One Year-Part One

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Liam’s POV:

*1 Year earlier*

“Remember Liam, we’ll always be best friends no matter what” She says while looking at her suitcase.

“And no matter what happens when I’m gone I’ll never change okay” (Y/N) went on, placing her bag into the boot of the car.

“I’ll miss you so much (Y/N)” I respond finally looking at her.

“I’ll miss you two and beside it’s only one year what could go happen in a years time” She says giggling at the end. 

“A lot can happen (Y/N), that why you need to stay here” I reply.

She sighs and looks at her parents coming out of their old house. Saying goodbye to all of the good and bad memories. Tears start streaming down her face, turning her attention back to me.

“I can’t stay, my grandmother needs me more then you Liam. So there’s nothing you can say, that’ll make me stay” (Y/N) snaps, while sighing afterwards.

“Sorry Liam, it’s just been a tough day” (Y/N) says.

“Its okay, its been a tough day for all of us. You know I’ll really miss you” I say while looking at her parents passing by.

“Come on kids say your goodbyes we’re going soon” (Y/N)’s mum yells from the house.

“I guess this is goodbye"I say trying to stop the tears from spilling down my face.

"It’s okay to cry and think of it as a see you later” (Y/N) says while engulfing me in a hug.

She release me from the hug and smiles before looking at the car behind us.

“It’s time to go” (Y/N)’s dad says from the car.

“See you later Dunbar” (Y/N) says while giving me one last hug.

“See you later (Y/L/N)"I reply while hugging back.

(Y/N) release from the hug and starts to walk away. She arrives at her car and takes one last look at me before waving and hoping in.

"See you later…” I whisper while looking at the house one last time.
—————————————————————————————————-*1 Year Later*
It was weird going to school without my best friend but you eventually get use to it.

 I walked around those hall like nothing bothered me but deep down I knew.
I miss her like crazy. With each day that went pass I missed her more and more.
That was until she came back… and I didn’t know who she was.
(Y/N)’s POV:
“So are you excited to met Liam again” Mum asked with too much excitement.

“Sorry Jessica, mum was talking to me” I reply annoyed.

“Wait whose Liam” I ask mum confused.

“You know Liam Dunbar, your best friend” Mum says.

“I’ll have to call you back later Jess,okay, bye” I say, hanging my phone up.

“(Y/N) it’s only been a year, you can’t have forgotten him” Mum says.

“Oh Liam, yeah I totally remember him. He probably has other best friends anyway mum.” I say.

I hate lying to her but I can’t remember some called Liam Dunbar. 

“Maybe, Maybe not. But I’m pretty sure he missed you a lot” Mum responds
“Yeah he probably does but he’s probably having fun with all of his other friends” I mutter while looking at the passing scenery.

“Hun at least be happy we’re back. You begged to come back for half of the year and now we’re back and you wanna go back to Paris” Mum explains.

“Just try to get use to things okay” Mum continues on.

“I’ll try but I’m not making any promises” I answer looking at my phone screen.

“Thank you” Mum says giving me a reassuring look.
It was weird being back at that old house, all of my childhood memories were in this house and it was hard to look back at them.

I had to get use to the time zone here but I was okay with it.

I had met this boy living across the road from us. He helped me and my mum with our bags when we arrived and he was really sweet. We talked and from there on we just hit it off from there.

His name was Brett Talbot.
Liam’s POV:
I woke up to the sound of my alarm, groaning I turn off my alarm and look at the time. I hesitantly get out of my comfy bed and head towards the shower, once I finished having a shower I walk towards my drawers to change into some clothes and then brush my teeth before getting my bag ready for school.  
I take one more look in the mirror fixing my hair and walk towards the kitchen to make me some breakfast.

I walk into the kitchen and place my bag by the table before walking towards the cupboard to get myself a bowl and then heading towards the pantry and fridge to grab some milk and cereal.

I eat my breakfast while watching something on T.V. Once I was finished I place my bowl into the kitchen sink and grab my bag.

I walk towards the door shutting it on my way out and walk to school.
I made it to Devenford and walk into the school entrance. I walk towards my locker and place my books inside leaving the books I needed in my school bag.

I look up to see Brett talking to some girl that I’ve never seen here before but she looked oddly familiar for some reason.

I walk away until I hear someone say my name. I turn around to see Brett looking at me.

“Dunbar coach wants to see you” Brett says.

“I’ll go there after class and thanks” I reply.

“Hey Brett do we have any classes together?” I hear someone say. 

She stood in front of Brett. So I couldn’t see her face fully but something about her seemed so familiar.

“Give me your timetable so I can have a look” Brett replies taking the paper from her hand.
"Oh Dunbar this is (Y/N) and (Y/N), Dunbar” Brett explains.

My head jolts up as he says her name and my eyes widen in shock and happiness.

“Hi it’s nice to meet you. You know your name sounds so familiar. Oh that’s right mum knows you somehow” She says extending her hand.

"Ah yeah it’s nice to meet you too” I reply while shaking her hand.

"I’ll see you around I guess. Let’s go Brett I don’t want to be late for my first class” She responds while dragging him down the school hallway.

“Ahh yeah. I’ll ah see you around” I mutter.

(Y/N) and Brett walk away laughing and playfully pushing each other. My best friend finally comes back and she doesn’t even know who I am. 

’How come she can’t remember me’

Being Allison’s best friend and developing a crush on her father would include:

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  •  visiting her house a lot
  •  being warmly accepted by her parents and welcomed any time
  •  having sleepovers
    •  “Your dad is really hot, Alli.”
    •  “Jesus, Y/N!
  •  blushing a lot when Chris is talking to you
  •  getting involved in family drama
  •  trying to stop Allison from killing your best friend
  •  working alongside Chris
  •  being focused on the task but never forgetting to keep an eye on Chris
  •  throwing yourself in front of him and getting a bullet instead of him
  •  your pain brings Allison back somehow

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Merry Christmas (Teen Wolf Preference)

Requested by anon:

Could you do a TW Chris Scott Derek Aiden Brett Liam Stiles Matt and Jackson preference on how you would spend your first Christmas together and what they get for you.

Chris: It may not look like he’s not excited in the slightest about Christmas, unlike you. So you two agree not to celebrate it at all, no decorations, no presents, no special food, not anything. So when you arrived home one day and say the whole house decorated, the Christmas dinner ready, and the gifts under the tree, you realized Chris had planned to surprise you all along.

Scott: Scott is all up for the holiday season, just like you! It’s super nice to cuddle with him, watching Christmas movies and just having such a fluffy and adorable time together. And his gift woudl be such a surprise, because it was something not extremely expensive, but fancy enough as well as super sweet and personal.

Derek: You were trying extra hard to make Christmas with Derek the most complete and traditional because you knew Derek didn’t really have a normal time during the holidays with all that happened with his family and his past. In return, since he was extremely grateful, he spent weeks planning your present (which was something very unique and that you loved) and it was the best for the both of you. 

Aiden: He goes around Christmas almost like a Grinch, he does things reluctantly. However, he finds himself not minding everything that much even if deep down he’s bothered by all that festive spirit. But since he’s with you and you make everything so much better for him, he manages. He even gets you a present (kind of awkward and silly, but still a present), which you never thought he would, to be honest.

Brett: Nothing much to say about spending Christmas with Brett. Even though it was your first holiday together and you wouldn’t stay away from the other, it was all very normal. You did the usual Christmas stuff and got each other pretty normal presents.

Liam: There’s nothing particularly special about the Christmas you celebrated with Liam. It was all pretty much the usual, putting up decorations together, cooking together and doing the traditional stuff. It was just how special it was to share it with him what made it so amazing. And the gift he got you, which was just perfect: thoughtful, special and fun.

Stiles: He’s not one to be too into the Christmas spirit, but he tries because he knows you love it. He helps you put up the decorations, he goes buying the presents (he buys you thigs that you would never expect he would get you but you still love) and reluctantly watches festive movies with you. He even tries to cook to surprise you, even if it turns out to be an actual disaster. But actually, it’s more fun that he thought just because he’s with you.

Matt: It would be very nice to spend Christmas together. Matt adores you and he would do anything in his hands to make it a great one. Also, his present would be the best thing ever, since he would make a photo collage all made by himself with great pictures of you and him together.

Jackson: Surprisingly, Jackson would be super nice during Christmas. You might argue from time to time about certain things, but he would budge in others just to please you. And he would get tons of presents for you, anything you asked him for.

The Signs And What They Really Need From Teen Wolf
  • Aries: Brett Talbot kissing Mason Hewitt
  • Taurus: Isaac Lahey returning and kissing Scott McCall
  • Gemini: Alive Allison Argent
  • Cancer: Kira Yukimura stops killing Scott McCall
  • Leo: Malia and Theo making out
  • Virgo: Derek Hale, Derek fucking Hale
  • Libra: Stydia, fucking Stydia
  • Scorpio: Mason Hewitt and Kira Yukimura slumber parties
  • Sagittarius: Liam falling into holes
  • Capricorn: Lydia Martin telling Stiles Stilinski she's in love with him, too.
  • Aquarius: Malia Tate kicking ass and being a Queen Bitch
  • Pisces: Papa Stilinski and Mama McCall making little Scott and Stiles