Idfk how Chris brown is trending rn w his bullshit movie cause no matter what Rhianna did or said that bastard physically beat her to hell and back and y'all out here excusing his behavior? Saying it doesn’t matter anymore? This man has abused women numerous times and now that he’s suddenly relevant again y'all try to defend him? No matter how good his music may be or whatever, he is a man that beats women and that should be the only thing you consider when you think of him.

THANK YOU! This is exactly what Black Women mean when we discuss intersectional civil rights and the fact that a lot of people don’t actually want equality. They just want the same privileges as White Men and everyone knows in order for White People as a whole to have those privileges someone has to suffer.

Tweet By @ arianathepoet Reads: if u upset cuz black men are being punished for being predators at a higher rate than white men, the correct response is “punish all predators” not “let black men get away with violence”