Guess where you can find Belgian beers in Prague? In the… chocolate museum?! o_0 whaat?!? That I was surprised is a serious understatement. And mind you good Belgian beers while at that, too bad I decided already to stick exclusively with Czech brews for my current trip. Among all kinds of chocolate products, from dipped fruits to drops and coins and huge animals, you could buy there were even chocolate sexual objects - not depicted here to protect the innocents (beer drinkers that is). Not being a chocolate fan I didn’t get around to visit the actual museum so I limited myself to look around, snap some pictures, wave the employees and not at least, to get a box of beer-filled chocolate. Yeah, I never heard of such a thing before either. The beer filling was belgian, the chocolate as well, and the taste was like dark chocolate with crunchy sugar coating because the beer flavors were totally and completely subdued. Even Rodenbach Grand Cru! Eh, beer might be great on so many occasions but obviously doesn’t make a great chocolate filling.

Cologne and Dusseldorf ~~~~~~~ A Tale of Two Cities...and Two Beers. The Great Kolsch-Alt debate

Cologne and Dusseldorf ~~~~~~~ A Tale of Two Cities…and Two Beers. The Great Kolsch-Alt debate

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Incredible stonework of the cathedral in Cologne   Part of my journeys across Germany involved discovery of the country’s food and beverages.  And of course, the most famous German beverage is beer, so I was duty-bound to try each region’s brews whenever possible.  And generally speaking, in Germany, it is not just possible, but expected.  Beer is part of each regions’s identity, a staff of life,…

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Well, I really should be sleeping considering I only got 2 hours the day before, but alors, I am here.

The past few days have been busy with classes and tours and lectures and working on our final presentations. This photoset is (almost) all of people, rather than landscapes or food… I am planning on posting some food photos later, but wanted to put these few pictures up before I got too lazy and just gave up posting anything (what happened with Beijing).

Hey, you know, the two major cities I write about on here both begin with ‘B’!

Okay, I am going to sleep. Buenos noches amigos!