Choi Jun Hong

Seventeen as Members of a Heist Mission

Request: seventeen as members of a heist mission ? 🤔🤔😂

comments: as i’m not well versed in the process/roles of a heist, i referred to THIS tv tropes page for reference. 


  • the mastermind
  • or maybe the competent mind 
  • because he’s just trying his best
  • really just a fancy way to say that he’s been put in charge of this group of lovable misfits
  • leads through death glares and ear pinches 
  • insists on team building activities after a big heist
  • so that’s how thirteen felons end up in a pottery class

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  • the partner in crime 
  • mastermind’s second-in-command
  • or in this case, the caregiver of the group
  • prepares bag lunches for overnight missions
  • with little notes of encouragement
  • “you’ll crack that safe on your first try! or your 23rd try. probably your 23rd try. lol jk maybe love youuuu” 
  • has been known to accidentally sleep through a heist

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  • the coordinator
  • mission control 
  • v proud of his codenames and walkie talkie system
  • “halo to mr. beanie. repeat, halo to mr. beanie”
  • helps keep everyone calm and in their designated positions
  • tiny lectures to himself and others about the “necessary evil” of their work
  • long lectures on how they can still operate while upholding their morals

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  • the pickpocket 
  • kind of a modern day aladdin tbh
  • hella steady hands 
  • busts out the martial arts when necessary
  • but it’s never really necessary because he’s A+ at what he does
  • always arguing that he didn’t become a pickpocket to touch butts
  • kind of became a pickpocket to touch butts

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  • the hacker
  • just really excited about being part of the team 
  • crazy talented at what he does
  • or at least that’s what the team thinks
  • because 99% of the time, he accidentally stumbles into the code he needs
  • all of the passwords on his computer are actually “password1″
  • amazed when his own shit gets hacked 

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  • the inside man
  • assists the team by working with the people being robbed
  • the most dependable to act normal
  • …well, most of the time
  • meticulous to a fault
  • has probably read every book possible on perfecting a heist 
  • originally wanted to be a pickpocket…but sweater paws

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  • the legend
  • knows way too much about way too many things 
  • smol, but the most intimidating 
  • tried to stay anonymous and communicate solely through seungcheol 
  • until hosh hacked his whereabouts
  • and now he’s helping the team with every. little. damn. thing. 
  • always pushing for some sort of diamond heist (heheh. heh. get it?)

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  • the face
  • aka the one responsible for public relations
  • mostly in charge of sweet talking the police or witnesses
  • because who would want to lock away that smile? 
  • A+ at explaining his way out of any situation 
  • constantly volunteering for any role on the team 
  • “I VOLUNTEER TO GO IN AND DISABLE THE BOMB” “seokmin. we are planting the bomb. to blow up the safe. remember?” “…right.” 

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  • the getaway driver
  • nominated himself because he was the first of the group with a license
  • “this car isn’t going anywhere until everyone has their seat belt on!” 
  • makes his own sound effects while driving 
  • sneeze dots on the inside glass of the windshield 
  • because obviously he can’t cover his mouth while speeding away from police
  • but he sure as hell has a free hand for snacks

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  • the burglar 
  • false sense of security incarnate 
  • the most aerodynamic
  • may or may not break the laws of physics on the daily
  • unsure if you should arrest him or ask for his number
  • claims he’s so good at what he does, that he could steal your underwear while you’re still wearing them
  • jun can confirm

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  • the distraction
  • because let’s be honest, he won’t stop talking long enough for someone to get distracted
  • and when they do? 
  • busts out those vocals and he becomes a distraction to everyone
  • members of the heist included 
  • almost always the reason someone gets caught
  • the first one to crack when interrogated 

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  • the acquirer 
  • can always find whatever the team requests
  • knows a guy, who knows a guy, who has a cousin who can get them whatever weird thing they need
  • the weirder, the better tbh
  • vague af about how he ends up with this shit
  • and no one really questions it 
  • has probably dabbled in the black market 

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  • the new kid
  • already pretty damn good at what he does
  • but still eager to learn 
  • protect him at all costs
  • too soft to go alone on a heist just yet
  • main job? 
  • doing all the jobs no one else wants to do

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does anyone remember when jun was doing a vlive or something and he stared into the camera for a solid ten seconds, said ‘good morning’ in english and then muttered to himself 'it’s night jun’ because that was great

“The ________ Biased”

hello friends I am really excited about this post. Please remember this is all in good fun and is no way really accurate it is just based on my dumb observations. THESE DON’T APPLY TO EVERYONE OK!!!!!! I hope you enjoy!

The S.Coups Biased: 

  • Key Traits: Calls the other members their kids, will never shut up about how good his voice is, usually the mom friend of their group
  • What Tag They Use: Something that revolves around “my husband”
  • Their Ship: Hardcore Jicheol or Jeongcheol. They will take their respective ship to the grave.
  • Their Bias Wrecker: 99% of the time their bias wrecker is another person from the hip hop unit. ( the other 1% has a bias wrecker from the vocal unit)

The Jeonghan Biased: 

  • Key Traits: Has very strong opinions about the short vs. long hair debate, understands how underrated his dancing is, VERY COMPETITIVE
  • What Tag they use: “My evil sunshine!”
  • Their Ship: Jeongcheol or honestly any ship. This boy is a major flirt.
  • Their Bias Wrecker: All 12 other members, just like Jeonghan.

The Josh Biased: 

  • Key Traits: Very soft, usually plays the ukulele or guitar, really into memes
  • What Tag They Use: Usually involves “shua” instead of his full name, often accompanied by the word “soft”
  • Their Ship: Jihan or American Line
  • Their Bias Wrecker: Jeonghan or Vernon

The Jun Biased: 

  • Key Traits: Listens to “My I” at least five times a day, watches only the second verse of the aju nice choreography, very flirty in an awkward way
  • What Tag They Use: “Jun Saved Kpop”
  • Their Ship: Junhao or die
  • Their Bias Wrecker: 75% Wonwoo 25% The8

The Hoshi Biased: 

  • Key Traits: Adore fansign pictures, like choreography videos/dance practices 10x better than actual music videos
  • What Tag They Use: Something involving a hamster or “what a squish”
  • Their Ship: SoonHoon
  • Their Bias Wrecker: Either someone super similar like Seungkwan or someone really different like Woozi/Wonwoo

The Wonwoo Biased: 

  • Key Traits: okay tbh usually very intelligent, also Wonwoo was probably their bias wrecker but one day just took over, realllyyy artsy and angsty
  • What Tag They Use: “My Stars!” or something poetic
  • Their Ship: Meanie
  • Their Bias Wrecker: Jun or Mingyu

The Woozi Biased:

  • Key Traits: INTENSE, very loyal, doesn’t sleep much, high key music snob with a big cd/vinyl collection
  • What Tag They Use: Something with the word “small”
  • Their Ship: Soonhoon or Jicheol
  • Their Bias Wrecker: Suga from BTS or Hoshi No one because they are 1000% SET ON HIM

The DK Biased: 

  • Key Traits: Usually has really great teeth, sings in the shower, has good cheekbones, believes we could use DK’s smile for solar energy, loves high notes, Boom Boom is their favorite title track
  • What Tag They Use: “MY SUNSHINE!”
  • Their Ship: BooSeokSoon
  • Their Bias Wrecker: Scoups or Seungkwan

The Mingyu Biased: 

  • Key Traits: Big heart, Mansae is their favorite era, really loves dogs
  • What Tag They Use: “Gentle Giant” or “Puppy”
  • Their Ship: Meanie or Gyuhao its a 50/50
  • Their Bias Wrecker: The8? Jeonghan? Honestly could go anyway it switches like every other day

The The8 Biased: 

  • Key Traits: Really good comebacks in an argument, really likes to read?, probably is/was an athlete
  • What Tag They Use: Minghao bc “The8″ is dumb
  • Their Ship: 90% GyuHao+JunHao 10% WonHao
  • Their Bias Wrecker: Someone else from Performance Team

The Seungkwan Biased:

  • Key Traits: Replays Seungkwan’s high notes, often sarcastic, excited about really small things, easily distracted
  • What Tag They Use: Really long tags about how much they love him, honestly like novels sometimes
  • Their ship: Verkwan 100%
  • Their Bias Wrecker: Usually someone else from vocal team

The Vernon Biased:

  • Key Traits: Probably likes the X-Files, #1 Hip Hop Team Stan, Hates the word “Headlines”, low key bi
  • What Tag They Use: “Bunny” or “DiCaprio” 
  • Their Ship: 90% Verkwan and 10% American Line
  • Their Bias Wrecker: Woozi is a dark horse in their bias list I’m js

The Dino Biased:

  • Key Traits: Probably was a Girl/Boy Scout, very unique,
  • What Tag They Use: “I’m so proud!” and “chan <3″
  • Their Ship: Dino x the love and affection of all of Seventeen
  • Their Bias Wrecker: Probably someone else from Performance too

I hope you enjoyed! All of my requests are open :) Flood my inbox!

SVT as stuff they said in OFD Japan etc.


Also S.Coups:



Also Josh:

Yet again, Josh:


Also Jun:





Also DK:



Oh I almost forgot:




Also Dino:

seventeen on stage and backstage
  • s.coups: daddy on stage, baby backstage
  • jeonghan: angel on stage, devil backstage
  • joshua: bad boy on stage, bible boy backstage
  • jun: badass on stage, dumbass backstage
  • hoshi: sassy on stage, crybaby backstage
  • wonwoo: cool on stage, lame backstage
  • woozi: producer performer on stage, super hitler backstage
  • dk: singer on stage, gagmaster backstage
  • mingyu: rapper that "can spread ppl's leg" on stage, nursery boy spreads booger backstage
  • the8: "i'm like a bird" on stage, "hu got da bird :^)" backstage
  • seungkwan: beyonce on stage, still beyonce backstage
  • vernon: leonardo on stage, uncle vernon backstage
  • dino: baby on stage, jeonghan's baby backstage
seventeen in a horror movie

s.coups: protects his kids; “COME ON SATAN FIGHT ME”; is scared but hides it well; sacrifices himself for the others :’)

jeonghan: the asshole who laughs every time someone gets startled; is the first to die lol

joshua: tries his best to comfort seungkwan; the voice of reason in the group; lowkey scared but still calm

jun: probably ties to seduce the demons tbh gets scared shitless when mingyu stubs his toe; acts casual and calm but everyone can see how scared he is

hoshi: comic relief no.1; “do you think ghosts can have sex”; no one can be scared when he’s around

wonwoo: blur sotong doesn’t notice the murderer 2 meTRES AWAY FROM HIM; gets injured but doesn’t die; keeps saying “leave without me” dramatically

woozi: acts super nonchalant but is dying inside; “what’s wrong with you guys ffs i’ll go in first”; probably dies at some point

dokyeom: comic relief no. 2; lures every single serial killer by constantly singing at the top of his lungs

mingyu: “who’s scared i’m not scared are you scared”; terrified but reFUSES TO ADMIT IT; dies when he trips over a twig and gets stabbed

minghao: a tough cookie; stays at the back of the group to look out for danger; saves the day alongside dino

seungkwan: a mess; screaming for his mom; poor bby; the killer ends up killing him just to shut him up

vernon: isn’t scared when there’s a literal demon standing right in front of him with a chainsaw; but gets scared when he drops his pen

dino: smol; everyone tries to protect him; ends up saving the day in the end; “who’s the maknae now bitches”

|| svt in a rom-com ||

  • Joshua: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life.
  • Jihoon: It would be nice to have my sense of purpose back.
  • Junhui: Oh, wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.
  • Wonwoo: My will to live! I haven’t seen this in 150 years!
  • Minghao: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Seungcheol: Mental stability, my old friend.
  • Joshua: Guys, could you lighten up a little?