at your sleeping form. Carefully, he adjusts the sheets so you’re underneath them now. Your cold feet immediately press against his warm legs, and Chris jumps a bit.

“‘issed you.” You mutter into his side, wrapping an arm around his waist as you snuggle closer.

“I missed you too, sweetheart.” Chris takes your discarded book, sliding your bookmark into place before he sets it on the bedside table. He shuts off the light before wrapping an arm around you, pulling you closer to him.

Chris’s fingers grip the cotton material of his henley. His heart swells with a special kind of happiness. He tries to figure out how you could have swiped the clothing, but he can’t. He falls asleep with a smile on his face and a plan to go buy another blue henley before he has to leave again.