8| Romeo and Juliet


I always felt that it was best to leave things to God to handle; but, I always managed to do everything I could do that was humanly possible. I wasn’t a fool; I knew when something wasn’t right and this gut feeling was telling me to do something about it before it blew up in my face. Although Dominic and I were on good terms after hashing out our problems, I knew something had to be up with that supposed divorce of his. After dealing with Ryan and not once knowing his scandalous ways of cheating and impregnating his side chick behind my back, that will always make me aware of what I get myself into with these men.

I know a divorce is difficult on its own but the process shouldn’t necessarily be as long as Dominic is claiming it to be, especially if it’s not being done in the courts. After months of no results, I was growing suspicious. Dominic wasn’t telling me what I needed to hear nor was he providing me with that sheet of documentation to prove it all either. With that being said, it was time for me to put this to rest and find the answers I needed and this is what brings me to the club to meet up with Caiden. Any one of the guys were more than capable of giving me answers that seemed damn near impossible. I could have simply gone and asked Dominic, but I already know that he would have gave me the same sorry excuse. I could have asked my parents but I didn’t need them in my business.

“I need a favor,” I said. I watched closely as Caiden expertly rolled his blunt, licking the paper beforehand. It was a little after one in the afternoon and I had a plethora of things to be done before the day was over. I had a meeting with Mrs. Graham at 2:15 and after that, I was meeting up with Alexis for some girl time.

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