The types when asked to do their chores
  • There are no chores for them to do because they already clean the entire house every half hour :ISFJ, ISTJ, ESTJ
  • "Sure :)" : ESFJ, ENFJ
  • Says they'll do them in a few minutes and then does :INTJ, INFJ, ENTJ
  • Says they'll do them in a few minutes but does them several hours later than they were supposed to :ESFP, ESTP, ISFP
  • Says they'll do them in a few minutes but then never actually does them :ENTP, ENFP, ISTP
  • Why do chores when you can go on Tumblr? :INFP, INTP

The extra burden usually taken on by women in heterosexual couples also includes “emotional labour”, such as keeping on top of a child’s progress at school, checking in with elderly relatives and organising social events, adding to the so-called “second shift” millions of women work, often without thanks or acknowledgement. Many would argue that the reason the divide has persisted so long is because it is unimportant – as long as you maintain a healthy, respectful relationship, you might ask, who cares who does the DIY or cleans the loo?

But the division of chores plays into myriad other problems, from the assumption that women are better suited to caring professions, to the patronising depiction of men as oafish and stupid in cleaning adverts, to the struggle for shared parental leave. Recently, it was even suggested that women’s shouldering of extra domestic work alongside full-time employment might be contributing to the slowing growth pace of female life expectancy!

It may be time to gender-swap your chores


When you finish doing your chores

While men believe they’re sharing household tasks equally with their wives, the women’s answers in the surveys countered that, no, actually, they’re the ones doing most of the work. Unfortunately for the guys, the women’s answers are backed up by time-use surveys, which track the minutiae of how Americans spend their days.

Why do men think they’re doing more chores than they really are?