If you're reading this story, please know:

This story is starting Chris Brown, but it will also focus on everyone involved in the gang The Last Callous. The story will kind of be told like how Orange is The New Black is told, meaning everyone has a story and a POV. The theme of family is very important to the characters in this story, so everyone’s POV will connect because they are all like family.

So, so far the characters in this story are:
Chris Brown
Kevin Portillo

You will meet more characters later. 💕

WhenILoveYa-FF: Chapter 41


This has honestly been the worst time of my life. Being pregnant and alone sucks, and I wish I would have just gotten an abortion like Drake said in the beginning.  I tried calling him, but he’s been too busy with his own life to care about our child.

“Nicki, what are you going to do?” My friend Char asks

I shrug. “I don’t know, but I’m honestly tired of being pregnant.”

“You need to call Drake and at least collect some money from him. You’re not working anymore, and you need funds for you and this child. Have you talked to your friend Chris? Didn’t he have money?” She asks and I honestly begin to miss his friendship

I shake my head. “I can’t just call him asking for money, Char. Maybe I should just give my baby up for adoption. I can go back to dancing easy after this. The money was great and I was making a name for myself.”

“Nic, the dancing thing is over! What stripper you know got a pregnancy line? None! You just need to bank on this rapper. You have his kid! Make him pay the hell up. Jaz is still trying to trap Game, but he always wants to use condoms. You have the baby growing in you. Just get your little rich friend to help you for now, and then you can easily get Drake on child support. Stop trying to always do the right thing.” She snaps walking out of the room she’s letting me stay in.

I lay back on the bed rubbing my belly. Although I was not liking pregnancy, I was so excited about the baby. Drake has been stressing me out so much, but whether he likes it or not he is about to have a kid. I pull out my phone. “Maybe Char is right.”

Nicki: I know I may be the last person you wanted to hear from, but in the end you have to realize you are the father of my child, and I need help. You were with me for months; I don’t know how you’re able to act like this with me.

Drake: Nic, stop playing yourself! I have a girlfriend now, and she is actually pregnant with my seed. You knew what you were doing trying to trap me from the begining, but I’m not going for the shit. I’m not stacking up a bank account for you, go and get a job. You and your gold-digging friends have a reputation around the game, and I’m not about to deal with you for 18 years. You knew what it was when I first started fucking with you. Find your real baby daddy, and stop contacting me. Move on with your childish ass games. Grow up!

I look at the message, and feel myself about to break down. How could he say that to me? I stayed with him in his home, he was at all of my shows, and he… “Fuck!” I scream, cradling my belly. “What are we going to do little baby?”

I look down at my phone….

Nicki: I know we haven’t talked to you in months, but I really need to talk to you. Can you please call me as soon as you can? It’s Nic by the way.

Chris: Yeah, are you okay? I’ll call you as soon as I get in the house.


“Damn you look beautiful girl…” Michael says eyeballing me from across the table

I blush. “Stop that! This is your third time complementing me.”

“You’re my woman, I can do that…” He says looking down at the menu. “Did you figure out what you wanted to eat?”

“Your woman, huh?” I ask crossing my legs with folded arms

He raises a brow. “Did I shudder?”

I giggle. “Why do you want to be my man? You don’t know anything about me…” I say sipping my white wine

“I know your pussy is delicious…” He says not looking up from the menu and I immediately spit out my wine. He chuckles not even breaking his gaze of the in depth menu…

I look around hoping no one heard him. “I can’t stand you.” I giggle

“We both know that’s a lie.” He says finally looking my way. “I think I’m getting the lobster mac and cheese and the T-bone steak with bleu cheese and onions.”

I smile. “That actually is a lie. I think you’re growing on me Michael. But that does sound good.”

He picks up his cup. “What took you so long to realize that I’m good for you?”

“I think it was my attachment to something that was so bad for me. I think you’re a good guy and I need someone like you in my life.” I admit finally looking down to my menu

He takes a sip and sits down his cup. “Was he that bad?”

I look up to him. “It wasn’t a week that we wouldn’t fight or argue, constantly cheating or talking to someone else, and it was just too stressful on me.” Looking back, the only happy times Chris and I had would be us having sex or when we were alone.

“So could you see yourself with me?” He asks grabbing my hand

I lock fingers with him “I don’t want to jump the gun in my next relationship Michael. I do like you, but I don’t want to rush anything. I’m already upset that I didn’t hold out from having sex with you.”

“So you didn’t enjoy that car sex I just gave you an hour ago?” He speaks sarcastically, making me laugh

“Shutup, you know what I mean.” I pout. “Yes, I enjoyed sex with you, but I also enjoy our conversations, how much you care about my well-being, and how sweet you are.” I say getting up, walking over to his side of the booth. “You make me feel special, and I don’t want sex getting in the way of that.”

He pulls me close, kissing my lips. “If you don’t want to have sex anymore, we can do that. I don’t want to pressure you into doing anything that makes you uncomfortable.” He lowers his voice. “You’re worth me waiting Rita, no matter how bad I want to bend you over this table and fuck the shit out of you.”

“Michael….” My voice is almost a whisper, as he slides his hand up my leg, lifting my dress in the process. “What did we just talk about…” I say with closed eyes, as he lips connect with my neck…

I reach down, and grab his semi erect penis. He grunts in a low raspy voice. “You better stop. I think people are looking…”

“So…”I say with a smile. “Let them look…”

He pushes me out of the booth. “Come on…”

I stand. “Where are we going?” I ask as he locks fingers with me.

He taps the waiter on the shoulder. “We will have two T-bone steaks, lobster mac and cheese, a white queso mac and cheese, grilled onions and bleu cheese on the side, and another white wine for that table there.” The waiter writes everything down and runs off swiftly. I’m still confused….

“Where are we going Michael?” I ask running behind him and his swift stride to the back

He turns to me with a smirk. “As much as the food is, this place better have a nice bathroom.”

I make a face at the realization that he wants bathroom sex. “Michael, we can’t!” I giggle

“We can and we will…” We make our way to the bathroom, and he walks in first. He’s gone for a second before he and the bathroom attendant steps out. He hands him two one hundred dollar bills. “We have 15 minutes, right?” He asks and the older man nods with a smile

“I’ll tell them the stalls are being cleaned.” His voice is low and calming. “You two have fun…” He says patting Michael on the back.

13 minutes later

“No! Michael don’t stop doing that!” I claw at his back, with my dress pulled up to my waist. “You better not pull out!”

He chuckles. “Baby I have to…” He says pushing into me deeper one last time

I throw my head back. “Oh my God that feels amazing…”

He gives me that look and pulls out. I begin to pout, and he kisses my nose. “Stop, we have like a minute left.” He says pulling up his pants

I roll my eyes. “Well kiss her to make it feel better…” I say with a devious smirk

“That’s it?” He says grabbing both of my legs in his strong grip, and devouring my pussy with his full lips. He slurps up all my juices, and slides his tongue back and forth, not missing a spot. He kisses my inner thigh and other set lips one last time before dropping my legs. “Now get up girl!”

I huff and puff, picking up my thong, sliding it on. “Whatever!”

“Fix your face, girl!” He says tapping me on the butt. “You knew we didn’t have much time.”

Timer goes off

I fix myself in the mirror, and Michael kisses me on the cheek making me smile. He grabs my hand, and we make our way out of the bathroom, with the attendant giving us a nod on our way out.

“You two enjoy your meals.” He says entering the bathroom with a smile

I lean into Michael’s body, and he throws his arm around me. “Tired?” He says kissing the top of my head with a chuckle and I do the same.

“Rita?” I hear a familiar voice call and I quickly turn around

My eyes get big. “Rih?” I call out as I run to her

She squeezes me tight. “My baby! Look at you, girl!”

“No, look at you!” I look her up and down, and she looks stunning. “Are you on a date?”

She blushes. “I guess you can call it that. I see your back with the buff man.” She raises a brow to him. “Where is Chris?”

I roll my eyes. “Next subject! Who is the lucky girl? I want to meet her!”

“Girl?” She gives me a cheeky smile. “Who said it’s a girl.”

I grab my cheeks from smiling so hard. “Let me meet him then!”

She grabs my hand, leading me over to her table. I can see the back of a very chocolate man in the front of us, and I can’t help for getting excited. “Babe?” Her accent echoes. “I want you to meet a great friend of mine.”

He turns around my eyes almost fall out of my head. “Idris?” I spit out before I can control myself…


“What do you mean it’s over Cas?” I say pulling her stuff back out of her suitcase

She throws her hair into a ponytail getting annoyed. “Barry stop doing that!” She picks up Nellie’s diaper bag and I begin to panic.

“So you’re taking my daughter from me now too?” I say walking closer to her.

“Mijo!” She yells. “Really, you think I would do that to you? I know you love your daughter, and I would never keep her from you. We’re your family!”

I sit down on the bed, grabbing my head. “Cas, you cannot leave me.”

“Mijo, I have to. I feel like you and I just aren’t clicking anymore. It’s not about me and you; it’s just you and the kids. Maybe friends will do us some good for now.” She says sitting next to me, rubbing my head

I grab her. “NO! You’re not leaving me or this house.” I think of anything that I can. “Cas, what can I do? Take you on more dates, fuck you better? I can take you shopping tomorrow? What can I do to make you realize that I need you?”

She laughs. “Mijo you fuck me just fine, and I don’t need more dates or shopping.”

“What do you need from me? I will do it for you…” I say resting my head in her lap

She rubs her fingers through my hair. “Maybe this break will help you realize what you want. I think you still aren’t sure about that, and I need you to be before we can continue with anything.” Her voice is soft and low.

“Cassandra Venture….” I say sitting up. “I know what I want and it is you. You make me happy, and I realize I’ve been neglecting you since day one. You have had my back, and I never showed you the appreciation that you deserve. You may not believe me, but I love you, everything about you, and only you. I want to grow with you and Nellie in the house with me. I blow up India’s phone because I want my fucking son back. I’m here with them, I’m not worried about her or nobody else. Let me fucking love you!”

I see she’s about to cry. “Barry…” She says touching my face. “Just stop…”

“No!” I say grabbing her hand. “Let’s start looking for a real house. A home, for us to have more babies in and to paint the walls crazy colors. A space for you to focus when your homework gets tough, but with a big kitchen for us to chef it up.”

She wipes her tears. “Mijo, don’t say that if you don’t mean it.”

“Cassie…” I kiss her lips. “Make me the happiest man, and marry me. I know I don’t have an official ring yet, but I do have my grandmother’s old ring.” I stand up, and get it from out of the desk drawer. “It’s not the ring you deserve, but it’s a start and we can start looking for the official ring in the morning. Cassie, will you marry me?” I say getting on one knee.

I can hardly make out what she is saying through her sobbing. “Mijo if you are lying to me, I’m going to kill you.” Is all I can understand

I smile. “Baby I mean it. I want this with you. We can start looking at a bigger place and rings tomorrow. Hell tonight if you want!”

She shakes her head. “No! This ring is beyond perfect for me! Simple, vintage, and from your heart.” She hugs me tight, kissing me passionately. “I can’t believe I’m finally engaged to the man I’ve been in love with since forever.”

“What you mean baby?” I say pulling back from the hug

She wipes her eyes. “I think this is what I’ve been waiting for. You to man up and make some shit happen. I’ve known who I wanted my husband to be for years, but I never thought you would grow up and make huge decisions like this. For me, Nellie, and you to grow as a family. Hopefully we can even make room for My-My. He loves his sister, and I can’t wait to see them get older together.”

“You think of My-My when you think about your future plans?” I ask seriously

She smiles. “Duh Mijo! He’s apart of you and my daughter. He means the world to me too, and I would love for him to stay with us. Us getting married and finding a house can definitely make that happen. A judge will see our lifestyle as way more stable for him to grow up in.”

“You would do that?” I say pulling her onto my lap. “You’re my husband…well almost… I’ll do anything for you.” She says kissing my lips and then looking back at her ring

That makes me think of a plan… I could definitely get my son back…


We were finally moving into our new place, and I was really excited about my new life with Trey. He comes behind me, kissing my cheek.

“You good baby?” He says wrapping his arms around me

I smile. “Yes, but I need to finish cleaning the new dishes off, so you go finish unpacking.”

“Or we can just christen the new house like you promised.” He says sliding his hands down my shorts, but I quickly swat him away.

I make a face. “Later baby, we really need to get all of our things set up. You’re the one who invited your family over tomorrow.”

He huffs and puffs out of the room. “I can’t ever get my dick wet when I want to.” He complains and I can’t help but laugh.

Doorbell rings

“What are you girls doing here so early?” I say to myself dropping the plate back into the water. I dry off my hands, and make my way to the door. I look out, and see someone who looks familiar, but I can’t remember from where. I open the door… “Hey…”

“Pretty girl….” She says with a beautiful smile. I guess he does have good taste.”

I make a face. “Excuse me? Who are you?”

She raises a brow. “Look, I know you, but you don’t know me and I always thought it was best that we keep it that way. I feel like it’s time though.”

“Goodbye…” I turn about to close my door, but she grabs it

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She says with a straight face

I snatch the door away. “Get off of my front porch before I call the cops.” I turn about to close the door again…

“Or maybe I can just show up when your boyfriend answers the door so we can discuss Michael…” She speaks stopping me in my tracks

I turn to her, stepping out the door, closing it behind me. “Fine… Who are you, and what do you want?”

She smiles. “Thought you would see it my way.” She extends a hand. “I’m Amber by the way, Michael’s girlfriend… Well ex-girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” I say with a confused face. “When did you two date?”

She looks at me with a straight face. “You never heard of me?” I shake my head, and something in her face changes. “Dammit! He’s such a fucking liar!” She says walking off, but I run after her, grabbing her arm

“No, you came here, talk to me. What’s wrong?” I ask out of concern

She shakes her head. “Can you sit in the car?” She asks unlocking the door, and I get in

“Okay, you know about me, but I need you to tell me about you.” I say turning my body to her

She turns to me. “Well I can’t stay here long since Michael is looking for me, but we’ve been dating for almost 6 months, I’m pregnant, and he’s been lying to me since day one. I have Michael’s laptop and I read his messages with you. I know your pregnant too. I just wanted to meet you, and maybe get your help.”

“No!” I shake my head. “I’m not dealing with Michael or anything he’s involved with. Plus, I’m not pregnant anymore…” I say fidgeting in my seat. “You know his wife is pregnant too right?” I say looking over to her as she wipes her tears

“I had to find out that secret through the grapevine. He told me he didn’t deal with her in that way, but clearly he’s lying.” She says rubbing her small pudge. “Sometimes I wonder if bringing this baby in the world is worth it.”

I grab her hand, and she looks over at me. “If you’re going to do this, do it for the right reasons. I couldn’t bring a baby in the world with a man like Michael. I would have lost my man and my best friend. But you, keep this baby if you want it. Don’t keep it as ammo to a monster like Michael. He’s not worth it…”

She pulls her hand away. “Look, I just needed your help. I need Michael to pay up. He’s hurt too many people, and they need to see him for what he really is.”

“I can’t do that…” I say shaking my head. “I don’t want to get in the middle of this.”

“He won’t even know your involved!” She says with an attitude

I shake my head. “Michael has his ways of finding out things. Look, I’m not dealing with him anymore, you just need to find somebody else…” I say getting out of the car

“I have text messages from the two of you. You seem really nice, don’t make me use these.” She says, letting the window down

I turn to her. “I can’t live the rest of my life in fear of either of you. Whether you ruin my life or not, Michael still broke your heart the way that he did mine. Your best bet is to just move on, Amber.”

I go in the house and pray she does the right thing. I cannot deal with anymore drama in my life. Michael, what have you done!