Recap: Village Voice 3rd Annual Choice Streets

I knew from the moment I learned of this event that I was going to love it. A long list of food trucks parked next to the Intrepid. Some of my longtime faves from around NYC were lining up for one-stop eating. Sign me up.

Luzzo’s and Dub Pies didn’t make it but Yankee Doodle Dandy’s filled in for them. I managed to eat my way through the entire roster of 22 trucks (a goal that I had set when I arrived). Each attendee was given a punch card, which entitled you to one dish from each truck. 

After getting my bearings and planning my attack, I was ready to eat.

My first truck offered one of my favorite dishes of the night. The slow Roasted Pork with Chipotle BBQ and Chipotle Lime Slaw on a Brioche Bun from Mike N’ Willies was tender with a nice cool slaw.

Pupusas are corn patties with cheese and various fillings. I think this was the first time I had the traditional Salvadoran dish from Solber Pupusas. The pupusa reminds me of a Venezuelan arepa and these were really tasty.

A line quickly formed for pupusas.

I went to the next truck for something sweet. The Treats Truck (one of my favorite trucks for years) was serving Mexican Chocolate Brownies, Pecan Butterscotch Bars, and Crispy Bars. All were the usual…fresh and awesome.

Shanghai Sogo followed with a Chive & Pork Dumpling and a Five Spiced Egg. The dumpling was delicious (especially when dipped in sriracha). I was a little apprehensive of the egg at first but liked the flavor from the five spice.

Nuchas was parked across the way and I was ready for an empanada. I’ve had them several times and wrote them up for the New York City Food Truck Association when I guest blogged for them in the fall (here).

I chose a Beef and a Chicken Empanada. Both were tasty but I think my favorites are still the Short Rib and the Spicy Cheese from the regular menu.

Onward to another delicious plate from Lovemamak. The Rendang Chicken with Pandanus Infused Coconut Thai Jasmine Rice was excellent all around.

I was about a third of the way through the trucks when I sampled Toum‘s Mini Chicken Pita Pocket. I want this pita again and will be finding the truck one day soon.

The sun started to set and 15 trucks were waiting for me.

Szechwan Chicken from Taipan Fusion Express continued the Asian flavors. This chicken is craveworthy. If you’re in Queens seek out these guys.

Big D’s Grub might not make you think of a great spot for curry but the Thai Green Curry over Jasmine Rice was another of my favorites of the night. It was spicy and creamy from the coconut.

From Asia to the Caribbean with Lemon Chicken Cous Cous from Comme Ci, Comme Ca. A little heat and a little sweet made this a well balanced plate.

Carl’s Steaks brought me to the half-way point with its Philly Cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz and Grilled Onions. This is the best I’ve had outside of Philly and another truck worth finding.

Sweet Chili mixed things up with a light, refreshing dish.

Bean Sprout Salad with Oranges, Herbs, and House Sweet Chili Sauce was a light respite from some of the heavier plates I’d just eaten. I’ve been to Sweet Chili before and covered them for the New York City Food Truck Association (here).

Korilla BBQ appeared on the second season of The Great Food Truck Race. They might not have won on the show but they know how to make a great fusion taco. The Korean Tacos were definitely a winner.

The lines got longer as the night progressed and more attendees poured in.

Thin Crust Sicilian Pizza from Valducci’s was next. I really liked that they handed out fresh zeppole while people waited in line.

Number 15 came in the form of a Chicken Moo Shu Wrap with Hoisin Sauce, Cucumber, Cilantro, Pickled Daikon and Carrots from Moo Shu Grill came next. This would be another perfect lunch.

I was a little disappointed when I learned that Luke’s Lobster wasn’t serving lobster. This quickly passed when I bit into the sweet Maine Shrimp Roll. Yum.

The lines were getting longer as we approached truck number 17.

The Chicken Gyro from Uncle Gussy’s was a satisfying take on the classic Greek street food. 

Back to dessert with a Snickerdoodle Vanilla Sandwich from Coolhaus. Their ice cream sandwiches are always the best. They now have trucks in NYC, LA, Austin, and Dallas. Red Velvet still remains my favorite but this one was very tasty, too.

Vegetables and Fried Rice from Hibachi Heaven were perfectly cooked and I loved the Wasabi Mayo that they drizzled on top. 

Kelvin Natural Slush makes all natural frozen concoctions.

I opted for the Strawberry Fields, which was made of Citrus and Ginger Slushes, Tito’s Vodka, and Strawberry Puree.

Yankee Doodle Dandy’s Buffalo Soldier came next. The crispy chicken was tasty. Fun fact: the owner won the money for the truck on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

I ended the night with dish 22: Chicken Skewers from Souvlaki Truck. I loved the creamy sauce and happily dipped the chicken.

On the way out I bumped into Gennaro from Men Who Dine. It’s always great to see this guy whose appetite matches mine. His energy can’t be matched though as he’s always on the go.

With 22 dishes consumed it was time to go home and get some rest. I look forward to next year and the lineup of some of the city’s greatest eats on wheels.
Photos: At the Village Voice's Choice Streets Event

On Tuesday night the Village Voice held its second annual Choice Streets event, where dozens of New York City’s food trucks set up shop on Pier 86 of the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. Those in attendance were treated to a wide variety of food, from vendors like Coolhaus, Phil’s Steaks, The French Quarter, Miami Food Machine and many more. Plus, there were some very, very nice views, captured here by photographer Robert Caputo.

I’d post the photos to my blog but I’ve already reached my photo limit for today. In the meantime, you can click the link and check out the slideshow on 

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #539 : Untitled © Scott D.Norris

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #539 : Untitled © Scott D.Norris