RE-starting on Friday, December 8th (new day/time) Klainers will celebrate the boys that brought us all together.  A Klaine-centric episode rewatch for the entire fandom. We begin precisely at 6pm CST/7pm EST/4pm PST.  We will provide links weekly for those that do not own the DVDs.  When we all live blog, be sure to use the tag #ComeWatchKlaine and #Klaine. For those episodes we aren’t watching in full that may have one or two Klaine moments, we will be posting those videos on the ComeWatchKlaine blog. We highly suggest you follow the @ComeWatchKlaine blog for all the info and updates.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send us an ASK.

For a quick Klaine fix, we have a Klaine fan video page to house some of the most amazing fan videos that our talented fandom has created. If you’ve created a fan video you’d like to share - please submit it!  We’ve created a Klaine playlist on the blog for your listening pleasure.

Please share this info on all your social media! Thanks.

~Lynne & Debbie


Seven years ago today on November 9, 2010 Darren made his debut on Glee