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Pure bliss

(A/N): I love Steve so much *sobs* 

Warnings: fluff, mentions of smut

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   After everything that had happened to Steve; Bucky’s fall, going under, leaving behind a familiar world, coming back to find his death had been for nothing, he never thought he’d find true happiness ever again. 

    For months after being unfrozen he stayed true to those thoughts, he was never truly happy despite the way he faked it all the damn time. Sure, he had fleeting moments of small happiness but that was nothing compared to what he felt way back when. It wasn’t until he met (Y/N) that his thoughts slowly began to change. 

    It had been a slow climb at first, soft smiles shared between the two, the occasional small talk, a hug ever once in awhile. But as Steve began to grow closer to (Y/N) he realized he longed for more than just this small friendship they shared. Steve began to spend more time with (Y/N), more quiet laughter, a small joke here and there, soft fleeting touches that had Steve longing for even more. It was, a slow process but (Y/N) was very slolwy starting to bring happiness back into Steve’s life.   

   Steve thought he knew what true happiness was when (Y/N) finally kissed him, that fluttering feeling in his stomach and the way his hands shook as he ever so gently cupped (Y/N)’s cheeks. But then he thought he knew what happiness was when he found (Y/N) curled up on his bed fast asleep and snoring softly. The way their face squished against the pillow and their hair was a mess below their head, Steve honestly believed he had never felt such happiness before. And then there were those most intimate times, where Steve had buried himself completely in (Y/N) and they were both panting and sweating messes. Steve’s heart was so full of love for (Y/N) that he honestly believed he had gone to heaven because nothing could feel as good as this moment did. But it was the very next morning that Steve truly found out what it meant to be happy.

    He’d awoken groggily from a short night of sleep (due to some activities the night prior), the bed felt cold and there was no comforting weight settled upon his chest like there had been when he’d gone to sleep. His eyes fluttered open and he groaned softly against the harsh morning light seeping through his window. 

   Steve reached a hand out across his sheets, attempting to grab at (Y/N) and pull them closer but when he did he was only met by the smooth canvas of his sheets. Steve nearly whined as he realized (Y/N) was probably up and ready for the day, which meant he had to as well. With another soft groan Steve rises from his bed, stretching lightly as he does so.

    His feet touched the floor and he slowly and carefully walked over to where his sweatpants had been thrown across the room the night before. As Steve bent down to grab at the navy blue pants he realized just how sore he was which meant (Y/N) must have been a billion times sorer. Steve felt a little guilty at the fact the he was one who had caused (Y/N) to feel that kind of pain but as he recalled the soft whimpers and pleas that fell from their lips every guilt flew out the window.

    Steve smiled softly as he wiggled his pants on, being careful not to aggravate his sore limbs. He attempted to walk normally but with each step his legs burned in pain and he resorted to waddling around like some form of bird. 

   Steve slowly but surely made his way into the living quarters of his floor and immediately the smell of coffee and bacon fills his senses. Steve smiles wider as he waddles around the corner, the kitchen only a few meters away. What Steve saw made his heart stop and his mouth run dry. There was (Y/N), standing at the stove, cooking him food, all the while wearing his far too large t-shirt. 

   The thing only reached mid thigh and Steve was sure (Y/N) wasn’t wearing anything underneath it but hot damn- that was his baby, wearing his clothes while cooking breakfast for him, in his kitchen. It was then Steve realized what true happiness was to him, it was (Y/N), dressed in his clothing as they slowly hummed some tune to some song Steve probably didn’t know. 

   It was so domestic Steve momentarily forgot about everything else in his life other than (Y/N) and how they were seemingly doing such a mundane task. It was silly, Steve realized this, but after all the pain and loss he’d gone through it was finally his time to get something good out of the universe.

    Steve is sure there are tears in his eyes but he doesn’t care, not right now he doesn’t. He slowly slips up behind (Y/N), wrapping his arms around their waist and nuzzling his scruffy face into the crook of their neck. There’s a soft squeak of surprise from (Y/N) before they’re melting against him, leaning back into his touch. 

    “Hey Sleepyhead,” their tone is teasing and light and Steve swears it only makes him want to cry more. “I made you breakfast,” Steve can barely find the words within him because he had just come to a hug realization. (Y/N) was the first thing to make him happy in months. This was no fake, momentary happiness, this was a permanent, heart warming kind of happiness that he never wanted to end. 

   Steve sniffles softly and he’s sure (Y/N) is growing concerned but he doesn’t care, can’t bring himself to. 

    “Thank you,” Steve whispers as he presses a soft kiss to the back of (Y/N)’s neck. “Thank you so much,”

Torture (Bucky x Reader) Part 1

Summary: How could one pizza delivery change everything? It doesn’t, right? …right?
Type: Drabble | Series | One shot
Word Count: 515
Warnings: none
Next update: October 27, 2am PHT (UTC +8:00)
A/N: This is by far the most heartfelt series I’ve ever made. I’m going to fuck us all up when this ends but I hope you’ll all be there to witness it!

“Torture” Masterlist

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You had just made your last insufferable step on the sixth floor of an eerie apartment building, exhausted and starving, the pizza bag you brought almost falling off of your shoulder when you heard it.

It was distant, but the sobs were definitely audible.

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A/N: Hi everyone! As you know, yay! Halloween is coming! Even thoguh here in Spain is not that usual to celebrate it, I’ve seen several fics with this topic so here’s mine! This is a funny, fluffy and short drabble about reader convincing the Avengers to celebrate Halloween! I’ll post other fics if you like (You can read what I write here) and you can send me requests or prompts from here

I hope you all like it!

Warnings: None, I think.

“Are you serious, Y/N?” Tony stared at you as if you had said that Steve was kinky in bed.

“Why not?C’mon. It’ll be fun! I’ll take care of everything and once it is all set, the rest of the team will be delighted to help! Pleeeeease?” You said, making your best puppy eyes to the man in front of you

Tony Stark looked at you several minutes before his lips curved into a smile. He sighed and put hi hand inside his pocket, handing you his wallet. Your eyes opened wider and you took it, frowning.

“I’ll pay everything. Now go before I change my mind”

You jumped and laughed in happiness before hugging the man and disappearing up the stairs. Bruce raised a brow and smiled too, shaking his head before speaking.

“Do you think it’ll work?”

“It was Y/N’s idea so…”He waited a few seconds as if he was thoughtful and then he smiled back to his friend. “Yeah, it’ll work”

You had never had such a great time since you were a child and did the same in your house. You had ordered FRIDAY to make a list of what you’d need to decorate the Avengers tower in the coolest way due to Halloween. You had thought of doing a terror tunnel. They were the Avengers and of course, they’d not be scared of several fake tricks but you had fun planning it and making it.

The walls were decorated with several typical figures like pumpkins, ghosts or bats. Cassie and Scott had arrived when you were drawing them so they helped you. The girl was enjoying it and her laughs could be heard in the whole floor.

“What the…?”

You turned to find Bucky and Steve staring at you, the first one with a questioning look while Steve had a huge smile on his face. Both of them seemed to come back from the gym as they were holding their bags and their t-shirts were sweaty.

“Really? Paper ghosts and pumpkins?” Bucky said mockingly, knowing how much it bothered you. You huffed and stuck your tongue out, causing him to laugh. “I’ll help you”

“I’m surprised Bucky” Steve continued talking as he saw your frown. He was grinning at his friend as he was holding a piece of paper with a ghost on it. “I remember you used to be scared in Halloween”

“Really?”You said, smiling at Bucky as his face became red, his eye fixed on his face with anger. “The Winter Soldier scared of little kids with costumes?”

“In my defense, I’ll say costumes were scarier at my times”

“Tiny Steve protected you?” You continued, mocking at him.

“That’s why he’s Captain America” Bucky stated, hitting Steve’s arm, who laughed before he went to help Cassie.

Little by little, the rest of the team began to help you to decorate the Tower, except for the terror tunnel. It was your idea and nobody except FRIDAY and Wanda, who discovered you due to her powers, would know about it. You would love to see Iron Man shouting in fear.

You’d have to take pictures of it.

“I must admit, Y/N” Tony said, hands on his hips as his eyes wandered over the room. “You made an incredible job”

“What, you thought I couldn’t do it?” You said, raising a brow and preparing yourself to kick his ass. Tony raised his hands, shaking his head. He had seen you training with Natasha and knew what you were capable of.

“Now, what, Doll?”

“Now, I have a big surprise for you. FRIDAY, please”

“Yes, Miss Y/L/N”

You left the room to the special place where Wanda was waiting for you to come. When you disappeared, the lights went off, causing everybody to jump. Tony tried to call FRIDAY so his helmet was brought to him, but the device didn’t obey. You had asked it to not do it.

“Damn, Y/N” Sam said, thinking of the glasses he used in missions. They allowed him to see in dark places.

“You’re hurting my feet, punk!” Bucky shouted, kicking his best friend.

“Mr. Stark?”

“Yes, FRIDAY?”

“Follow the lights on the floor, please”

The team stayed silent before they all began to walk through the illuminated path on the wooden floor that led to the basements. The sound of their steps sounded on the stairs as they continued their way. Scott shouted and everybody jumped, pushing others.

“Something just rubbed my neck!”

“Lang, control yourself!”

Suddenly, a voice that sent shivers down their spines echoed through the walls. Bucky swallowed hard and clentched his metal arm. Natasha took a knife from her training pants as her senses were alerted.

Come here, let’s play…

Steve made his way down, being followed by the rest of the team, protected by his broaded shoulders. They could almost hear their heartbeats in the silent room.

They’d kill you.

“Oh, c’mon!”You said laughing as you went through the camera, looking at the photos it had taken. “You should see your face”

“I hate you” Sam said, laying on the couch as Natasha was holding his hand. Even the spy had her face pale.

“It was fun” Wanda added, staring at Tony, who had his hand placed on his chest.

“If I die of a heart-attack, I swear I’ll come as a ghost to badger you”

“What about you, supersoldiers? The Great Captain America” You tried to bit your tongue as Steve seemed as a kicked puppy, but you couldn’t. You had a great photograph of Bucky and him running and screaming. “Oh, c’mon!”

The team stood up and went to their rooms, mumbling curses and ways to kill you in your sleep. You and Wanda stared at the other, smiles on your faces and sat down, looking at the photos.

They were priceless.

Imagine Chris tricking you into going to the dentist.

You ran your tongue along the top left hand corner of your teeth, wincing at the slight tangy feeling. You knew something was wrong and that it was in your best interest to get it checked out, but your fear of the dentist convinced you otherwise. You stirred your cereal, watching the Lucky Charms float in your bowl; you were hungry but unable to eat due to the pain in your mouth.

“Hey,” Chris’ voice called from a distance and you looked up; he stood, arms crossed and leant against the archway frame with a smile on his face. “Are you going to finish that sometime today? ‘Cause we’ve got places to be,” he said and spun his keychain around his index finger.

“Yeah, I’m done.” You pushed the bowl aside. “Where are we going?” Your eyes narrowed slightly. “I thought we were just going to spend the day at home. Why did we rent those movies then?” You asked when he shook his head.

“We’ll watch them later tonight,” he answered and pushed himself off the wooden frame. “C'mon,” he held out one hand for you to take and you did, hopping off the bar stool. “You might want to go change first, can’t have the paps catching you in one of my shirts and ruining that always-dressed-to-the-nines image you’ve created for yourself.”

“Ha ha,” you bit sarcastically. “You’re just jealous ‘cause they think you’ve got no fashion sense. Evans doesn’t seem to be as bothered with fashion as his girlfriend, sporting a plain white tee and grey track pants.” You mocked him and he scoffed, leading you upstairs. “Aw, babe. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you were coming from the gym.”

“So were you!” He retorted with a chuckle and you smiled. “And yet you looked like an angel from heaven. Shiny high pony, glistening sun-kissed skin, somehow already dressed to the nines despite just working your cute little ass off.” You giggled softly. “It’s hard to keep up, Y/N.”

“You chose not to shower and change,” you poked him in his butt and he laughed, “so that’s not on me. But you know what though,” he glanced over his shoulder at you, “you’re so handsome that you could wear a garbage bag and look fine as hell.”

“Thanks,” he chuckled.

“Did you really have to come upstairs when I’m the only one who has to change?”

“Yes, because I’m here to enjoy the show,” he teased and winked when you laughed.

He dropped your hand and moved to sit at the foot of the bed, while you headed into the walk-in wardrobe. You shuffled through your clothes, wondering what to wear. It was cold outside so the outfit definitely needed your favorite brown boots, your go-to navy Burberry coat, and one of your many scarves; you chose the red silk one. You figured it was best to go casual- with a pair of skinny jeans and a comfy sweater- after all, what glamorous event could Chris take you to on a Wednesday morning?

“Where are we going?” You asked then subconsciously brushed your back tooth with your tongue again. You grabbed a bra out of the drawer before you undressed, turning your back to Chris which amused him.

“Why don’t I toss a quarter at something I haven’t seen before?” He teased you and you turned, flipping him off when you’d put your bra on. “And I’m not telling you, it’s a surprise. But you’ve got the right outfit for it,” he said and beckoned his head at your choice of clothes.

“What kind of surprise are we talking about here?” You grabbed your jeans, pulling them over your legs. “It’s not my birthday and we don’t have any anniversaries coming up.” You put your sweater on then worked to tie your scarf around your neck. “Unless you’re planning something for Christmas, or your going away present.”

“How about you just stop talking and finish getting dress so we can get to it?”

“That’s something I won’t miss when you go away,” you began and he raised an eyebrow. “Your damn bossiness,” you bit and he laughed. “Honestly- it’s like I’m in the army or something.” You continued to tease him, biting back your smile. “You’re just Captain America in the movies, you’re Chris Evans in real life.”

“Duly noted,” he nodded as you pulled your socks on. “Now hurry up.”

“Ugh,” you made an annoyed face and he chuckled, “just go to Vancouver already.”

“You’re going to miss me when I’m gone, sweetheart.”

“Yes I am,” you agreed with a smile.
• • • • • • • •
“Fro-yo?” You raised at eyebrow at Chris when he pulled up in front of the shop. “Your big surprise is frozen yogurt?” You asked then laughed before he could respond. “Well, I wasn’t expecting something this small but I love Fro-yo so- thanks, babe.”

You got out of the car first and he followed, grabbing your hand before you could enter the store. He spun you around, chuckling softly at your confused face. “We’re not getting Fro-yo,” he said and you felt your face fall. “Yet,” he added. “We have to go somewhere first.”


“This way,” he beckoned his head, using his thumb to point in the direction behind him. “Don’t worry, we’ll grab fro-yo on the way back. That’s why I parked the car here, so we have to grab some before we head home.”

“Okay.” You nodded happily, unaware of what was yet to come. “What are we doing on this side of the town?” You asked as he entwined his fingers with yours; the two of you strolled down the seemingly familiar street. “Have we been here before?”

“You haven’t,” he shook his head. “You’ve been where we’re going before, we just took a different route.” He told you and you nodded in acknowledgement. “It’s just down this way.” The two of you turned the corner and continued down the path in silence until- “I’m going to buy you all the fro-yo you want after this, okay?”

“Okay?” You looked at him weirdly. “Why are you talking to me like I’m- You have got to be fucking kidding me.” You yanked your hand out of his and stopped when you spotted the big sign that said ‘Dr. Evans Orthodontist Practice’. “Chris!” You frowned and he winced. “No, I love your dad and I would trust him with my life- but not when he’s a dentist.”

“You need to have your teeth checked,” he took both of your hands in his and looked at you with pleading eyes. “Babe, you’re clearly in pain. I’ve gone along with your charade for- two weeks now, but I’m going away soon and I can’t keep an eye on you anymore. Just- go get your teeth checked, I’ll sit in there with you and hold your hand.”

“Chris,” you whined.

“Y/N,” he said in a firm tone. “Come on, Dad is a great dentist. It won’t even hurt, I’ll make sure he puts you to sleep or whatever. Just- please,” he pleaded. “You need to get your teeth done, it’ll be worst if you don’t do it now.”

You knew he was right; you heaved a heavy sigh and mumbled, “fine. I’m going to break your bank with the amount of fro-yo I’m going to get after this,” you muttered bitterly and let him lead you into the dentistry.

“It’s okay,” he smiled. “I’ve got enough money to buy you the place.”

“You’re lucky you’re faster than me otherwise I’d be outta here,” you told him.

“You’re going to be fine,” he chuckled and kissed the side of your head.
• • • • • • • •
“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Chris asked as you nursed your large frozen yogurt; you bit back your smile and nodded, sighing. “I told you Dad was good at his job,” he smiled. “He’s going to see you once every six months to make sure all’s well with you.”

“Yeah, I’m not going unless you’re there with me.” You told him and he laughed. “It’s not the pain that bothers me, it’s not knowing when it’s going to stop. Then there’s the sound of the drill and the needles in my mouth and- ick,” you scrunched your nose in disgust.

Chris watched you with a small smile on his face, despite how irrational and childish you could be sometimes, he never once felt the urge to question his love for you. To him, you were perfect; just as he was to you. Your mom told you that people were incapable of change, that no matter how hard a person worked towards change- they’d eventually relapse and return to their old self. She said that when you truly loved, you had to learn to love everything about a person and if you couldn’t, they weren’t the one for you. You’d been through a fair share of 'not-the-one’, like Chris- you never thought you’d find 'the-one’, and then you met each other. With him, all was suddenly right in the world.

“You’re adorable, you know that?”

“I’m aware,” you smiled.

“I’m going to miss you when I go,” he reached for your hand and gave it a light squeeze. “Will you come visit me? I know you’re going to be busy in January with your own movie but- before that, will you come visit me?”

“Of course I will,” you told him and his smile widened ten-fold. “After all, how could I not visit the dumb dork who loves me enough to trick me into going to the dentist?”

Cherry Stems

Warning: Public Sex, Smut

Summary: A romantic picnic with Steve

Author’s Note: just something I conjured up, hope you enjoy ;) inspired from Nicole Dollanganger’s ‘Sweet Girl’. (It’s just smut)

Originally posted by natashasromanoff

I bit my bottom lip as the prickly grass grazed the backs of my thighs through the thin blanket whilst Steve placed the picnic basket beside us. He was sporting a blue plaid, button up with matching dark jeans and bright eyes. The material fit homely against every muscle on his upper body. I took in the breathtaking sight of not only my boyfriend but the early Spring afternoon. Brittle leaves crunched and crumbled underneath us as the cool air tickled the tiny hairs on the back of my neck, giving me goosebumps. 

“Turkey or Bologna?” Steve broke the silence holding two varieties of sandwiches in both hands. 

I smiled gently, nodding my head towards his right hand with the turkey before he tossed me the sandwich. I scooted closer to him causing his baby blue eyes to meet with mine. Steve brought his palm up to my face, his thumb dragging over my upper lip. I smirked at him, giving his calloused thumb a small kiss before turning my head away. I began to munch on my sandwich, recollecting the familiar taste from our first date. Steve made the best sandwiches. I watched as Steve started to rummage through the basket before pulling out a small plastic container. 

“What’s that-”

“Your favorite. Cherries.” I giggled as he chimed watching his long fingers pry the lid open. “Open up.” He whispered. 

I slowly opened my mouth allowing him to plop the small, crimson red fruit onto my tongue. Steve observed me fervently as I took it whole into my mouth, I bit down on the fruit, moaning at the tang of the juice before rotating my tongue around the stem. He reached over, the backs of his fingers caressing the valley along my neck, his thumb tracing the ridges of my throat. I smiled into his hand before sticking my tongue out, revealing the tied cherry stem on the tip of my tongue. Steve blinked a couple of times in awe before his bottom lip was sucked up in between pearly white teeth. 

“How did you do that?..” He marveled, his lips parted, eyebrows furrowed in bemusement.  

I giggled, shrugging my shoulders nonchalantly, playing coy. “Ancient Chinese Secret.”

He scrunched up his nose, letting out a heavy huff before tackling me down to the blanket. I squealed loudly as he started to tickle the sides of my body causing me to squirm and thrash underneath him, his face hidden into the crook of my neck. 

“Steve! Cut it out!” I nearly screeched out as he nibbled on your collarbone, the scruff of his beard scratching the supple skin. I immediately began to coil against him like unraveling ribbons whilst he implanted small ghosts of kisses onto my exposed cleavage. He gazed up at me with cobalt eyes blanketed with hanker affecting me to stir under his glare. He hooked the dainty strap of my dress under his index finger before snapping it back to my skin.

“I really love this number on you, doll.” Steve breathed, giving the pale, yellow Spring dress another glance before lifting the skirt up, his head disappearing between my thighs. 

I covered my face blushing at the thought that anyone could stroll by which made the mound between my legs become even more slick. It wasn’t like Steve to perform such a filthy act like this, he was so pure in my eyes and also America’s. I don’t remember the last time we fucked anywhere besides our bedroom, I wasn’t complaining, it’s just that, it wouldn’t hurt to have that thrill of rebel once in a while. My thoughts were soon interrupted by the warmth of Steve’s mouth hovering over my heat. He was teasing, watching me squirm did something to him. Before long, Steve’s mouth enclosed on my clit, rotating his tongue around the small bundle of nerves, he lapped any drop that managed to surpass his lips, not letting any go to waste. My fingers immediately found his scalp, tugging a bit at his dark roots earning a moan from him. He gripped onto the backs of thighs spreading them apart more than they already were, burying his face more into my cunt. Steve was gnawing on my clit as if he didn’t just eat. Greedy bastard. I threw my head back onto the blankets, my hands falling from his hair into the green grass beside me, the blades pricking the insides of my palms. His tongue was soon tying knots with my cherry. My legs wrapped around his head as my release was edged on. I couldn’t contain myself, I bucked my hips trying to get enough friction to get myself off. I let out a loud mewl feeling Steve’s hands pin my hips back down to blanket. He looked up at me with glassy eyes, a smirk playing at the corner of his lips causing me to flush under his gaze.

“You wanna cum, princess?” He tilted his head to the side, the glisten of my juices being shown on his lips.

I nodded my head vigorously but Steve hesitated before shaking his head, clicking his tongue.

“Ah ah ah… What’s the magic word?” He spoke in a sing-songy tone.

I threw my head back once again but I’m aggravation. “Please. God, please. I want to cum. Steven, please.” I pleaded as if my life depended on it.

“Good girl.” He purred before submerging his tongue back into my heat.

I writhed underneath him and one long stride along my slit causing my orgasm to erupt. I let out a loud whine, nearly a scream. I was thrown over the edge as his mouth continued his assault, riding me through my climax. I cupped the sides of his face, pulling him up to meet his lips with mine. I tasted the sweet tang of myself off his tongue, I grinned to myself at the sense of rebellion overwhelming me. After I caught my breath, I sat back on my elbows, gazing up at Steve in awe. He noticed my stare and chuckled.

“Cat caught your tongue?“

I rolled my eyes and cross my arms. "Oral sex in broad daylight.. in a park.. doesn’t seem like you, Cap.”

“Aren’t I full of surprises?”

“Plenty.. Hopefully more to come.”

anonymous asked:

I wanna reread all your Tom imagines and one shots and just everything but I don't know where to start because they're all amazing so.. do you have any suggestion what should I read first?

There are 523 pages of this blog. [ Page 1 ] The only way to read ALL imagines would have to be going page by page but that’s insane.

One shots tho… there’s a masterlist:

All the stories

My favorite Tom stories there are:

“Mr. Hiddleston” (He’s a teacher)

“He’s the big bad wolf” (Age difference)

“What a beautiful wedding!” (A multi-chapter by @the-stuttering-kiwi​ and moi. About Tom getting involved with his ex at his wedding)

And the last 2 include Jared and Chris:

“Let’s embrace the point of no return” (A multi chapter. The 3 guys are drug lords and shit goes down)

“House of gold” (The 3 of them live in a mansion and cater to the owner’s every whim) 

Hope you find something you like ;P <3 Thanks for being here!