Shit D.C. Says

So at first I thought this was the most hilarious thing I’d seen all day. Upon further consideration I realize it only applies to a select group. That said, it’s still incredibly funny.

Choice quotes:

“Yeah, but where are you from originally?”

“Food truck Friday?”

“Ugh, I’m over cupcakes.”

“Uh, are you going to go to that BYT thing?”

“Yeah, but H Street is like so hard to get to.”

Dear Diary:

Today 7/2

I went to the Noon with my step bro (and he drove!)

and the guy who was working today gave my brother $50 off the vape he bought

and then I bought a detox kit, and he said it will be buy 1 get 1 free, so i bought the cheapest one, and i thought he was going to give me another one of those for free but he gave me the most expensive one ($45) for free

Then I went to Chop’t to get a salad, and one of the employees told the cashier it was on him, so I got a free Asian Crossroads salad. THANK YOU.

Sooo I had people do a lot of nice things for me today

and tonight my coworker had got off work at 9pm and she’d called a cab to pick her up at 9 because she lives nowhere near where we work, and by the time I got off at MIDNIGHT..3 hours later!..she was still sitting outside waiting for a ride. So i took her home 

and  I didn’t do that to “give back” for all the nice things that happened to me today, but I guess in a way it is still doing that. full circle of niceness. lol.

and I am just in such a nice mood and I’m gonna go to sleeep and drive to Gettysburg for the 150th year anniversary Civil War reenactment and woohoo ok goodnight

sorry to anyone who reads this. I am all over the place here! but I hope you have nice things happen to you today and often (:

and do nice things too