Tremblay Apiary

Location: Fingerlakes, NY

With the Union Square Greenmarket as our backyard, we spend a lot of time walking the aisles, sampling, purchasing and taking note of what’s new and noteworthy with our standby vendors. Tremblay Apiary, Chopt’s new source for honey, is one set-up that refuses to be ignored. Sure, they sell honey, but that’s just the beginning. Their stand sells medicinal propolis (a panacea and bi-product of the honeycomb), beeswax candles, skin salves, raw, whipped and pure. 

Alan Tremblay’s team drives down from the Fingerlakes region of NY State with a truckload of healthful products made from their very own honeybees. They remind us, if it wasn’t for the beekeeper that tends to these hives, most of them would perish within a relatively short period. That is the sad truth of our time with the threat of parasitic mites, antibiotic resistant diseases and the perils of climate change. Now, more than ever, is the time to bow down to your beekeeper! 


Shit D.C. Says

So at first I thought this was the most hilarious thing I’d seen all day. Upon further consideration I realize it only applies to a select group. That said, it’s still incredibly funny.

Choice quotes:

“Yeah, but where are you from originally?”

“Food truck Friday?”

“Ugh, I’m over cupcakes.”

“Uh, are you going to go to that BYT thing?”

“Yeah, but H Street is like so hard to get to.”

Dear Diary:

Today 7/2

I went to the Noon with my step bro (and he drove!)

and the guy who was working today gave my brother $50 off the vape he bought

and then I bought a detox kit, and he said it will be buy 1 get 1 free, so i bought the cheapest one, and i thought he was going to give me another one of those for free but he gave me the most expensive one ($45) for free

Then I went to Chop’t to get a salad, and one of the employees told the cashier it was on him, so I got a free Asian Crossroads salad. THANK YOU.

Sooo I had people do a lot of nice things for me today

and tonight my coworker had got off work at 9pm and she’d called a cab to pick her up at 9 because she lives nowhere near where we work, and by the time I got off at MIDNIGHT..3 hours later!..she was still sitting outside waiting for a ride. So i took her home 

and  I didn’t do that to “give back” for all the nice things that happened to me today, but I guess in a way it is still doing that. full circle of niceness. lol.

and I am just in such a nice mood and I’m gonna go to sleeep and drive to Gettysburg for the 150th year anniversary Civil War reenactment and woohoo ok goodnight

sorry to anyone who reads this. I am all over the place here! but I hope you have nice things happen to you today and often (:

and do nice things too


YOU GUYS. I just discovered my favorite new salad. It is to die for. The perfect amount of savory, tanginess and spice. For those of you who don’t have Chopt nearby, I think it would be easy to make a similar version at home.

How I customized this salad:

  • In addition to the ingredients above I added bell peppers and red onion
  • Spa tzatiki dressing instead of recommended greek lemon
  • Kale instead of romaine lettuce

I was never really a big fan of salads as a meal until I had a Chop’t salad. One thing I love about it is the freedom to customize the salad and put as many toppings in it that I want. My typical salad includes mesclun mix, avocado, sliced carrots, corn, onions, sunflower seeds, craisins, pita chips, and asian dressing. Sounds crazy, but it’s soooo good. I’ve been trying to recreate my favorite salad at home, but it’s just not the same. I also love the cane sugar sodas they carry.