Saw some people here on Tumblr drawing size charts of their pets.
I didn’t use the on-site sizes, but my headcanon sizes.
As I was colouring this I realised I REALLY need to get more creative with colour palettes. I have a clear preference for certain shades!
Just my main account pets… Too lazy to do more or shade ^^;
Kijiwa’s tail got cropped because I draw on paper, and I ran out of room. I draw all my stuff on paper… And my scanner’s not hooked up so I have to take a photo with my phone, then tidy up the lines on the computer with a mouse because my tablet’s not worked in over a year xD Sometimes it feels like the world’s trying to tell me not to draw lol.
BG is a crop of the Mysterious Forest Clearing Background.

Edit: OOPS forgot to put heights on image. This is approximate.
Left to right: Cooled 74cm / Kijiwa 200cm / me 172cm / Rainbird 66cm / Schanse 125cm


I know I’ve been posting a lot of screenshots of Ink/Ink’s customisations, but, two things! (the second is a little more relevant to you, Neotag)

1. It annoys me that every neopet faces to the right, but the mic sits to the left >:T

2. Do you have a musician neopet OC? Do they have a band? I want Inkori to try and start up her own garage band and sure, I could try to make up each band member OR I could have a Neotag band with other peoples’ OCs :B Ink is probably bass guitarist, so lead guitar/vocals/drums/keyboard etc are all ‘free’. The band also does not have a name, because well, it’s better to make the name after you have your band, so you can all agree on the name (and the name can suit every member!).
Ink’s preferred style is probably grunge/punk/emo/rock? But I’m not totally opposed to pastel neopet drummers with running mascara or faerie neopets belting out ballads as they dramatically float above the stage :B So you don’t have to be Darigan or another ‘evil’ colour, you just have to work with the band’s other members.
I don’t know how much I’d draw them, if I’m honest. Firstly because I go through phases, and secondly because I am VERY BAD at drawing instruments. But I still think it’d be fun :D

So ye, Neoband maybe? :D Reblog with a pic of your OC if you’re interested, I guess. Not sure if this will get much interest tho, it’s kinda weird.

Edit: Uh, @RainbirdArt in the comments below is me/my main :P I’ll be replying in comments on this post so I’m not making a huge reblog chain. Also, added some of my art of Ink seeing as I asked for pics of others’ OCs :D

Edit 2: A few potential singers already! But as I said in the comments below, no real reason the band can’t be a large-ish group that switches in/out members for certain songs/sets y’know? Also no reason we can’t have multiple singers who harmonise/work off each other (a more gravelly/smoky voice complimenting a higher more airy sound etc.). Alternatively, could have a rival band/battle of the bands if there are a lot of people who wanna fill up this world we’re making together xD
Anywho, once I have enough people to put together a band (still no drummers yet!) I’ll make a list of the characters in a new post so we can work it out together. That seems fair to me! Input is welcome, tho.